Good fuck buddies

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The bedroom was dark except for the dim light coming from my computer
monitor. I sat naked reading the words on the screen as I viciously worked my cock with my free hand. It was a routine I had become familiar with over the last few years. My girlfriend Carol didn't know anything about the secret desires that could arouse me several times a day.

Ever since college my masturbation routine had changed. In the good old days I used to masturbate to naked women in magazines and porn videos. But one weekend when I was twenty-two a childhood friend came up to visit. My buddy Jeff was different from me in many ways. He was fat and I was thin. He was bald and I was not. He was bearish and I wasn't. He was older and I was younger. He liked to walk around naked, I didn't. He had a big, did he have a big cock.

That was the simple start to my problem. When Jeff came up to visit one weekend he took a shower and discovered that there weren't any clean towels in the bathroom. Not being shy, he left the bathroom and walked into the living room asking for a towel. It was the first time I had ever seen him, or any of my friends, naked. He was hairy, stocky, dripping wet, and hung like a monster. I quickly got Jeff his towel. I wasn't thrilled with his eagerness to flaunt his nudity and I was less thrilled about what happened later.

That night I found myself dreaming fitfully of Jeff's naked body and huge dangling cock. I woke up with the most painful hard-on I had experienced in years. Even though he lay sleeping just a few feet from me, my erection would not be ignored. I jerked off in as much silence as I could muster. When I came to thoughts of his cock feelings of guilt washed over me.

The next morning while Jeff showered I lay in bed masturbating to thoughts of him. Here I was a stout heterosexual dreaming of being in that shower naked with my best friend. Not just being naked but of doing things to his cock that had never crossed my mind before seeing his exposed member. When I came the feelings of guilt returned, but the desire was still there.

Years passed and my dating and sex life continued as normal. However I increasingly began to masturbate to thoughts of being with Jeff. I knew I wanted to put his cock into my mouth. To have him fuck me in the ass and to experience what it would be like to be sexually dominated by my friend.

Eventually my thoughts weren't enough. I soon began writing my fantasies and enjoyed countless hours of beating off while I typed my darkest desires. Reading my stories soon wasn't enough and so I began posting them on to various message boards and story sites. Secretly I hoped that perhaps Jeff would end up on one of these sites and read a story. But, time passed and nothing was mentioned. My stories became bolder and I started using our
real names and perfect descriptions of our lives. Should anyone we knew read these stories they would have known instantly who the stories referred to.

Time went on and I came to the realization that my dreams were going to stay just that - dreams. Secretly I wanted to push things to the next level. So, as I sat in the dark with my cum leaking down my spent cock from my latest masturbation session, I did the unthinkable. Using an anonymous email account I typed a very short and generic email.


I addressed the email to Jeff and clicked SEND. With a nervous cringe of butterflies in my stomach I got up and cleaned off. There was nothing more I could do. Either Jeff would find my story, discover my fantasies, or he wouldn't.

Months passed and nothing came from my email. I met a wonderful girl, Carol. We worked in the same office building and began seeing each other on a regular basis. The sex between us was incredible. Many of the married older men I worked with were envious of my position. Still at the same time there was a side of me that wanted to end up in a position that nobody would be envious of. I continued to masturbate and fantasize that I was with
Jeff. That I was his to use and that I was made to perform the lowest sexual acts imaginable.

It was a Saturday in January when everything came about. I had assumed it would be a typical weekend day. My plan was to go over to Jeff's house for the afternoon and watch some hockey, play some video games, and basically just bullshit around. That evening I was to go over to Carol's and take her out for dinner and a movie and hopefully a long night of sex because I was horny as hell.

Jeff greeted me at the door and we headed down into his basement. He was a carpenter who owned his own business. It meant he made a decent living and had one of the coolest basements I'd ever seen. The place was awesome complete with big screen TV, pinball machine, and even a bar-electronic dartboard. Along with a couple of video game systems it was truly a gamers paradise. Plus Jeff had also designed a built-in bar, neon lights, and backlit framed movie posters. His pad was truly the envy of fun-loving guys

Jeff dropped his portly frame into his favorite recliner. "So, which game am I going to kick your ass in first?"

I laughed as I sat in the chair opposite. Jeff never kicked my ass. He'd make games challenging, but his hand-eye coordination just wasn't in my league. I replied, "Oh going to kick my ass are you? What happen? You sign your soul over to the devil?"

So the gaming was on and true to my word I pounded him for hours straight.

"Ok. Ok." Jeff relented. "This was all just warm up. Let's go grab some snacks." So we headed over to the party store and picked up some candy and soda.

As he drove back to his house, Jeff looked over at me, "You seeing Carol tonight?"

I nodded.

"Lucky bastard. Going to have sex?"

I smiled. "Jeff the question isn't are we going to have sex. The question is how many times are we going to have sex."

We both laughed at this.

I looked over at him as he drove. "What do you have planned tonight?"

"Nothing really. Probably just reading Penthouse forum on the Internet and beating off."

"Ha. 'Dear Penthouse, I am a freshman at a small northeastern college. I never believed your stories until this happened to me..."

Jeff chuckled. "Exactly. Hey while we're on the subject, have you ever read any sex stories on the Internet?"

It seemed like all the moisture left my mouth in an instant. I tried to keep my voice steady. "Sure once or twice. But just the cheesy stuff like those types of letters. Why?"

"No reason. I'd just been cruising around on all the matchmaker sites looking to hook up with someone and I was lead to a few erotic story sites."

I drank some soda. "Any good sites?"

Jeff looked straight ahead as we pulled onto his street. "A couple. I'll email them to you so you can check them out." He drove up his driveway. "In fact, one was pretty nifty."

The car stopped and so did my heart. The silence was so powerful my heart seemed to be the only thing making any noise. How I managed to get out of the car and back into the basement was all like a hazy dream. As we went downstairs I placed my drink and food on the coffee table. I needed to get away from him for a few minutes, to compose myself. "Um...I'm going to the bathroom before we play some more games."

Jeff sat down in his chair, eyeing me. "No problem. I think we'll try something else though instead of our usual gaming." His stare felt heavy.

"Like what?"

Jeff just drank some pop. "We'll think of something."

I walked into the bathroom on weak knees. Once inside I splashed some water on my face. Was he toying with me? Did he read my story? The ambiguousness of his comments left my mind spinning. My only option was to go along with him. I had no control in the situation because I'd just end up making an ass out of myself if Jeff actually had no clue what was going on.

I came out of the bathroom and froze in mid step. All the thoughts that had been swirling around in my mind just disappeared. Jeff's voice was the second thing I noticed. "So, I was checking out some new sites on the Internet." Jeff still sat in his recliner his boots up on the coffee table...

...And, the first thing I noticed, except for those hiking boots he was completely naked! The moment just hung in the air. It was all so surreal that I didn't even have a chance to think. He was naked!

"Oh did I mention," Jeff smiled confidently, "That I also got this email that sent me to this specific sex story site. Like I said, it was quite nifty." He chuckled at this and lowered his boots. His cock finally came into view. It dangled low and was covered in a thick amount of pubic hair. Although it wasn't hard, the veins were bulging on his tree trunk. It had been years since I'd seen his monster and I couldn't help but stare. I was completely caught by surprise. "So, Mike I'm sitting reading through all
these stories and I come across one about these two guys."

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