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Farm Girl

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I was born and raised on a farm until I was eighteen and went away to college. My parents were border line religious fanatics and I had never been kissed by a male or female, was never on a date and all through school I came home and did my chores. I worked every summer on the farm and the only time I saw other kids was at church on Sunday when we went for most of the day. Just about all the farmers in the area and most of the townspeople belonged to this church, so Sunday was a day for socialization, but even then, the boys and girls were pretty much kept apart. Now I was a very smart kid and got all “A”s, all through school and the principal, who was also the church pastor sent an application to an engineering college. Of course my parents, but mostly my mother was quite against my going. It took the church elders along with the pastor to convince her and then it was with the stipulation that they find me a good family to live with, who would agree to seeing I stayed on the righteous road to salvation.

They couldn’t find a family but did find a widow, her husband had been killed in the war and she seemed to be a very religious person. We drove about four hours to see Elaine, her name and my mother approved of her whole heartedly after spending the afternoon with her. They agreed on a monetary settlement by the month for me, which was not a problem for my parents as we were fairly well off and I was going to move in with Elaine a week before college commenced so I could get acclimated as Elaine knew her way around the college quite well. When I first saw Elaine I thought she was in her late Thirties maybe early forties, but as I later found out, it was mostly dress and make up, she was thirty one and came from money, hence the really nice house she lived in. It was a three bedroom with two and a half baths, den, family room, large dining room and a basement and it was only two years old. Well the day finally came, my parents drove me to Elaine’s and spent most of the day, leaving Elaine a list of do’s and don’ts for me when they departed. Elaine helped me unpack and showed me around the neighborhood and the campus for the next two days after we picked up my schedule.

I got there on Wednesday and Friday as we finished touring the campus; Elaine said we should have a special dinner in honor of my being there with her. Now during this two day period I told Elaine all about my life or lack of and she couldn’t believe I had never been kissed and she did say we will have to do something about that, but I had no clue as to what she had in mind. She made lobster for me with a nice salad and a bottle of wine to go with it; she said she had a movie she wanted to watch with me, so she set up everything on the coffee table. The movie was Mulholland Drive, with Naomi Watts and Elaine had one other stipulation, she hated clothes and walked around the house naked all the time, which was a bit unsettling for me, but it was her house so I never said anything. She kept telling me I should try it and now on this Friday she told me that in order for me to sit down and eat with her like an adult; I would have to get naked too. Thought it over for a minute and finally thought, what the heel, why not, do something really different for a change and stripped for Elaine. She looked me over real good which made me a bit uncomfortable and then told what a nice body I had, I knew I wasn’t an ugly duckling but really had nothing to compare my body too, to know if I did or not.

I am a five foot six, one hundred and twenty two pounds, brunette with thirty four “B” tits, twenty three inch waist and thirty five inch hips, all of which Elaine seemed to appreciate a lot. She put the movie on, poured the wine and we ate and drank until it got to the part where the two women were kissing and it made my pussy wet watching them. Elaine realized what was happening to me and she moved next to me and asked if I would like to be kissed like that, I couldn’t get the words out so just nodded yes. Elaine took me in her arms, pulled me into her hot body and put her hot lips on mine, almost making both my head and pussy explode. Her lips were like two hot coals on my lips, but they were moist and succulent and when she ran her tongue over my lips, I moaned out loud, wrapping my arms around her. The next thing I knew she had her tongue in my mouth and her hand was massaging my tit and I was now literally on fire, nothing had ever felt so good in my life before. She had pushed me back against the arm of the couch, was now kind of on top of me, with her leg between mine and pressing against my pussy. With her tongue still down my throat she took hold of my nipple and squeezed it between her fingers and I felt it all the way down to my pussy. I moaned, pushed my pussy against her leg and actually came a little bit, making Elaine moan, then she took her tongue out of my mouth and moaned into my ear, “Oh baby, I’m going to make you feel so good” and I wondered how she could make me feel any better.

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I found out fast as she took my nipple in her mouth and put her hand between my legs and began rubbing my cunt as she sucked on my nipple and I went into a sexual frenzy. Nothing had ever prepared for me for how she was making me feel, I was on fire and wanted more, even though I had no idea what more was. Then she put a finger into my blazing pussy and I think I screamed out loud it felt so wonderful and now here I was, naked as a jaybird, legs spread wide open for this woman and in total heaven being finger fucked by this awesome lady. She switched tits, put her other hand to work on my clit and with a finger in my pussy, my clit being rubbed and my tit being sucked on, I screamed again as I came . My ass came off the couch as the cum shot out of my pussy like a water cannon going off, so much cum I thought I had peed myself and Elaine didn’t let up. She kept sucking and fucking me until I was making noises like an animal and came again for her, cum shooting out all over us again, then she took her finger out of my pussy and put it into my mouth. When she put her finger in m y mouth she told me to suck it clean and that I would like the taste, she was absolutely right too, I couldn’t believe how good I tasted. She was now between my legs on her knees, stroking my thighs and belly, making sure I was totally exposed to her while she worked her way up to my tits. When she got to my tits and started kneading them she asked me if I liked what happened and all I could say was, “Oh God yes, God yes, it was so wonderful, what you did to me was so amazing”. 

Elaine smiled and told me that she had just got started on me and she was going to make me feel some incredible things and with that she pushed back and put her mouth on my pussy. I couldn’t believe she was going to kiss my pussy, but she did, kissing it all over and then she took my cunt lips in her mouth and kind of chewed on them. I couldn’t even think anymore I was so hot and it felt so good, so I just lay there making those cute little sex noises women make. That feeling was coming over me fast again and then Elaine buried her tongue in my pussy and this time I knew I had screamed out loud as I filled her mouth with my cum. I was so totally out of it by then I couldn’t have told you my name, every fabric of my being was now located in my blazing hot cunt and I just wanted Elaine to do more to me. She must have known as she put her finger back in my pussy and started licking my cunt from bottom to top, just missing my clit. Now as she licked when she got near my clit and missed I was moaning, “Oh no, oh no” and it barely registered when Elaine told me to beg her to suck my clit, but it did register. I was now begging her to suck my clit and all on my own I told her I would do anything she wanted if she would suck my clit and when she sucked my clit into her mouth, I went off like a rocket, covering her face with my cum. Elaine really liked having me cum on her face because she made me do it twice more before she gave me a break.

Elaine got up next to me again, kissed me and told me to lick her face for her, which I was only too happy to do after what she did for me and I enjoyed doing it. Elaine was stroking my body again, she said, “See all of this baby,” running her hand up and down my body, “This all belongs to me now baby, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, you belong to me. From now on you don’t wear clothes in the house; you sleep in my bed with me and you do whatever I tell you to, understand me baby?” I was wide eyed as I shook my head yes and asked if she really owned me now and she smiled at me while telling me every inch of me. The thought of running around naked and sleeping in the same bed with Elaine had me euphoric as I thought about what she had done to me already. She asked me if I liked when she ate my pussy and I couldn’t get out yes fast enough and I asked her if she was going to do it again sometime and her answer thrilled me to death. She told me loved how my pussy tasted and she intended to use it a lot and she loved when I came in her mouth, then she asked if I liked how my pussy tasted and when I told her yes, she smiled and said, “Good baby, because you are going to taste mine when we go to bed soon.” I lay there as she was feeling me up and kissing my neck and tits, thinking about my eating her pussy and remembering what she did to me so I could return the favor and my pussy got all wet again. As soon as Elaine realized my pussy was wet again, she said, “Come on my sweet little cunt, I’m going to let you be my personal cunt lapper” and pulled me up to bed.

In the bedroom Elaine took me into her arms, kissed me with as much passion as before and told me to hold her pussy while we kissed. She spread her legs and I put my hand on her cunt while we kissed and her pussy was wet, hot and wet and I couldn’t believe how much I liked touching her hot cunt. I ran my finger up and down her hot pussy, making her moan every time I touched her clit and then I wanted to see what it would feel like if I put my finger in her hot cunt hole. I slid my finger into her pussy and instantly loved the felling of her hot cunt wrapped around my finger and instinctively knew to finger fuck her like she did me. She moaned, telling me more and when I put another finger into her pussy, she moaned real loud, pulled me tight against her and then I felt her hot juice covering my hand, it was just so fucking incredible I wanted to do it again, but Elaine wanted me to eat her pussy. She lay on the bed; legs spread as wide open as she could make them and when I crawled between her legs and got my first whiff of a hot pussy close up, I knew I was going to love eating her sweet cunt. I inhaled that delightful aroma and kissed a pussy for the first time in my life and I really did love it. Her hot little cunt tasted even better than mine or so it seemed to me and I went about trying to devour her sweet meat and make her cum in my mouth for me. I stuck my tongue in her hot cunt hole, her ass came off the bed, she let out a low scream and flooded my mouth with the most delicious fluid I ever tasted. I sucked down every drop of her sweet nectar and went back for more.

Elaine told me to put more fingers in her pussy while I sucked her clit, so I put two fingers in her delicious pussy and she told me to put more in. I put two more fingers in and fucked her cunt with my four fingers for a few minutes and then Elaine told me to work my hand into her pussy. I really didn’t think my hand would fit but I started trying and before I knew it, my whole hand was in her cunt a little past the knuckles. Elaine told me to push harder, so I did and felt my whole hand slide into her boiling hot cunt, right up to my wrist. Elaine went crazy on me; she was pumping her ass up and down and yelling at me to fuck her harder, so I did just that. I was in awe that my whole hand was in her cunt so I started feeling the inside of her pussy all over and she went into a kind of frenzy. She kept moaning over and over, “Oh yes baby work my pussy, work my pussy” and then her whole body jerked and she told me to keep it up, I had her “G” spot. I didn’t know what the hell her “G” spot was but I kept my fingers moving where she told me too and then she screamed again, her whole body came off the bed I think and she shot cum out of her pussy like a fire hose going off. I started fist fucking her again and this time took her clit into my mouth and then had to hang on for dear life as she was bucking like a horse and moaning over and over, “Holy fuck baby, holy fuck”. This time when she came she covered my face with her hot cum and now I knew why she liked me cumming on her face. She managed to get on her hands and knees, keeping my hand in her pussy and then she had me put two fingers in her asshole while I fisted her so that I was fucking both her holes and this time when she came she collapsed on the bed.

I keep my hand in her pussy because I really liked having it inside her pussy and lay on top of her, kissing her back all over. After a minute or two, Elaine told me to move my fingers around inside her pussy and when I did she began telling me how fucking hot I made her and that I was the best little fucking cunt she ever had. She also told me that she loved my pussy and couldn’t believe how good I fucked her, then she began moaning again and came one more time for me. This time I pulled my hand out of her sweet cunt, licked her cunt clean and licked my hand and wrist clean and Elaine told me how lucky she was to have me. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking in every room in the house, I got used to being naked all the time fast and even more used to sucking Elaine’s cum down my throat every chance I could, she told me I was a born cunt lapper and I know she is right. I look at other girls and now wonder what they would taste like and Elaine told me that we were going to start looking for other females to bring home so I could taste a lot of different pussies; life with Elaine is just amazing and wonderful.

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