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Breeding Brides Chapter 3 reviews

Posted by JackieTW (email:
Loved it! Just great as usual, can't wait for the next chapter!! Thanks.
Posted by Chuck (email:
Best interracial porn: Kooba you da master!
Posted by Kyng Kooba (email:
Thx guys. Glad you liked this one. The idea and editing came from a fan who was really into this series. Cheers Haly! All suggestions for future developments appreciated. Part 4 coming very soon.
Posted by Stephanie & Fil (email:
We're waiting eagerly for Part 4. You're very good. Thanks!
Posted by Bumbellbee (email:
Waiting for your next chapter!
Posted by Johnathan (email:
Kooba, when's your next installment? I just can't wait!
Posted by Kooba (email:
Part 4 is waiting for clearance by the site moderator. I've run it past a few fans and the response has been very good. Hopefully shouldnt be long:)
Posted by moose (email:
Perfect!! Would have loved to be in that room!
Posted by Kyng Kooba (email:
Glad this story is doing so well in the ratings. The most amount of work went into it. Also the one I most enjoyed writing. Still, if you'd like to change any parts or add your own touches feel free to edit the copy and send me your draft. (
Posted by charlotte (email:
loved it

I always wanted to try having sex with a black guy :)
Posted by SHERRY (email: )
THEY STORIES WERE THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ ESP THE GHETTO GANG BANG I have read this one over and over and masturbate to it. BUt one thing i dont understand? if she was trying to get BRED why all the cock sucking? you cant get bred sucking cock and there was quite a bit of it in the ghetto gang bang COOl but i couldnt see how you get bred with it it seemed out of place instead you shuld have had the l5 men banging her each about 4 or 5 tiems LOLOM KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Posted by Karen (email:
God..I wish I were being bred like this
Posted by George (email:
awesome would love this to happen to my wife
Posted by kk (email:
new KK addy. Send your ideas + story edits there. Also have updated versions of the BB's line for those interested.
Posted by G Sumpter (email:
A marvalous work one in which I could see myself participating in with my own white wife. Excellant work.
Posted by Levitra (email:
uswodkty jvborpki whgrcgkl
Posted by sman (email:
Nice job,I'm lovin it !!
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