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Girlfriends mom

(Part 1 from 1)

I've been dating my girlfriend for 2 years. Ever since I met her mom I have received signals from her indicating her curiousness of me. A few weeks ago, I went on vacation with my girlfriends family, including her mom. One morning, I woke up with massive morning wood. I had only gym shorts on and nothing else. The blankets had barely just uncovered my erection.

As I opened my eyes I caught her staring at it while she made breakfast and I could tell from the look on her face and her hard nipples showing through her thin pajama blouse that she wanted more. For the next few hours, all she wore around the camp site was a braless, nearly see through, low cut blouse that revealed her breasts whenever she would bend over.

I could tell she was purposely bending over in front of me so I would stare into her loose blouse and feel the nipples that I saw. A day passed by and I came back into the motor home to change out of my swim trunks. Since my clothes were in her room, and my girlfriends brother and she were in the other room, I figured I may as well change in my girlfriends moms room with her in bed reading her magazine. I tried to keep myself honest by at least keeping the towel around my waist while I took my trunks off. I succesfully took my trunks off and after that I was reaching for my clothes when the split in the towel opened and revealed my penis.

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I looked up at her. I couldn't tell how long she has the magazine down for but she was looking at my penis with a smile then made eye contact with me with thay same smile. Then, she put the magazine back up. Another day passes and we are left alone in the motorhome while everyone else was on a walk. She asked me if I had purposely dropped the towel and if I really wasnted her to see my penis. I told her that it was an accident but I'm glad it happened. She then told me she caught me staring at her breasts lately and wondered if I wanted to see them or perhaps feel them. I agreed and she started removing her shirt.

Under her shirt was her bra which she began to slowly remove to add intensity. When she took the bra off I was stunned at how amazing her breasts were. I started caressing them and she put them in my face so icould suck on her hard nipples. She then uzipped my pants and revealed my large hard erection. She began to suck on my penis and got it all the way in her mouthand down her throat.

I asked her if I could put my penis in her pussy and she had her pants off in no time. I slowly put my dick inside her and she moaned as I slid it inside. I then began to slowly move in and out so icould feel every detail of the inside of her pussy with my penis. I then began to hump faster and faster until her voiced couldn't moan at any higher pitch. Her breasts were bouncing back and forth rapidly as I pounded her pussy.

As I was about to ejaculate I pulled out fast and came all over her face and chest. As she rubbed the cum all over herself I had the best orgasm of my life. From then on she will now grasp my penis secretly in the house while everyone is arund us. And sometimes she will grab me when no one is looking and.bring me into the extra bedroom to suck on my penis for a short period to tease me.

She tells me that when the oppotunity comes, she wants to take have sex again but this time she wants to swallow my cum.

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