The Proposition 3

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In the morning Jake and I had made love again. We dressed and were kissing goodbye. He held me between his hands and said, "I have another proposition for you. There's a man, a business associate."

He'd also secreted another stack of ten $100 bills in my purse. God, I'd been paid for sex twice now. A year ago and today. A married woman. A mother of 3 lovely children. God, oh God.

"I have another proposition for you, Emily. There's a man, a business associate."

"What!?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"It would be very good for my business if you could see him."

I felt like crying. I was shaking. "Jake! I only wanted to be with you. I was dreaming about it all year."

"He's not attending the conference but if you agree to see him, call his office. He'll visit you in the hotel tonight." Jake handed me a business card. I couldn't read the name or anything else because my eyes were filled with tears. He told me to tell the man's secretary I was calling from his firm, and she would put me through.

Jake kissed me and put his hand on my breast, but I didn't feel a thing. As he left, he said, "He can only afford $500, but he won't stay all night. He has to get home to his wife."

I stood there alone, crying. Trying to pull myself together to give my presentation later that morning. I knew Jake would never see me again if I didn't do this, but it was so very upsetting. "Oh God, Oh God," I said over and over. I hoped Jesus would find a way to forgive me.

It was mid afternoon before I overcame my horror and called the man. His secretary sounded like a real bimbo and I knew in my heart that she saw through my facade of pretending this was a business call. I guess it was. The oldest business.

"Hello, Karl? This is Emily."

His demeanor was gruff. "Oh. I figured you weren't going to call. I guess you'll see me then. What's your room number?"

"623," I mumbled.



"6 o'clock. I'll be there," and he hung up. I was terrified of him.

I left the conference at 4, found a drug store and bought some condoms. Then I went to the bar. I drank a glass of wine there and took a glass back to my room. That left enough to time shower and blow my hair, put some makeup on and put on another pair of v-string panties I'd brought for Jake. The first pair was still damp from washing out my sins in the morning, so I hid them in a drawer. I figured the man would appreciate it if I didn't wear a bra.

It was 6:15 before the knock came. I'd been hoping, hoping he wouldn't show up. Things started to happen fast.

Karl shut the door, threw a bunch of money on the floor and grabbed me. He crushed me against the door and was kissing me hard. Hard, not deep. Forcing his tongue into my mouth. My eyes were wide open in terror.

He was squeezing my breasts and, as he realized I didn't have a bra on, he said, "That's a good bitch. No bra."

With that he tore open my blouse - I would never be able to use it again - and threw it on the floor. He squeezed my nipples until they hurt as he continued to force his tongue deep into my throat.

Finally he let me go and forced me to my knees. He unzipped himself and took out his cock. It was big. And hard. "Suck it bitch. Suck it like a real whore. You're not a real whore are you? But you will be when I'm done."

I took it in my mouth and tried to gently please it, but he was having none of that. "Deeper. Deeper like a real whore." He grabbed the back of my head by the hair and forced himself back into my mouth. I was gagging painfully as his thrusts hammered the back of my mouth.

When I thought he was about to cum, he stopped. "Don't make me cum yet bitch, I'm not ready."

He stood me up and dragged me over to the bed. He threw me down across the bed, unzipped my skirt and pulled it off. At least that wasn't torn. "Nice panties. I bet you don't wear those for your husband." I shook my head, No. He undressed himself quickly as I laid there quaking.

As he pulled off my panties I said, "I need to get a condom."

"No fucking way. I gonna leave a gift for your husband. Several gifts," and he pushed open my legs, stared at my nakedness for a moment and put his cock at my opening.

I didn't know if I was even ready, but amazingly I was wet enough for him to drive himself into me. I'd never been treated like this before, but my body somehow was responding. In a single thrust his cock slammed all the way up to my cervix, giving me a sickening shot of pain. His hard thrusts continued, seemingly forever while he squeezed my tits painfully the whole time.

Then he turned me over and got me on my knees at the edge of the bed. He forced his way in again and hammered away at my insides. Thing is, as much as I hated it, as much as it was hurting, I started to have an orgasm and he was groaning, gasping.

"Ha Ha, here it is. Here's my gift for your husband bitch," and over a good couple of minutes, with each thrust, more and more of his poisonous seed violated me as waves of orgasm shook my body.

When that was over he turned me on my back and said, "You liked that didn't you? I saw you cumming."

I didn't answer. Truth is, I didn't know the answer. His cock was glistening with our sex juices and there was a streak of blood on it.

"Use your mouth to make me hard again. I'm not done with you."

I took his almost limp cock in my mouth and over the next 10 minutes managed to get it hard again. He darted into the bathroom, his cock waving back and forth, and came out with the hotel's tube of conditioner.

"Get on your knees." I knew what was coming.

He squeezed the tube on my anus and then shoved it in and squeezed it 'til it was empty.

First he drove his cock into my vagina again and fucked me for a while. At the same time he was rubbing the conditioner around my butt hole and poking his finger in. Then I guess he was ready.

I concentrated on relaxing. His cock pushed open the place it isn't supposed to go. I tried not to think I was shitting the bed as it slid in. But it didn't hurt and I was actually enjoying it. My orgasm came quickly with his thrusts. It lasted several minutes.

Suddenly he pulled out and shoved his cock into my vagina. "You wouldn't want my gift to end up in the toilet, now, would you, bitch?" And the convulsions of his cock pumped more and more semen into me.

He's one of those men who doesn't get completely soft after maybe the second or third time. And he was still almost fully aroused as he laid on his back and forced my head down to his erection. This time I could taste everything, some of it not so desirable, but for some reason it didn't bother me.

He was more subdued now as I climbed up over him and held his cock upright. It slid easily into me and I leaned back so he could see. As I fucked him, I rubbed my clit. He hadn't bothered and I needed that. The heaviest orgasm of the night erupted deep inside me and once again, I felt his convulsions and his cum erupting.

Thankfully, he left. I crawled around on the floor gathering up the money. Then I showered, got dressed and picked up my cell.

"Hi, honey."


"Yes. It was an interesting day here.

"No, I'm OK. Something I ate."

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