First time anal for young man

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Over the past few years, Danny had desired the need to be penetrated. To be bent over and thoroughly shafted. He didn't consider himself gay, but still felt the need for some anal action. He first discovered his longings whilst he was masturbating. One day, out of curiosity he placed a finger in his arse. The orgasm was heightened and was far more intense than usual. From that day onwards, Danny had entered the world of anal sexuality.

After many months of experimenting, often with dildos or vibrators, Danny decided that he required a real cock inside him. As he wasn't gay, he certainly didn't desire a man's cock to penetrate him. But then he realised that she-males were the answer. Danny occasionally viewed some she-male porn and greatly enjoyed seeing a chick with a dick taking a large member inside her rectum.

That Friday, he planned a trip to the nearest big city in order to locate a transsexual bar or night-club. It was Friday evening and took the train to the big city. As he arrived at the club, he was mesmerised by the loud house music playing. Then he noticed a tall, blonde she-male, standing innocently at the bar. She appeared very feminine, both in appearance and in terms of her mannerisms. She also possessed a woman's figure, which turned Danny on to a great degree. He thought he HAD to approach her.

"Hi. Can I buy you a drink?" Danny felt quite confident in approaching the she-male.
The she-male looked at Danny and smiled. She thought Danny was quite attractive and decided to accept his offer. "Yes. I'll have a Smirnoff Ice."
Danny was no slouch at flirting and began to test his 'legendary' skills on the she-male. The she-male said her name was Charlotte. Charlotte was beginning to feel aroused by Danny and could feel her member becoming more engorged. She felt she had to take him. "Would you like to come back to my place? It's only around the corner."
Danny couldn't believe it. If he could avoid making any errors, he might be able to fulfil his fantasy. "Sure," he said, as the pair left the club.

Once they arrived at Charlotte's apartment, Danny was startled by the size of it. It was full of modern appliances and had a very stylish ambience. Charlotte approached Danny and started to french kiss him. As their bodies touched, both could feel each others' member's fully erect. They both slowly undressed and Danny could fully appreciate Charlotte's body. She had medium sized breasts and wide hips. 

Charlotte took Danny's hand and led him to the bed. She started to suck on Danny's full penis. After about five minutes, Charlotte placed a condom on her prick and liberally spread some lubricant on her cock. 

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"Get on all fours," she said.

Danny positioned himself on his hands and knees, whilst Charlotte put some lube around his arsehole. Then slowly, Charlotte guided her member towards Danny's anus. It met the entrance of his anus, then she pushed all of her length inside Danny. Danny felt little pain whilst being penetrated and Charlotte then started to thrust in a slow fashion. After the a few strokes, Danny experienced a rush of pleasure inside his arse. He yelled out in ecstasy.

As Charlottle kept on thrusting the pleasure kept on getting greater and greater. Danny was moaning and groaning with delight like there was no tomorrow! He never realised his prostate could be such a strong source of pleasure.

"Oh fuck. Oh yes. Uh-huh. Uh!" Danny was in his element.

Charlottle must have been about 6" big and he could feel it deep inside his rectum. Her length was filling his virgin arse and he revelled in every minute of it. Still, her cock was rubbing against his prostate gland and Danny couldn't comprehend the level of pleasure he was experiencing.

After ten minutes of pure joy, Charlotte came inside Danny arse. 

"Was that good for you?" she said.
"Very!" Danny was ecstatic that his fantasy had been realised.

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