Cuddling My Lover in Cullingnus

(Part 1 from 1)

This is my place, this is my time, I think to myself from between my lovers thighs. Never was there a better place, no better time than right now. Her slightly musty smell in my nostrils, her slightly salty taste on my tongue. Her enjoyment increases as my tongue explores her labia, tickling, sampling the flavor. I use my lips to open her labia majora.

My tongue explores her labia minora. The texture, the feel of her on my tongue is a wondrous sensation. Were I a condemned man, and this my last meal, I would be at peace.

I brush my tongue over her clitoral hood, her enjoyment increases. She begins to communicate her enjoyment to me, by an increase in her moisture. Oh so wonderful, her dampness is to me. She offers me a plain, nondescript taste that is ever slightly salty. Her stomach rises and falls in increasing rapidity. I increase my tongue pressure. Evermore as her clitoral glands moves out of its concealment, closer to my stimulation, closer to my tongue.

My arms are under her hips now; my hands are holding her sides. Her breathing increases as I apply tongue pressure. Her respirations reach that of a marathon runner as I alternate between applying pressure and suction of my mouth. Her moisture flow increases, and I canít help but occasionally divert my tongue from her clitoral glands to lap her up.

To lap up her enjoyment, such wonderful enjoyment. An enjoyment she expresses vocally, as she begins to move. This is why I have my hands on her sides. To hold on like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco.

Her taste tingles my mouth, her smell stimulating my nose, her feel stimulates my tongue, her sounds are like the song of the sirens in my ears. All of these combine to make a perfect symphony to my senses. More her pleasure increases, coming closer to break. More this is communicated to me by her increasing moisture, breathing, vocals, and movement.

Rapidly I move now, my tongue darting into every nook and cranny, but ever focusing on her clitoris. Ever closer to break now. This she communicates to me by performing yoga. First, the bridge pose, followed by the fish pose, followed by the boat pose. I hold fast, I hold tight, my tongue applying steady pressure.

When the break comes, it comes fast and intense, as waves of orgasms wash over her. And there am I, enjoying the surf of her orgasms. And so the part I dread has arrived. The time to stop, but not before one last kiss.

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