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I was having a sleepover at my friends house. Me and Jenny both had sleepovers regularly. We went straight to her house after school. Our sleepovers are always pretty boring. Order some pizza, chat about boys, watch some tv. jenny's older sister, hailey, was back from university so we invited her to watch the film with us. I always liked her, she was really nice to me and she was so beautiful. She had long black hair which was a stark contrast to my shoulder length blonde locks. I always admired her body, even though i was well developed for my age, i always wanted luscious curves like her... My feelings towards her confused me. Id look at her juicy lips and id want to kiss them. But i had a boyfriend, so i couldn't be a lesbian could i??!! we're all lying on the bed next to each other, watching the film. I can feel the heat from haileys skin on my arm. Every now and then her hand grazes mine, i wonder if its an accident. it was getting late, the film had finished and jenny was fast asleep. I stand up to turn the tv off. there's a voice behind me "do you want to watch another film?" its hailey. i turn to face her "well... I do... But it might wake jenny up." "that's alright," she says as she slides off the bed. "we'll watch it in my room. C'mon." she takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom. she tells me to lie on her bed while she puts the movie on. Then she comes to join me, lying closer to me than necessary, covering us both in her blankets. She lays a hand on my thigh, just below the hem of my nighty. I feel a throbbing between my legs. the film starts and I'm totally surprised to see its two people having sex... Two GIRLS having sex!!! I am watching lesbian porn with my best friends sister... And enjoying it!! Hailey turns to her side, watching my reaction, her fingers stroking my bare thigh, teasing the hemline of my nighty. my breathing becomes shallow as i watch the two women on the tv. My panties are soaking and i squeeze my thighs together in the hope of finding some release. "do you like what you see?" she asks. As she talks i can hear the moans emanating from the speakers, the wetness as one of the women eats out the other one. i nod, her skilled fingers now work their way underneath my nightdress, starts to stroke my sopping cunt through the thin material of my panties. I open my legs a little, giving her easier access. the pressure is oh so light, and i lift my hips up hoping to encourage her to stroke me harder. She ignores my insistence, teasing me. I moan in frustration. "has your boyfriend ever touched you here?" hailey asks. I shake my head. "because i would really like to touch you here." as she says this she opens my legs wider and kneels between them. She kisses my stomach, i gasp. she kisses my pussy through my panties. I start to bring my cubt against her face. I don't know what's happening to me... I'm so hot bright now... I have absolutely no control over my body. she sits up right, smiles and rips my underwear off. "you are really going to enjoy this!!" she licks her lips, lowers her head to my swollen, juicy pussy. when her mouth first makes contact i let out a loud moan. She licks the length of my slit before sliding her tongue inside me. It feels incredible!! I've never felt anything like it!! I have one hand gripped on the pillow and the other is nestled in her hair. I'm bucking my hips... I don't want her to ever stop!! She moves her tongue onto my clit, flicking it. hailey thrusts a finger inside my tight cunt. She begins sucking on my clit. Thrusting her finger harder and harder. i come, hard! Moaning... She keeps her fingers inside me, feeling the contractions of my vaginal wall. I'm breathing hard, sweating. My whole body flushed from my first ever orgasm. She sits up, licks her fingers and smiles...
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