Had to win a Bet

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Hello guys, this is nick again with another story. First of all thanks to all those people who liked my 1st story. I received quite a lot mails, and thanks for the love. Let me describe myself, I am 22 years old, presently in Bangalore, 6 feet tall, average built and good looking as in cute. This incident happened to me while i was in Engineering 3rd year. One fine morning my Girlfriend Preeti(named changed) called me that i am shifting to Jaipur. Now please talk to me properly, we will be meeting regularly and i am really sorry for lying you, and please forgive me and please meet me at Gaurav Tower on Monday. All i said was we will see on Monday.

I put the phone down and was taken back into memories of how we meet and what got wrong between us. 3 months before i had gone to Jaisalmer to attend my friends sisters marriage. I was with the group of 15 friends, we stayed in a hotel. Then one of friend said he has a friend her and she is HOT, i want to fuck her, but she is too smart and doesn't even let me touch her. This caught my attention, and said lets meet her. He called her and asked her to meet at a coffee shop, I and my friend got over there, she was waiting for him, i looked at her she was fair , i mean really fair ,, fairer than me. She was beautiful, 5"3 height, 32-24-32 figure, was a mouthful. We sat and started talking and then i just started hating her, arrogant, bitchy, egoistic. We paid the bill and left. My friend asked so how was she. I replied in dis-satisfaction, beauty but a bitch. He laughed and said so can you fuck her, i said i don't want to but yes i would love break her ego. We attended the marriage came back to Jaipur. Then her call came on my friend asking about me and my no. I told my friend dint give her my no. and ask her to add me on orkut or facebook.

That day only i received a friend request from her on both, we started chatting and exchanged no., As i told you i good looking, so i figured it out she was interested in me. So i played like i least care. And this went for few days. One day my friend said you say that you are a big playboy, cant even get into her pants, So that day while chatting i proposed her and said reply me tomorrow. She was astonished as what just happened as she started asking questions why? why now? why me? but u never showed any interest? So i just logged off and didn't even picked her phone nor did replied to her messages. I did it for exactly one day and then called her, I knew now she would just say yes, though i had to do some explaining, as i was tensed about your answer, i tried to stay away from you, so that it wont hurt me and all that crap. She bought it and said yes. Then within few days i started kissing her on the phone, and received the kisses back. One day i asked her about what she was wearing she replied top and a lower. I said beneath them, she became shy and then i had a long discussion about sex, and explaining her that this is not wrong, its a perception how do you see this, our parents did it and every body does it. If you love me then whats wrong in doing it. And then I gave my trump card that we are doing it, we are just talking about it. So there should be no problem, She agreed and that day we had phone sex, and by doing so i got to know that when she masturbates she doesn't put her finger in her pussy but only rub it over the cilt, and that she had been folded by many boys but she was still a virgin.

After few days i asked her to send her upper half nude pic, I knew she would decline it, so i again gave her same shit that i love you, and i want to see you,, we are not doing it, and after 30 min of persuasion she agreed and sent me a nude pic of her,, and wow it was a site. She was even fairer on her boobs and her legs were really shiny. So now we used to daily have phone sex and she would daily send me her nude pics. I had made her really sex carved till now, i asked her to watch porn on net and read sex stories, and then we started discussing our fantasy and stories and porn that we watched, I knew now if i ask her to come to Jaipur she would agree in a minute and fucking her is a cake walk now. So i didn't asked her directly to come to Jaipur. I made a story that Imagine that you came yo visit me, and then i picked you up on bus stand and then we drove to a hotel and then we kissed and fucked. She really got wet and next day asked me, If i come to Jaipur to meet you will you stay with me for a day or two, I said yes definitely dear. Then the problem was how to make her parents agree to send her to Jaipur alone. Then i asked her to tell her parents that from her college ( Engineering college) she was sent to Jaipur to participate in college fest. She somehow managed to get her parents agree, so i was happy that we will be having a great fucking time.

On Tuesday morning she was coming to Jaipur by bus, and i had to pick her up. So in advanced i booked a hotel room. I picked her up, and god she was looking amazing, this was the first time i was seeing her in salwar suit, she had all the perfect curves on the perfect places. A complete 0 figure. She hugged me tightly and said i Love you. On the way to hotel, she was frightened, but she tried to be calm, she wasn't frightened of having sex, but was frightened of her parents finding out of our lie. So sensing that i tried to make her calm and started talking normal things, about her family, or are you excited being here with me. So these small talks made her relax by the time we reached out hotel. Our room was on the first floor. She liked the room, but she didn't unpacked and was just sitting on the bed looking at me, all confused and had nothing to say. So i broke the ice and said i need a bath, will be back in few minutes. I opened my cloths and i could see the shame in her eyes and sensing my move she said i promised god that on this trip we wont have sex, so in return dint let my parents find out. To which i replied, Its ok if you want we wont fuck, but at least we can kiss and play with each other, to which she became red with blush.

I went to shower took a bath and came out in my towel, and asked her to go and freshen up to which she collected her cloths and was about to move to the bathroom, i quickly hold her from her waist and made her sit on my lap, she blushed and said i need a bath, i then said first a kiss and then you can go, she smiled and said No, but her smile told me all, she too needed it. So i caressed her back and then turned her face towards me and planted a wet kiss on her lips. Her lips were not a smooching lips, they were very thin, so i didn't smooched her, but yaah i planted another kiss on her neck and then all over her face, eyes, lips, neck, her cleavage and the moment she was getting wet and excited I stopped and asked her to go and have a bath. She also came out in her towel, and this was the moment i really needed a fuck, she was so fair and smooth, her hair were wet and she had wrapped her towel on her boobs but i could she her cleavage and seeing me gazing her beauty, she blushed and said Nick don't look at me like this, i get a very different feeling. I modestly laughed and took her into my arms, made her sit on my lap, hugged her from behind, and then said how will i be able to keep you promise made to God, and kissed her lips, and this time i smooched her sucking her lips, making them swell and then a perfect smooch our tongues started playing and this was the time i got an erection. Her hair were still wet and droplets were coming on my face and hers too, but we were enjoying our first smooch together. Then i started pressing her boobs and yes they were firm and had pink nipples, i opened her towel and mine too, we both were naked, i then put her on the bed and laid upon her and started caressing her all over.

We smooched for about 30 minutes and mean while i was pressing her boobs and was caressing her legs, but didn't touched her pussy. Till this time i didn't really looked at her pussy as i was busy with her lips and her boobs. Then when i saw her breathing heavily, i knew this is the time to move ahead. So i got up and looked at her, not like a wolf but in love. Then i gazed on her pussy, it was shaved and her pubic area was really very smooth, so then i clicked it wont be a problem as she was too expecting this. I just kissed her toes and kissing went on on legs and her thighs, then near her pussy and then finally a kiss on her pussy lips, a really wet kiss, which made her moan loudly, i got to her clitoris and started licking it on circular motions and this made her crazy. She was a real talker during sex, she said yeah, nick suck me good, i like it too much, i love you, you feel too good on my cunt. Please don't stop, and hearing this i was very excited and she was too, she kept pressing my head deep into her pussy, and due to the flow of her juices and her body trembling i could sense that she came twice.

I then knowing she was on fire, put my dick on her pussy and rubbed it along her pussy lips, what she could only say was aahhh, she was moaning like a wild bitch, and i was enjoying every moment of it. I was looking into her eyes and then when i knew she cant handle me more, i pushed my penis inside her pussy, but my effort was in vein. My dick slipped right out and then i realised she was very tight for me. We tried again and again but it slipped out..then i positioned her right made her one leg on my shoulder and then tried again, my penis head went in, she tears rolled down her eyes, she was in great pain, she shifted back with a jerk, and my penis was out again in rage. She said its really paining very much, we tried more than 4-5 times but it didn't worked, i was frustrated at her, but i didn't showed, as cant she bare some pain for just few minutes. So after some tires we slept naked in each others arm. We woke up at around 2pm in afternoon, and i was hungry so we dressed up and went to a restaurant to have our lunch. While the whole lunch, we were doing naughty things as i was pressing her boobs when no one was looking, and she was pressing my dick. It was fun and exciting. She even said she came once while having lunch, while i was teasing her by pressing her thighs and touching her pussy. I too enjoyed the attention and was feeling proud as i could make a girl cum 3-4 times without even fucking her.

So while heading back to our hotel room, she said we will try again. I was hoping for such a thing to happen, So as soon as we entered the room we started kissing, smooching and was wild this time, she even bit my lips, due to kissing and smooching both our lips were swollen and had became red. I was really hungry for a pussy around my dick this time. So our foreplay lasted only for 15-20 min this time and as soon as i licked her pussy, within few sec she said nick try again. I knew what she meant, i made her in doggy position and then entered her from behind, it was really tight but my dick's head was inside and she screamed and i knew she was in pain, so i didn't moved a bit and was caressing her boobs and her ass and her back..kissing her back her neck..made her relax and then i pushed again and my dick was inside her pussy and she moaned with pain. I didn't moved and was in that position for about a minute. And then while caressing her boobs i started moving my dick in and out very slowly. I was in heaven, i had fucked virgin girls before but this pussy was really tight. I fucked her in the same position for 5 minutes till the time she declared she was about to cum. So i increased my speed and as she came she let her body lose and she laid on the bed, my with a pop my penis came out of her pussy then i turned into missionary position and then again entered her, she moaned and then i gained my speed and what a site it was, her eyes closed, her hair all open, she was biting her lips and i could see her boobs bouncing with my every thrust. I was a sight. After fucking her madly in that position, i knew to make her beg for sex again i had to give her the best of what i can do. I made her stand against the wall and entered her pussy, and asked her to look into the mirror.

I was holding her one leg in my arm and she was looking into the full lenght mirror were she could she me fucking her. I knew this will drive her crazy, so i smooched her and fucked her hard, my every trust was from my hips. And from every trust i could hear her moan escaping from our smooch. She was in total ecstasy. Ans then she broke the kiss, hugged me tightly looked into that mirror and her moans told everything how she was feeling, She declared that i am about to cum again, so i increased my speed and we both came together, i could feel her cum on my cock, she she could also feel my penis pulses. We then headed towards the bed again and slept in each others arm, While sleeping i was watching her sleep, and only one thing came into my mind what a beauty. But one more thing stuck me, why did she lied about being a virgin, She wasn't, the way she enjoyed it, she had sex before. And there was no blood from her pussy. I knew it didn't mattered to me that she had sex with someone else before or not, but ya ah i really liked this girl in my arms sleeping calmly. So i made my mind not to make a fuss about this lie now, but when she is gone to her home then i will bring this topic.

When she woke up, we went to book her ticket to her home back, we roamed around Jaipur we had dinner and all this time we were teasing each other sexually and it was fun, exciting, many a times guys and girls saw what were doing, but it least bothered us. When we reached our room, we had sex like wild animals, we fucked 4 times that night. We didn't slept, were naked till morning. We enjoyed wild sex, passionate sex, dirty talking sex. And really enjoyed a lot, I had brought only 3 condoms, so our last sex was a passionate one without condom, and she really enjoyed it. She said if you fuck me again then don't ever use a condom, i really like the feeling of bare skin. I had a control, so i said any thing for you baby, While having wild sex, she scratched my whole back and it was drawing blood, but we enjoyed a lot, so it didn't mattered me at all. So in the morning i again fucked her before dropping her home without condom and she came 3 times. I couldn't believe from a very shy girl, she became a sex manic in one day. I dropped her on the bus stand, and she left.

After she reached home, we talked and i brought up the topic of her virginity, she cried and told me the whole story ( that one for later) i got angry on her saying i don't want to talk to you as you are a liar. I was upset as she didn't told me the Truth before, she thought she could fool and i wont know. I then only told her, i didn't care if you fuck other guys, what i care about is you tell me about it. So i started ignoring her. Mean while her engineering got over. Yes she is 1 years older than me. So after her last year she was shifting to Jaipur. And that's why she called me. I thought while she is in Jaipur, i can enjoy her daily. Now its high time to break my ego and go to meet her and enjoy my last year of Engineering. But i still wanted the upper hand in my relationship, so i told her we will see on Monday. But in my heart i was waiting for Monday. And frankly guys the last year of my engineering was really amazing. We fucked and fucked and now her very tight pussy can even take a dick bigger than mine.

Hope you enjoyed the experience..i Know not as much as i did doing it, but then also you can share your comments by mailing me on nick.17.1988 at gmail dot com.

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