Me, my friends and mom

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I am an 18 yrs old. I have 3-friends older than myself. One of them used to feel me up whenever possible. I did not mind. One day he met me while I was going to work and took me to show me his new flat (so he said). We went into an unfinished deserted building where he hugged and kissed me. I tried to put some resistance but he insisted on having his way with me. He held my hands over my head then opened my pants feeling my cock and fingering my ass. He pulled my pants down so my lower half was almost totally naked then he took his cock out and rubbed it between my thighs while kissing me passionately. His finger went deep into my ass. Then he dragged me onto the floor where he put me on my hands and knees. He lubricated the tip of his cock then pushed it up my ass. His cock was not too big but it was so hard. He pumped furiously till he could hold no more and filled my ass with cum. After his orgasm subsided he turned me around kissing me while fingering my ass. My cock hardened due to his fuck so he milked it while his finger went deep into my ass till I came. He told me that we will continue after I come from work.

Before leaving work I prepared my ass and lubricated it then I went to him then he took me to the same place again. We repeated our morning activity but while he was fucking me the other two friends caught us. I was upset that he told them and tried to put on my pants but they held my hands telling me that they all love me and they kept kissing me, fingering my ass and feeling me up till I gave up and went on my hands and knees. The first friend resumed fucking my ass while the second one pushed his cock in my mouth and I sucked it as much as possible since the fuck in my ass was rocking me violently. The third one milked my cock while waiting for his turn in me. The first friend came in my ass and the third one replaced him instantly. The second one came a bit later on my face and chest. The first friend replaced him and they kept taking turns on me till we were all satisfied.

We continued our activity till one day we did not find a place to fuck so I invited them to my place where I live with my 50yrs mom. I figured that if we were quite enough we may get away with it. But what happened is that after we went into my room and the first friend rode me doggy style our noise were heard by my mom so the other two friends went down to keep her away from my room. As they told me later they sat her on the sofa and sat on both sides of her. They told her how sexy she looks and started tickling her. She put weak resistance so each one held one of her hands and their hands went underneath her dress.

When she protested one of them silenced her with a deep kiss while his hand played with her clit. The other friend opened her shirt and sucked her nipple. This combined assault made my mom moan so they took her cloths off and stripped off their cloths. They lay her on the sofa where one plunged his cock in her cunt while the other offered his cock which she sucked. After my friend filled my ass with his cum and milked my cock till I came we went down and hearing the noise we approached discretely so that we do not disturb the fun. Seeing my friends exchange places on my mom and in seconds one was pumping in her cunt while the other was filling her mouth with his cock turned me and my friend on and he pushed me down to his cock which I sucked to hardness then I bent down and offered him my ass which he filled with his cock. He fucked me harder than any other time while we both watched my mom enjoying the double penetration treatment from my other two friends.

We no longer have problems to find places for our combined activities but the interesting thing is that both me and mom are pretending that nothing is happening.

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