From the airport and beyond

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Dear Daddy and Mommy

I fly into the airport and you both come down to baggage claim to pick me up. The fantasy starts with all of us in character the moment we meet one another at the airport. As I approach the two of you, The hugs and kisses are given as any Mother and Father would do with there son or daughter. Daddy, you are dressed comfortably and Mommy is wearing a pair of sheer dark stockings, a short skirt and a see through top with a jacket over it so she can hide her beautiful charms from unwanted eyes. If Mommy is into not wearing any bra or panties that can also be worked into her attire and most definitely would be appreciated. As Mommy hugs me and gives me a kiss, she whispers in my ear that a lot of things have changed while I was away and that she just knows that I'm going to love the changes. I don't think anything of it and we go to get the bags.

We pick up the bags and head out to your car. I get in the back and Mommy climbs in right after me. Daddy, you go around to the front of the car and get in. Looking over your shoulder, you tell me that like Mommy said, things have changed.

Dad pulls away and I see Mommy cross her beautiful stockinged legs, she notices me watching her and says, do you like what you see sweat heart? I just nod my head yes and say, Mommy, I always liked your pretty legs. Mommy smiles. Mommy then looks up front and asks Daddy if he will stop at Macy's because she has to pick up a couple of things. He agrees because he knows where this is going to wind up and he is as excited about the possibilities as is everyone.

Dad pulls up outside of Macy's and Mom and I get out. As we enter the store, Mommy grabs my hand and I allow this to continue. Come with me she says and guides me into the lingerie department. This is an area that I usually will not go but Mommy is leading the way and the situation starts. First we go over to the stocking/pantyhose area. Honey, you know your cousin, what size do you think she is? Of course Mommy knows that I have no idea how the woman's sizes are put together but in short I say, Mommy I don't know. My cousin and I wear the same size jackets when we go skiing and we can both wear each others ski pants so I guess she is about my size. Tell me Mom, what size would I wear if you where getting something for me, I of course have no idea why Mommy has asked that question but I will soon find out.

Mommy just smirked and said, help me pick out two panties for her and two pair of black sheer pantyhose for her too. She is also going to be taking some dance classes so if we can find a body suit for her, that would be great too. I look around and soon have the merchandise located. Mom says, get a black bodysuit or a pink one either one will be nice for her. I grab one and bring them over to where Mommy is.

OK, let's go, Mom says and we make our way over to the counter when she realizes that she has left her purse in the car. At that point Mommy looks at me and asks me if I can pay for this and she will pay me back later. I of course do as requested and Mom's payback unknown to me will be nothing less than magnificent.

As the cashier hands me the bag and we start walking away Mommy leans over toward me and whispers in my ear the following. Honey, remember I said things have changed?

I shake my head yes.

As we walk away, again Mommy leans into me and whispers the following in my ear. ďHoney, these are not for your cousin, they are for you darling, they are for you to wear during this week that you are with Daddy and me.Ē

I stop in my tracks and Mommy says "Honey, we'll explain as we drive, come on let's go" I obey and follow her out to the car and soon the three of us are on the highway again.

As Daddy turns onto the highway, Mommy stretches out in the back seat bringing her stockinged feet to my lap and then asks me if I would be so kind as to massage her feet and make the tension go away. What is a son to do but obey his mother. With that I take hold of her stockinged ankle and begin to massage the foot and heel through the sheer material of her stockings. Mom's head flies back as she begins to tell me the following.

Honey, you are doing such a nice job, massaging Mommy's feet. Do you like what you are doing? I of course say yes, Mommy, I love it. That's good sweet heart because the next couple of days, you are going to do a lot of things that you have never done before. You would like that wouldn't you? I of course shake my head yes and as I do this Mommy raises her stockinged foot from my hands up to my lips and asks me to kiss her foot. I of course do as requested and find myself liking it as does Mommy. Moans are escaping from Mommy's throat and her head is turning from side to side. I smile to myself because I know that I am doing this to her and she is enjoying herself.

As the ride continues, Daddy begins to tell me that a lot of things have changed when I went away, a lot of things that I am going to learn and a lot of things that I am going to do for the first time and for the last time during my visit. Mommy just moans deep and says, Honey, the one thing that you must know and that you need to know right now is that I your Mommy am now a Very Nasty SLUT. That's right honey, I'm not the same Mother you left. Daddy turned me into a sex crazed NASTY SLUT that will do almost anything and with almost anyone. Anyone, especially anyone that Daddy tells me to do things with. Mom then turns to me and simply smiles and winks at me with a quite devilish grin on her face.

I can't believe what I have just heard and as I look into Mommy's eyes, she allows the jacket to fall open and right beneath her beautiful red jacket visible for all to see are Mommy's most beautiful breasts. No Bra, no covering, just a sheer see through top. I lock my vision on her beautiful nipples and she smiles because Mommy knows that I'm hooked and that soon I will be hers.

Why don't you massage my legs too honey Mommy says and I do as requested and then she does something that I never thought Mommy would do. She opens her legs wide and grabbing onto my hand pulls my fingers and hand deep into her crotch and with her other hand, she opens her lips and pushes my hand forward. As soon as I touch Mommy's pussy lips, I know where I am and Mommy is moaning even louder. Make me cum honey, Make your Mommy cum. I do again as asked and Mommy pulls my hand out and brings my fingers to my mouth and tells me to clean and enjoying the sweet nectar of her most aroused area of her body. I take a deep whiff of her scent and begin to kiss her saturated fingers.

At this point, we pull into the driveway and Dad opens the trunk and allows me to get my bags. Mom opens the door and enters the house first with me behind her and Daddy behind me. After what I have already heard my eyes are on her beautiful ass. Mom knows this and drops the keys and I come right up behind her as she picks them up and giggles at me. As we enter the living room area, Mom brings me to the bedroom where I will be staying, or at least where I think I will be staying and tells me why don't I freshen up a little and when I'm ready join them in the TV room. I agree and close the door and start unpacking. I'm glad that there is a DVD player in my room and even more so that I brought my DVD's with me. See, I know that Mommy and Daddy go out every once and a while and that will leave me home alone to take care of my business. Or at least that is the way it used to be. Unknown to me, I will be spending very little time in this room and no time alone and as for taking care of business, this is something that unknown to me, I will not need to be worrying about anytime during my visit with them.

I hide the DVD's in a drawer, freshen up a little and make my way out to the TV room. Mom, you and Dad are sitting on the chair caressing one another and just talking. I enter the room and the two of you welcome me and guide me to sit in between the two of you. I accept and Dad gets up and gets me something to drink. As I sit down next to Mommy.

Mommy starts to take off her blouse, showing her beautiful breasts to everyone that is in close proximity. I just gaze in Mommy's direction making sure to drink the view in. Dad hands me the drink and Mommy says, it's hot in here isn't it honey. Daddy says, yes it is and taking off his pants, sits behind Mommy, then he starts to do something that I never thought I would ever see him do. Daddy starts cupping Mommy's breasts and massaging them right in front of me. As Daddy raises them, Mommy brings her head from side to side, then Daddy starts paying extra special attention to Mommy's nipples and all the while with me sitting right in front of Mommy watching Daddy's escapades.

OH, God Honey, Daddy does this so good, dear, so good.

Dad then looks at Mommy again and asks her if they are going to let me in on all of it. Mommy looks at me and says, Joseph, give me a kiss. I bend down and plant a soft kiss on Mommy's lips.

That was nice dear, give me another one.

I start to make my way down to her lips again and this time, Mommy directs my face toward her shoulder. I kiss her softly on her shoulder. Mom smiles.

Give me another kiss sweet heart, I bend down to her shoulders and Mom directs my face to her breast. I kiss as instructed. Give me another kiss Joseph, I do again and this time Mom has me kiss her nipple, This follows until I am kissing her beautiful dripping pussy right in front of Dad and once there, I am not stopping for anything.

Daddy knows that I'm going to be there for a while so he gets up and heads into my room where he finds the DVD's I brought with me. Daddy brings them out to the TV room and puts one of them in the DVD player and the secret is out. The DVD's are about lesbian love, incest lesbian love between Mother/Daughter, teacher/Student and Grandmother/Granddaughter. Dad says in a most interesting voice, what have we hear. I look up from between Mommy's beautiful stockinged legs and start to cry.

I'm so ashamed Mommy, Daddy so ashamed.

Don't be Joseph, we like this stuff too and I think we will have a great time during your visit and I believe we will all enjoy these once we watch them together and once your transformation is complete.

I can't believe what I have just heard but in short I am beginning to realize that Mommy and Daddy are now sex addicts who love incest and that Mom loves being a slut and I soon will find out that she enjoys making her husband the only male in the house. Am I in for a surprise.

Mommy extends her stockinged foot once more to me and requests that I massage her foot. I begin to do as directed and Daddy once more gets behind Mommy and starts massaging her breasts right in front of me as I massage her beautiful foot.

Joseph, over the past couple of years, your father and I have gotten into a lot of different and strange things. One of the most strange issues that we have gotten into is the art of bisexuality and our love of transformation. Honey, your father and I have decided that there will never be another male in our family besides he and I. In fact, we have signed a legal agreement with the government that this is the extent of our family.

But Mommy, I say in surprise, what about me, I am a male and I am part of the family.

Dad chimes in.

You know Joseph, that over the past couple of years they have come up with ways to convert males into females because of the ratio problem we have experienced lately. I look up at Dad and reply that I have read about it.

Joseph, we want you to be with us, we want you to remain part of our family but since your Mother and I have decided and agreed to the arrangements, the only way we will be able to see you ever again or have you remain as part of our family is for us to change you into our Daughter.

I canít believe what I have just heard.

Joseph, donít look so surprised, from what I have just uncovered in your room with your love of incest and your love of Mother/Daughter lesbian interaction, it would only be natural for you to wish to partake in the festivities that are awaiting you this weekend.

I look at the two of you in anticipation and in shock.

Honey, Mommy says as she brings her stockinged foot up to my mouth again. Why donít you kiss Mommyís foot for me. I do as requested and as I do Dad gets up and heads off to the kitchen. He returns with a drink that appears to be orange juice but unknown to me it is the drug that will ensure the transformation takes place.

Mommy looks at me and asks for me to remove my clothes. I stand up and do as requested and am now standing in front of the two of you completely nude. Mommy looks at Daddy and tells him to get the package that we picked up at Macyís, than it clicks.

Oh, My God, You are going to have me dress up in the lingerie that we picked up earlier today. I am beginning to get harder and Mommy notices this immediately. So my little son likes the idea, does he.

I canít answer the question and simply nod in agreement.

As Dad approaches the two of us he hands Mommy the panties first, she tells me to pick a pair, I do and then Mommy has me approach her as she holds out the panties for me to step into. I do as requested and Mommy begins to pull them up my leg and then smoothes them over my ever growing member.

How nice you look darling Mommy says. Soon you will look just like me and soon you will be just like me, just like me your Slutty Mother.

I smile at her and then Mommy reaches into the bag again and removes from it a bra that we picked up. It is black and satin and extremely sheer. She helps me put it on and now I am standing in front of the two of you in a pair of black panties and a black bra. Next comes the stockings and Mommy removes them from the package and again helps me put them on. Now standing in front of the two of you in my lingerie Mommy looks at me and has me give her another kiss.

Mommy looks into my eyes and says, Joseph, No, that wonít do. Letís find an appropriate name for you. Susan, no, youíre not a Susan, Jennifer, no, to much, Lisa, no thatís not good either then it hits Mom. Letís call you Marie. How is that? How do you like being called Marie? I look at her and Mommy says, that is it, you are from now on known as Marie to Daddy and I. How is that.

I smile and say, Mommy I like it, Marie is a nice name Mommy.

Daddy smiles because he knows that in the very near future, once the transformation is complete, he is to be the only man in the house and he will rule and have me service him as well as Mommy. Unknown to me at this time, It will be my responsibility once the change is made to not only caress and spoon with Mommy but also to massage Daddyís ever growing member while we sleep together and even suck him during the night and at times during the day.

He hands me the drink he brought to the table and as he hands it to me, Mommy begins to tell me about what this drink is.

Honey, this drink that your father has just handed to you is a powerful drug that will seal your change from male into our female daughter. Once you drink it, the only chance of not being changed into our little girl is for you not to cum inside of me ever. Does that make sense to you?

I shake my head yes and Mommy says, tell me what you understand, I want for this to be perfectly clear to you because there is no second chance, no way to reverse things if you donít understand them completely or if you made a mistake, this choice to become our slut lesbian/bi nasty daughter must be all yours

I look into Mommyís eyes and say the following, Mommy, once I drink the drug down, if I ever climax inside of you, I will be changed into a girl and there will be no way for me to change it, reverse it or stop it.

Mommy looks up at me again and says, just as long as you understand that there is no changing back and you will not only be changed into our daughter but also that you will be changed into our lesbian/bi/incest loving slut daughter because that is what we will be making you into. Do you understand and agree?

I look at Mommy and shake my head yes, yes I understand and yes I agree to your conditions.

OK, letís go to our bedroom where we can begin your next chapter in your life as our Daughter.

The three of us get up and we head to your bedroom. Once inside, Mommy climbs on the bed, lays down, opens her stockinged legs and invites me in for the next step in my transformation.

As I approach the bed, wearing my bra, panties and stockings Mommy looks at me and says, you look so good my little one, so much like our little girl already and so sexy. Then Mommy asks me if I am really sure I want to do this. I think about it for a minute and say, Mommy Daddy, if I donít go through with this, I will not be able to be part of the family ever again and I canít have that. Honey, we can be friends but not family and never will we be close again. That is the only thing that will be different.

I give some thought to what you have just said and with that I reach over toward Daddy and remove the glass of the drug that he is holding. I bring it to my lips and looking into Mommyís eyes and start to drink the drug down.

Mommy and Daddy look on in anticipation of the next step. As I finish it thoroughly I hand the glass back to Daddy and look down at Mommy that is now laying on the bed massaging her now dripping pussy.

You are a Nasty girl arenít you? You like seeing Mommy rub her dripping nasty pussy donít you honey? Mommy asks me and I just agree immediately. You would like to enter me and slide that wonderful manhood of yours into your Mommy for the first time since you came out of me wouldnít you? Again, yes is my answer.

Honey, you know that once you slide inside of me and you are approaching climax, I am going to be encouraging you to become my little girl since that is really what I want you to do. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that you cum inside of me and that your fate as a transient is locked in I will not offer you an out once you are inside of me and only encourage you to become our daughter. Do you understand that? Do you think you are strong enough to deal with that, possibly pull out if you are not sure, do you?

I give it some thought and then reply, Mommy I know I can be strong if I donít want to be changed but if I do change, I also know that it will be what I want to do for you and for Daddy. Mommy smiles at me as I say this and welcomes me into her warm embrace.

We start kissing gently and Mommy starts rubbing my dick with her stockinged leg through the sheer fabric of the panties I am wearing. Daddy looks over and says, he has drank the drug honey, the next step is yours. I look down and Mommy starts caressing my dick and guiding it toward her beautiful warm lips. As I approach her Mommy says you are going to enter me in a second Marie, the first step to you being Marie for ever. You are going to be mine.

I approach her and bring my erect dick to the beautiful warm lips of Mommyís pussy. She looks into my eyes and says to me the following. ďFuck Me Honey, Fuck Mommy PleaseĒ

Well that is all of the encouragement that I am needing and I slide into her. The film is on the TV screen showing a mother and daughter making love, with the mother initiating her daughter into lesbian love. As I slide in and out of Mommy, words of encouragement are coming from her lips.

You have chosen wisely Marie, the drug is making itís changes slowly, your feet are becoming soft and smooth like mine and like most womanís, your legs are becoming smooth and curvy , your ass is getting tighter. Do you feel it honey, do you feel yourself being changed into my Daughter? I shake my head yes. Youíre so close honey, your breasts are filling out and your insides are being changed from the drug into the woman that you want to be. Feel it honey, feel it Marie.

I look down and start to shudder. Kiss me honey as you slide into me and make yourself into our little Daughter that you know you want to be. I bend down and begin to kiss Mommy, you are so close to becoming our little girl arenít you honey, arenít you. I say yes again and with that Mommy says, Marie, this is the last chance for you to pull out. If you cum inside of me, you will be our little girl forever. With that I say, Mommy, make me your little girl now and with that I explode deep inside of Mommy. Mommy holds me tight as I collapse in exhaustion.

Youíre ours now Marie, Youíre now your fatherís and mine to do with as we please. Let me hold you.

I lay down next to Mommy and am soon asleep. I turn in the middle of the night and Mommy tells me that I now have to make sure Daddy is happy. I look at her and she raises Daddyís dick to her lips and starts sucking on it, then she stops and looks at me saying that she wants me to do it now. I look down and start copying what I saw Mommy doing and soon have Daddyís dick nice and hard.

Daddy has me suck him and then he slides into Mommy as I lick where they join, the union is so special as Mommy tells me that this is how it all started.

The rest of the night is spent in your bed, as the three of us make love cuddle and enjoy one another as Mommy, daddy and daughter. We sleep together the first night and caress one another through the night, me going from holding onto Daddyís dick to slipping my fingers inside of Mommyís pussy while I suck on her beautiful nipples.

*** Day Two:

The following day, we wake up and Daddy is up first and takes a shower, as he leaves Mommy and I in the bed together we caress one another as we wait for our turn. Mommy gets up first and Daddy goes out to the kitchen to make breakfast for us. I sit on the bed for a minute and once I hear Mommy step into the shower, I approach the door and make my way in. I bend down and start kissing her beautiful lips as the shower cascades down her body. Mommy is enjoying herself so she does not make a word. Daddy hears the noise coming from the shower and makes his way over to the bathroom where he sees me licking on Mommyís pussy as she is being drenched by the shower that is cascading over her shoulders.

Mommy looks up at Daddy and says, honey, I canít believe it, Marie is so hungry for us, she canít get enough of us. Daddy opens his pants and walks over and says, Iíll give her enough of something and with that he brings his dick to my lips and tells me to start sucking on his Dick. I turn from Mommyís dripping pussy to his pulsating cock and start sucking him until he is nice and hard then he slides into Mommy again telling me that this is how real men make love to woman and he follows it up by saying, ďOh, I forgot, you became our incest loving slutty bi Daughter last night, you gave up being a man to be changed into our Daughter so you can remain a member of the family and join Mommy and I. You slutty dirty nasty thing youĒ Watch me fuck Mommy then Marie, Watch your Daddy Fuck your Mommy the same way he is going to fuck you. Because thatís what you want isnít it, to be fucked by Daddy while you suck off Mommy like a nasty little sex crazed slutty Daughter.

With that Daddy slides into Mommy again and again and I watch and start kissing and massaging Mommyís beautiful breatst.

My beautiful Daughter is sucking Mommyís breasts as Daddy fucks me, you are truly a nasty little girl, Marie, a very nasty little girl.

As Daddy approaches filling Mommy with his seed, Mommy looks over at me and says the following. ďHoney, nasty little girls clean out there Mommy after she has been real badĒ You do want to be a good girl for Mommy and clean out all of Daddyís hot cum that he just pumped into me donít you Honey. You are Mommyís Nasty little girl arenít you? I shake my head yes and bring my lips down to her dripping pussy and start to clean out the union of juices that have been collecting deep inside of Mommyís dripping pussy. My efforts are not unnoticed and are rewarded by the wonderful sounds of Mommyís pleasure that is escaping her every second that I continue.

After Mommy is cleaned and pleasured, Daddy tells me something that I never thought I would hear him say. Marie, why donít you take a shower so that Mommy and I can dress you up like our little slutty Daughter that you are. I look over at Mommy and she just smiles at me and I head off to the shower to get ready.

Make sure to make yourself very clean for us, do not use perfume, anti persperant, cologne, nothing, in fact, use this soap and this shampoo. These are the same ones that Mommy uses. After youíre ready, come out to us nude and we will begin. I agree and head off to the shower. I clean myself and begin to dry off after shaving myself in the most private of places. Nice and smooth and bald, just like Mommyís beautiful pussy mound. I dry off and head out to the TV room and find you two. Mommy is wearing some black stockings, a bodysuit and nothing else. In front of her is a pair of sheer dark pantyhose and a bodysuit. Letís get you into these she says and I sit down next to her.

Mommy kisses me and begins to tell me that today, they are going to dress me up like there Slutty Daughter for real. It will start off with creams, make up, perfume, pantyhose and a bodysuit. It will end with a wig and lastly another spray of perfume. Then they are going to take me to the bedroom and Daddy is going to get me ready for being a real girl by using a but plug on me while I kiss Mommyís pussy, once it is in, Daddy is going to have me sit on the bed next to Mommy and suck him off. I will do this all the while with Mommyís encouragement and with the ability of caressing Mommyís beautiful breasts and pussy lips.

As I am sucking on Daddy, Mommy and Daddy will be asking me how I feel to be dressed up like there little slut girl while I am being probed by the but plug. Then they do something that I never thought they would do, they begin to tell me that this is just the beginning and that they are going to put a strap on around Daddyís waist and slide into me while I am licking my Mommyís dripping pussy to a ever building climax.

The day is spent exploring this with the use of the films that I will bring along with the use of the toys that you have. I want to submit to both of you and be truly known as your Slutty Incest Loving Lesbian/Bi Tramp Daughter that just canít get enough of her parents.

I want to eat you out Mommy, I want to suck you off Daddy, I want to clean you out Mommy and I want to Eat Mommy out while Daddy is sliding into me or probing me with an anal probe or toy he may have. I have to know what true slutty Daughters feel and I have to know it under the direction of my Slutty Mommy and Daddy and while they are taking me, I want them to keep reminding me during our entire time together how bad I am, how wrong permanent and wrong it is to have chosen to change into there little Slutty Bi loving Daughter and how much incest has become the beginning of my lifetime of submission to them.

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