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I went over across the road and down about four or five miles from my place and as I was riding by a motor home the man stepped out and asked if I'd like a beer. I accepted the invitation to come in and he said, "We have been married for forty years, since we were both eighteen. Last year our sex life just burned out. I heard that you could help us."

Now I don't know where he might have heard that and I surely don't have any sort of pshyco license but I said, "Why don't you come over to my place after lunch. I have some toys and things that might help. I'll leave word at the guard shack to let you in. Just push the button on the gate control panel and someone will answer you."

When they got there I led them to my Entertainment Center. I said, "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"
They both agreed and I said, "Okay. Get undressed, all the way, and lay on your backs on those gurneys."
She asked, "Will anyone be watching?"
"Only a bunch of cameras unless you want someone to watch."
"Not right now, okay."

I strapped them to the gurneys and rolled them side by side about two feet apart. They are both very fit and trim and she has some great tits.His dick seemed to be about average.
I asked if she was a lesbian or if he was gay and they both said no.
I stepped into the control booth and made sure that all the cameras were running and recording and the sound system was working as well.

I stripped off my clothes and went back over to them. I started with her. I was softly touching her along the inner part of her thighs and leaned over and started whispering in her ears just loud enough for her husband to hear. I knew the sensors in the gurney would pick it up as well. "Do you like for a strange man to be touching you while your husband watches? Tell me what kind of a person you are. I think you are a cocksucker. I also think you are a slut, a whore, and a bitch. Too bad my black friends aren't here. They'd fuck your brains out, you cunt. My dick is as big as theirs but it ain't black. Do you like big black dicks? I bet you do."

All the while I was whispering to her I was running my hands softly all over her body and touching her where it matters. Her tits were standing up and the nipples poking out. She was beginning to breathe hard. I put two fingers in her pussy and used my thumb to work her clitoris. I shoved another partly in her ass and started to wiggle it around. She was beginning to moan. "MMMM!! OHHHH YESSS!!ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK ME? PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME!!OH MY GOD YOU ARE GETTING ME SOOOO HOT!!! YES I AM A COCKSUCKER. YES I AM A WHORE. PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME NOWWW!! I NEVER HAD A BLACK DICK. I WANT YOURS NOWWWW!"
I said, "I'll get back to you."

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I moved over to where he lay and started whispering in his ear. "Did that turn you on seeing a man with a big dick fondling your wife? Are you a queer? Or do you just like to suck cock? Maybe you want it up your ass like she does. Are you ready to suck my dick and slurp up all that cum? I think you want me to treat your asshole like a pussy and slam a big dick in it. Tell me how you feel. Are you a male whore? You're a hairy man. I like hairy men and ones with out hair on their bodies. I like hairy pussies and shaved snatches."
While I was talking to him I was moving my hands all over his body. I ran my hands along the inside of his thighs and tickled his ass with my finger. I cupped his balls in my hand and squeezed gently. I stroked his dick and he was already hard from watching me with his wife. I kissed his dick and licked it a couple of times and then I kissed him on the mouth, kind of firmly but gently. I stroked his dick a few more times and tweaked his nipples. His whole body was trembling, and he was hunching his hips up and down.

I went back over to her and crawled up on her. She was begging for my dick and so was he. "PLEASE FUCK ME NOWWW!!"
I rubbed my dick all over her and slapped her in the face with it a time or two. I lay on top of her and started kissing her, running my tongue in her mouth and she did the same. I shoved my dick in her pussy then pulled it out and stepped down off her. "OHHHH PLEEEASE PUTT IT BAAACK INNN!!!I'MM BEGGING YOU!!PLEEEEASE!!PLEEEEASE!!PLEEEEASE!! OHH GOD I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!OH LARRY MAKE HIM FUCK ME!!OHHHH!!OHHHH!!OHHHH!!OHHHH!!"
I went over to him and crawled up on him and started rubbing my dick all over him. I kissed him like I did her and he kissed me the same. "Are you ready to suck my dick?"
I stepped down and he screamed, "OHH YESSS! GIVE IT TO ME!!"

I shoved my dick in his mouth, "Can you taste your wife's pussy juices. That's one hot bitch you got there, cocksucker. After I get through fucking her and cumming in her pussy you are going to suck it all out of her. "OHH YESSS!! I'LL DO IT! OH GOD YOU TASTE SOOO GOOD!!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!"

He was sucking me hard and I was getting close so I pulled away from him and released them both from the gurneys. I led them over to one of the wrestling mats and shoved her down on her back and got down and started slamming my dick in her pussy. He was standing there stroking his dick and I rolled us over on my back and said to him,"Shove that dick up her ass!"

She was screaming and crying and hunching and it made both of us cum at the same time. We filled her up with hot white cum.
We lay there and rested for a bit and then I grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face in her pussy."Suck her clean, you male slut."

He was sucking on her pussy and she was hunching against his face and screaming. I shoved my dick in his ass and it was tight and slick. I asked him, "Do you like eating pussy and sucking dick? Do you like it up your ass?" He was trying to keep sucking her and grunting like a pig. "UUGH!!UUGH!!UUGH!!UUGH!!OHHH YEESSSS!!OH I LOVE EATING PUSSY! I AM A COCKSUCKER!! fuck me harder!!FUCK ME HARDER!!FUCK ME HARDER!!OHH YESS I LOVE THAT big dick in my ass!"
She slid on under him and started sucking his dick. He was screaming, "PLEASE cum in my ass! OHHHHHH PLEEEEASSE!!PLEEEEASSE!!PLEEEEASSE!!I BEG OF YOU!!I WANT TO FEEL THAT hot cum IN MY ASS!"

In a minute I did just as he was begging for and shot a huge load up his ass. When I pulled out she grabbed my dick and started licking cum off of it.
We all went in to the big shower and cleaned up and they got their clothes on and I escorted them to their car.
"Come back another day. There may be some others here to see you if you wish. Also you might want to try a dog or goat or something. You never know. See you."

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As I stroked her breast, slowly sucked and pulled into her mouth. I usually sleep with my mom thrice a week. With Sandy twice a week.I wanted to be really gentle coz this is her 1st time ever. This went on for like 5mins. She responded positively, began to return kisses with eager. I finished it with her and went on for Sandy. It was a very big fight....


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