Kayla loves Abbie

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 Well me and abbie have been best friends for years and we stay at each others houses all the time but then this one weekend we planned that we would say to your mums and dads that we were staying at our friends house and actually go to a hotel and stay there for a night.Its came to the friday after school we went back to my house and got changed , I for a while has noticed that i had some sexual feelings for Abbie.

She was perfect, her body was perfect ,her hair ,her eyes,her breast,her bum, her life was prefect.abbie was getting changed in my room and she said turn around i was already turned around looking in my wardrobe for some jeans to put on , but as i was looking i flicked my hair over my shoulder and i seen abbie standing with only her nice pretty lace bra and matching thong on.She never noticed me looking at her so i quickly turned back around and i got a tingle run down my belly and into my vagina area , i loved it.i heard her put her jeans on and she said Kayla what top is better the white long one or the pink crop boob tube top ??

I savoured every moment i could i looked at her perfect round breats and said the tube top ,as i knew it was more revealing and she would have to wear no bra with it and i would be able to see her nipples threw it ,if she got hard nipples.We sat in my house for a little while then at 8 we left and headed to the hotel .We were lying in the bed at about half 3 in the morning and abbie wriggled over beside me and said it really cold in here wanna snuggle i being in love with abbie said sure okay and turned round so i was facing her and she said i know kayla.I said what are you on about babes??

She said i know you fancy me ,i looked at her is shock ,how could she know ?And i said how do you and she butted in and said and i feel the same about you and kissed me passionatly on the lips .i pulled away and sai how did you know and she said ,Well today when i told you to turn back around and pick a top you were only wearing your school shirt and you pants and you shivered and you came in your pants as you looked at my breasts ,i was looking at you down there thats how i know.

And i leaned back in and kissed her but this time we used tounge.we only have our bra's and thongs on so started to feel each others bodies and abbie said this is why i wanted to come to a hotel started to pull my thong down and start to finger me till i had my 1st orgasim. soon i was me doing that to abbie. and for the rest of that night we just fell asleep naked cuddling legs wrapped round eachother. the next day i woke up and abbie was in the bathroom having a bath , i decided to join her .we massaged eachother ALL over and washed on anothers hair.

That night abbie stayed at my house it was awkward as we knew we both wanted to just kiss eachother out of lust but we could as it was too risky, my parents could have walked in at any moment. so we had to wait till they were asleep to enjoy eachothers pussys.After that weekend me and abbie have been sneeking into the school toilets and going into one cubicle and snogging for 10 mins every break time.And at lunch my house is only a 5 min walk from school no-one is in so we go there and "eat " our lunch.

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