Breeding Brides Chapter 3

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Breeding Brides
Chapter 3
By Kyng Kooba & Haley Bishop

It was late Saturday morning as we drove up at Bob and Vikki’s home. Kathy had wanted to arrive in plenty of time. Unable to hide her excitement yet growing apprehension over what was in store for her that day. Then we had never had secrets from each other. My wife was wearing a long white, sleeveless summer dress with a smart, gold belt and white heels. Looking perfect as ever, although I had mentioned several weeks ago that I wanted her to wear something very short and very tight for the afternoon’s session. She was a beautiful woman. No doubt about it; with dark, shoulder length hair, pearl-white skin, big, firm tits and a well kept, wonderfully shaped body. As she smiled back at me knowingly through her sunglasses, it felt good to know that I have a wife who looks after her body and takes such pride in her figure. In short, a slut ready for black breeding.

Four months beforehand, Kathy, twenty-nine and Vikki, thirty-three had worn their wedding dresses for a breeding session with four overly eager black bulls. Our blonde friend had fallen pregnant shortly afterwards, though unfortunately and despite our high hopes, Kathy had not followed suit. It would have been perfect if she had. Regardless, that had been a very special day for all of us. While Bob and myself watched on, the men fucked both our wives over and over. Kathy certainly hadn’t forgotten the experience overnight. Once home even the mere sight of her torn and ruined wedding dress brought the memories of that day flooding back to her. I guess having those black studs dumping their baby-making seed into her unprotected womb was almost too much. Especially now with Vikki’s good news playing on her mind. For several nights afterwards I had awaked to find her groaning and grasping at the sheets in her sleep. As if reliving the whole episode. 

Bob and Vikki had a lovely home. Very picturesque in a quiet woodland setting and we were glad we had arranged to stay with them until Sunday evening. At home, things hadn’t been so peaceful of late. Kathy’s domineering mother and father had been to stay. I never enjoyed their visits. Especially as they where always brow-beating Kathy for one thing or another. They just didn’t know what stresses their only daughter was going through. She was dealing with one of the strongest taboos. Becoming pregnant by a black-man and having his baby. A baby whose father would likely never be known to us. Nevertheless, having her parents there only delayed the inevitable. Kathy knew she would need a far more regular pounding to get in the club and it had been a relief for us both to see them go. We could hardly tell them the truth now could we? 

On hearing the car, our friends came out to meet us. Bob in a red Hawaiian shirt that was so typical of him. His face sunburnt and his usual grin from ear to ear. Vikki, wearing a tight pair of yellow pants and a red top. She stood holding her hands over her now-swelling belly, so obviously proud of the early sign of her pregnancy. As we sat by the pool, I watched the two women sip their drinks and chat. I’d grown used to the feeling that Vikki seemed to eye Kathy at times, quite lustfully. There was no doubt in my mind that she had strong sexual feelings for her. Somehow it didn’t seem so wrong. Both such very different women, yet so alike in many ways. I guess you could say the same for myself and Bob. Like him I loved watching other men fuck my wife. I loved watching black men fuck my wife.

We sat on the patio, enjoying the sunshine and eating a light lunch. Bob was quite a cook and an excellent conversationalist though he remained quite secretive as to what was in store. Reached across the table I took my wife’s hand. Despite everything, this felt enormously erotic. Romantic even to an extent. Our marriage flashed into my head. Falling in love, the wedding, the honeymoon, our marriage and now this. I considered the fact that Vikki was now pregnant, and carrying the child of a black-man whose name she and Bob didn’t even know. It was quite probable that Kathy would soon be the same way. My pulse raced and for a moment I felt faint. 
‘Are you alright Darling?’. Kathy’s voice was concerned and soothing. I nodded. Though even now I could see her own anxiety. Growing behind her eyes as she wondered what was going to happen. I guess we both knew the consequences but where willing to risk all. With two recent appointments at the OB doctor this was unmistakably Kathy’s most fertile time of the month. We all knew it. Especially Bob who had arranged everything to coincide with this precious few days. 

Eventually, Bob suggested both women go inside to get themselves ready. They knew how much we liked them to look good. Especially when it was black men they were out to impress. As Kathy passed me, I reiterated to her how much I wanted to see her in something very short and very tight. She nodded, seemingly at ease with what she had shopped for and brought. Then we waited, enjoying the wine until they returned. Bob chuckled that it was going to be a lot of fun. I took the chance to ask him how he felt now Vikki had finally gotten the good news. 
‘Great!’ he replied with a long smile, ‘Though I think you’ll find out for yourself soon enough’. We both knew he was right. 

Vikki reappeared on the patio first and I was staggered. She had dressed herself in a white nurse’s uniform! Not one you might see in a hospital, but a very tight, very short number, one you’d see in a fuck movie. Very, very short and tight making it easy to see her round belly. She wore it unbuttoned down the front just enough to show off much of her magnificent, tanned cleavage. Her beautiful legs encased in thigh high white stockings with matching heels that finished the effect. Grinning for us, she posed, turning in a circle, showing off her beautiful ass and shapely calves. I found myself leering at her and my cock stirring. Bob and I smiled and applauded, although I still didn’t understand what was coming. They had both been very busy. Vikki, looking very pleased with herself walked sexily over to her husband, sat on his knee and drained his glass of wine. 

Kathy took slightly longer and I knew she wouldn’t show herself until she was completely satisfied. She finally walked out wearing a very short, very tight low cut electric-blue spandex dress that stretched tightly across her breasts, thighs and ass. The colour of the dress showed off her skin to perfection. We both already knew what an effect her pale-white, blemish-less skin had with the blacks who had bred her before. They were wild over it. In addition she wore four-inch open-toed high heels. Bob whistled loudly and told her to turn for us. The heels accentuated her shapely calves. Smiling at us all, Kathy turned, posing for us while her hands resting seductively on her hips. She looked spectacular, statuesque and very sluttish. It was easy to imagine what effect she would have on her breeders today and I could tell that she wanted this session to work this time. Knowing that she would do whatever it took to make it work.

Bob drove the car while Vikki chatted loudly in the backseat. The giddy blonde was excited. It showed. My wife beside her, silently staring out of the window. The delicious guilt and shame she felt put aside for now. Her beautiful white, bare legs crossed and proving a remarkable sight. Her breasts, pressing hard against her low-cut dress, their size exaggerated even more by her trim waist. I wondered what was going through her head. Dressed like a real cock magnet and about to meet a group of men for the very first time. As we continued into the all-black section of the city, I knew that whoever was going to be breeding my wife this afternoon had probably never had a woman as classy or sexy looking as her. What did Bob have in store? High-rise ghetto-type apartments began to appear and lined both sides of the streets as young tough looking kids and dishevelled old men hung about the street corners. Our host had already reminded us to lock the car doors and even Vikki seemed a bit nervous.
‘Are you sure this is going to be safe, Hon?’ she asked her husband. 
‘Sure’. Bob gave a reassuring smile but I could tell he wasn’t entirely sure either.

Shortly afterwards Bob turned the car onto a side street. Driving for another block and a half before pulling into a driveway next to a very run-down looking apartment building. For a moment I thought we were just turning around, but as Bob switched off the engine, I realised we had arrived. Kathy and I exchanged apprehensive looks that I can recall even now. Opening the car door, I got out and looked up at the flats. They seemed to be derelict until I noticed one of the apartments had washing hanging from the window Kathy got out, and stepped over to me. Taking care of the rubbish-strewn driveway, yet almost tripping and steadying herself on my arm. Although sexy looking, high heels were not the ideal footwear for a place like this. 

Bob wound down his window. ‘I don’t want to leave the car here’ he called. ‘I know a place real close. You two go on up, its number 303, someone waiting for you’. I swallowed dryly. This was obviously a black part of town and what Bob asked us was quite a task for a lone, white couple. Particularly the way Kathy was dressed. We would stand out like a sore thumb and I wondered why on earth Bob had asked me to bring so much cash. My wallet feeling heavy in my jacket pocket. Vikki saw our fears and seemed to enjoy our discomfort.
‘See you in a while’ she said coyly as her husband quickly starting the engine. As they backed out into the street I wondered if this had been their plan from the start.

Resigned to our fate, I took Kathy’s arm and together we walked around to the front of the apartment, climbed the stoop and entered through the front door. Three youths, sitting on the stoop railing watched but did not speak or try to stop us from entering. Inside, the hallway, the elevator was out of order and boarded up, so we had to use the stairs. They were very narrow; too narrow to hold hands, though I could feel my wife’s apprehension as she went ahead of me. It was too late for her to turn back now. From behind, her skirt was so short I could easily see her sheer panties, the sight of her full, rounded thighs moving together and shapely ass made me want to reach out and touch her. We passed a couple on the first floor landing, a devilish looking man and a young woman gazed at us curiously. 
‘Think you got the wrong mutha-fuckin’ place’ she laughed at us more in surprise than anything. Her eyes widened as her eyes fell on my wife’s outfit. ‘Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, sweet thang, you are some fine lookin’ piece’. I noticed Kathy stiffen. Keeping her eyes straight ahead, she was as fearful as I was. I guess we’d seen so much on the news about places like this. Together we carried up the three flights. The everyday sounds of life in the stricken apartments echoing around us. 

At the top of the stairs waiting for us was a black woman of mid thirties with a full but shapely figure, rich-chocolate skin and thick short hair. With her cheap-looking short, tight purple dress and gold high heels she could only be part of what lay ahead. 
‘Hi, Honey, I’m Latysha’ she smiled warmly, obviously impressed by Kathy’s body as she ran her eyes eagerly over my wife’s figure. We shook hands and followed Latysha's big round, sexy ass down the hall. Looking around this trash-strewn place as we walked on. I held my wife’s hand, her grip tight and the feeling she had of being here only enhanced by what was waiting for her. Many of the doors were open, enabling us to see into the cluttered filthy rooms. Black faces, old and young, male and female, eyed us curiously but guardedly. Some looks wary, while others quickly getting a greedy eyeful of Kathy. Televisions blared. Children stopped their play to stare. We were truly strangers here. 

Latysha led us to the end of the hallway and a door marked 303. Kathy now had my hand in a tight grip. I could almost hear her heart pounding next to me. From inside we could hear the sound of loud male voices and I felt her smooth, warm body stiffen against me.
‘She’s here’ Latysha announced, as she stepped through the doorway and ushered us in. Not three or four but six men immediately confronted us from the living room. All black. Each dressed casually though several were shirtless, showing off hard, sculpted, black-skinned muscles and several sporting jailhouse tattoos. Others wore vests and jeans. All apparently residents of this place and all wanting a piece of this white breeding. I had to think that Bob had clued everyone in on why we were here, an impregnating session with my wife. Kathy’s first response was one of stunned silence as the group leered hungrily at her. They were quite obviously very pleased with what they saw in front of them, and already looking impatient to get at her. Hungry eyes roved over my wife’s body, each, perhaps been made to wait longer than they had wanted.

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