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Doctors Visit

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I have a doctors apt today, Iím going to get a rash looked at thatís on my inner thigh and also I have an anal tear(its not what your thinking due to a recent surgery that I had I got super constipated and pushed to hard) thatís no healing right. I made the apt. with doctor Peria, she is rather attractive blond that works at my local clinic and I made the appointment with her for this very reason, I donít think that anything will come of it but if someone is going to ber fondling my junk and ass it may as well be a hot chick rather than an Asian guy.

I arrive at the clinic early to do my paper work and eventually get called back to the waiting room, the nurse come in to take my bp and get a general idea of what the doc. is going to be doing and leaves. Iím stuck in the waiting room for around an hour until she finally comes in, sheís wearing her full length coat and scrubs and she looks fantastic. She apologizes for being late and sits down on her stool and we begin to talk about whatís wrong with me going over my older surgeries and eventually leading up to my rash and ass issues. She senses my insecurities about dropping my pants for a beautiful woman and assured me that she has seen a hundred men naked before and has me bend over the table and drop my pants.

By this point I am hard as a rock, if she notices she does not say a word as she spreads my cheeks and starts examining my ass, she says that she will come back to it later and asks me where the rash has been bothering me at and I tell her that my inner thigh and that my scrotom has been itchy and become irritated, she walks over to the cabinet in the small room and grabs a pair of gloves and some crŤme and walks back behind me, I hear her open up the tube and next thing I know there is a beautiful doctor massaging lotion onto my nuts and all around my raging cock.

She finally comments on my state and asks if Iím liking whatís going on, and for some reason I crack and tell her about how one of my fantasies is me getting fucked by my girlfriend with a strap-on, she finds this very interesting and then with out warning shoves two fingers into my ass, utterly shocked and stunned I start moaning and rocking back on her fingers she quickly grabs a cup off of the counter and places it over my dick, she says sheís going to do something thatís going to dive me crazy, she starts massaging my prostate and I start to cum into the cup for what seemed like a full minuet I had never felt anything like it in my life it was pure pleasure, she pulled her fingers out of my ass and walked around the table and looked at me and said well what do you think, I said it was fantastic and when she showed me the cup of my jizz I was amazed at how much was in there and even more amazed when she tilted it up and downed the entire thing and smiled at me, she asked if there was anything else she could do for me, do it again was all I said.

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