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Breeding Brides Chapter 3

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Reviews 19 : read Breeding Brides Chapter 3, Author : Kyng Kooba.

Breeding Brides Chapter 3 reviews

Posted by JackieTW
Loved it! Just great as usual, can't wait for the next chapter!! Thanks.
Posted by Chuck
Best interracial porn: Kooba you da master!
Posted by Kyng Kooba
Thx guys. Glad you liked this one. The idea and editing came from a fan who was really into this series. Cheers Haly! All suggestions for future developments appreciated. Part 4 coming very soon.
Posted by Stephanie & Fil
We're waiting eagerly for Part 4. You're very good. Thanks!
Posted by Bumbellbee
Waiting for your next chapter!
Posted by Johnathan
Kooba, when's your next installment? I just can't wait!
Posted by Kooba
Part 4 is waiting for clearance by the site moderator. I've run it past a few fans and the response has been very good. Hopefully shouldnt be long:)
Posted by moose
Perfect!! Would have loved to be in that room!
Posted by Kyng Kooba
Glad this story is doing so well in the ratings. The most amount of work went into it. Also the one I most enjoyed writing. Still, if you'd like to change any parts or add your own touches feel free to edit the copy and send me your draft. (monsterp1@yahoo.co.uk)
Posted by charlotte
loved it

I always wanted to try having sex with a black guy :)
Posted by SHERRY
THEY STORIES WERE THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ ESP THE GHETTO GANG BANG I have read this one over and over and masturbate to it. BUt one thing i dont understand? if she was trying to get BRED why all the cock sucking? you cant get bred sucking cock and there was quite a bit of it in the ghetto gang bang COOl but i couldnt see how you get bred with it it seemed out of place instead you shuld have had the l5 men banging her each about 4 or 5 tiems LOLOM KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Posted by Karen
God..I wish I were being bred like this
Posted by George
awesome would love this to happen to my wife
Posted by kk
new KK addy. Send your ideas + story edits there. Also have updated versions of the BB's line for those interested.
Posted by G Sumpter
A marvalous work one in which I could see myself participating in with my own white wife. Excellant work.
Posted by Levitra
uswodkty jvborpki whgrcgkl
Posted by sman
Nice job,I'm lovin it !!
Posted by ray ban wayfarer outlet
They were due to join the abortive More Drama Tour
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