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Cheerleader 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Jessica was what many people thought the perfect girl. She was blonde, fairly big tits, nice ass, a cheerleader. But she was the girl who everyone knew wouldn't have sex. She was from a wealthy family and was what a lot of people called a goodie goodie. But she wanted to have sex so desperately, but knew nobody would believe her, so she attempted to seduce Jason, the new guy at school.

Jessica was at a football game cheering and she could see that Jason's eyes were glued to her from his seat in the stands. She tried to shake her ass as much as she could his way. After the game she smiled at him, brushing her hand against his cock as she went into the locker room.

She tried to change extra slow so she would be the last one in the locker room. After all the girls left, she was still taking a shower and started to finger herself. She began breathing hard and started to moan loudly as she slid another finger into her soaking cunt. She was rushing towards climax when suddenly she felt a cock press aginst her ass and Jason's hands reached around her to squeeze her tits.

"Need any help?" He asked

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Jessica simply nodded and took one of his hands and placed in on her dripping pussy. Jason pinched one of her nipples and slid a finger into her pussy, causing her to moan loudly.

"You like that baby?"

"Mmmm yeah"

Jason continued to massage and pinch her tits while sliding another finger into her, then another, sliding them in faster and faster.

"Oh my god! I'm ccccuuuuuummmmiiiinnnnngggg!" Jessica screamed as an intense orgasm washed over her. Jason then turned her around aned lifted her up by her ass, her legs wrapping tight around him, and slammed his cock deep into her pussy, ripping through her hymen, making her scream in a mixture of pain and ecstacy. He held her against a wall and drove his cock in and out of her at lightning speed, sending her to orgasm multiple times. 

His cock grew even more hard inside of her and the biggest orgasm of the night engulfed her as he shot his hot seed deep into her throbbing cunt. He lifted her down onto the ground and said "That was fun, we should do it again sometime" And with that he dried off, got dressed, and left, leaving Jessica panting on the shower floor, happy that she had finally lost her virginity.

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