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Her first orgasm

(Part 1 from 1)

One night I'm over at a friends house and he is having a little get together a couple guys a couple girls nothing big just relaxing having a few beers

There is one girl brittany that I notice is paying a lot of attention to me wich excites me because I've had a crush on her for about three months now dancing on me and being very friendly by now she's pretty drunk

It starts to get late and everyone is falling asleep and I go to lay down in the untaken bed and within five minutes brittany is laying next to me kissing me and rubbing my growing penis

She's a very pretty girl about 5'6"just the rite weight not fat but not to skinny black hair beautiful green eyes and one of the best looking asses I've ever seen

By this time I'm in only my boxer briefs dick about to rip through from her laying next to me totally naked touching herself
I slide down spreading her legs far apart touching my tongue on every part of her clit until she is so wet she is begging to be fucked

I get up and put her legs up and slide my hard thick cock deep in her vagina she's doesn't like it to much at first from never having a cock this thick in her ever before but soon enough she is moaning and squirming uncontrolably I go slow at first then slam it hard into her she pushes me away but I don't stop as I can tell she is about to cum for the first time ever she is screaming fuck me so loud that everyone is waking up and with a few more thrust she yells as loud as she can and cums all over my dick unable to continue from so much pleasure she begs me to stop and promises to make it up to me

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