Big,Big Bang, Theory

(Part 2 from 2)

Adriene arrived about 25 minutes after the mystery woman, she kissed Jimmy three times on the cheek. As she sat down the woman called to Adriene, she smiled and approached the dark glasses. The woman took off her glasses and they kissed on the cheeks, Adriene sat and talked with the woman, laughing and joking with the odd glance going Jim's way. The womans face was familiar it seemed but Jim could not place it. Adriene re joined Jimmy shortly before her friend left kissing her again on the cheeks and nodding to Jimmy. Adriene had found her friend her house some three or four years earlier and a farm in the hills inland, she had also negotiated a deal on a marina apartment and mooring for her yacht. When she explained who she was married to Jimmy realised who the famous star was. That evening Adriene arranged to stay with her parents who lived near by but met Jimmy at an exclusive restaurant nearby. As they sat down to their table the atmosphere changed as the beautiful woman entered and was ushered to a table. Wearing a long black thin dress slashed to the waist she was truly a beautiful sight. She spotted Adriene and they were soon reseated at her table. TS (the star)wore tinted glasses making it hard to judge her, all though she spoke to Jimmy he felt left out as the two women laughed and joked and giggled and often changed to talkig in French. They took a taxi to Adrienes parents and the Jim went back to his hotel to call Cath in Miami.

Adriene had had her fill with Jimmy and they veiwed a few more properties before she returned to Nice leaving him to view properties with other agents and her filled cunt would need a few days rest whilst her husband was in Paris on Buisness. After a few days Jimmy stopped for lunch in the beach side cafe, he noticed the reserved table he saw a small boat approach the jetty and then TS entered the Cafe to the same attentive reception, she acknowleged Jim but ate her lunch and went to pay. Her card did not work. and there was some embarrased looks as Jimmy paid his bill he quietly asked for the bill to be put on with his. The waitress took the extra charge and told the owner who was still taling with TS. As he left the restaurant TS stopped him asking why he had paid, why not said Jimmy, can a man not by a woman lunch. After all we have met and you are friends with Adriene. 

That does not mean you have to buy me lunch she snapped, well he replied it is not like you need anyone to buy you lunch he snapped back. But where I come from you can be friendly without all this shit. TS stopped, and laughed, OK OK, I am sorry, but in my business you don't get people doing something for nothing have lunch with me tomorrow. After veiwing a house some way away, Jimmy made it to the cafe as TS took her seat, thought you had stood me up she laughed. They chatted about property in France and the French ways of doing things she asked about Jimmys roots and home town in England. She was dressed in normal day wear and as they left she headed for a taxi. Jimmy said my car is here I'll give you a lift, he pointed to the Ferrari. She looked to snap again, but stopped and smiled and got into the car. Who's is this? she asked. Mine he replied. I thought you were just a regular brit she said, well I am said he. I just have rather a lot of money. Jimmy dropped TS at her house in the hills where she was meeting friends to go riding.

As he dropped her off she asked for his number. The next day whilst viewing a villa he got a call. "TS here, do you want to by me dinner tonight" Pick me up at XXXX XXXX at 9 and take me somewhere nice. Back at the hotel he asked the manager where the best place would be to eat. He had a tabled booked and called to tel TS of the venue. Well that had better be 9.30 then she said. He pulled up at her villa and went to the door, he was truly stunned as his eyes were met by a star dresed to kill. TS wore gold sandle like heeled shoes and a trouser like outfit that was black and virtually see through as he saw her body silloueted in the doorway. She kissed him on both cheeks and he felt her famous tits brush against his chest. At the restaurant the doorman opened the door of the Ferrari for TS and took the keys from Jimmy as he got out of the car.

As they entered the restaurant Jimmy could clearly see her naked ass through the thin black fabric, as thay sat at their table a few celebrity couples said hello. Her fine perfume was quite intoxicating, Jimmy said to her that she looked quite stunning, she laughed and apologised. I can't come to a place like this without being in celeb mode she said. If I dress up no one will take any notice but if I came in with a stranger in normal dress we would be in all the tabloids. 

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They gently chatted and even flirted over dinner, her tits gently bobbled as she laughed. As a trio started to play the lights were brightened slightly and he could not take his eyes off her natural but numatic chest, before the main course she excused herself for a trip to the ladies and Jimmy saw the line of her tiny thong as she stood and walked away. After a great dinner they walked arm in arm through the moonlight towards the Marina. She asked his age at one point, god 48 she said, you could be my dad, JUST, she added. 

He suggested a drink, she declined due to the way she was dressed but suggested going to her yacht and having one there. At the marina, they took a small taxi boat ride out a huge motor cruiser. In the boats lounge he turned the lights full on so he could perve on the taught body of the slender beauty. Moving gracefully her tits came more into view as she poured the Brandies and kicked of her shoes, she sat on a large recliner chair and they spoke of her celebrity life and the special things in her life. She asked about Jimmy and where he had made his money, hand have you made much she asked. He explained as to how many millions he was worth and then added that he was an anonymous Lotto winner. She laughed that he had only had to lay back and think of England to get his money. Much the same as you he joked back. 

She looked somewhat shocked, "you started in porn he said". God yes but how did you know, I have seen your first two fims he said. TS was shocked but quite relaxed. So why have you been staring at my bod all evening she said if you have seen me fucked both ends. Well I can't see the point of not looking at whats on show he retorted and was it you actually getting fucked. The first guy blew his wad all over my ass the first time and the donkey dick could not get hard again as I blew the other guy, to get it in so they cut in another cunt getting fucked for the action shot. So my porno background has managed to stay fairly well hid. Any way at least I can get out of this and let you perve on me if thats what turns you on. 

She stood up and pulled the loose top down before stepping out of the trousers. Light wisps of golden pubic hair protruding from her miniscule thong. Is this good enough for you she asked as she cupped her large breasts, so what have you got to offer apart from a few million of other peoples money at your age. Jimmy stood and removed his jacket and shirt he kicked his shoes off and removed his trousers before he removed his under pants. I can offer this he said as she dropped her hands from her big tits, he stroked his big hardening cock as she stood open mouthed. Big in her book was always better but was it his big bank balance that made the guy so self assured or his big long fat cock. he took her hands and kissed them as he gently fingered her cunt with his hand as he slipped the thong off. he was now fully erect at nearly 15 inches as she drew in shorty breaths in anticipation. There would be no fake orgasm shots on the cutting room floor. Jim took TS and pushed her to the floor, look between you legs he ordered as he lined his cock head at her cunt lips, slowly moistened as he butted into he dry slot as he fondled her firm tits as his big bulbous cock head slipped into her cunt she grunted and groaned as he firmly pushed more and more into her, she came as he slid all his length into her deepest inner. A one stoke orgasm she thought as he started to pound her quivering cunt. She came again as he let his spunk loose deep inside her. 

He pounded and split her wide apart as they both slowly came again managing to roll her over he got her legs around his waist as he kissed her tits and then her mouth again he started to ponds her sore stretched cunt untill he grunted another orgasm as he unleashed another jism of hot seed deep up her cunt and into her cervix.What the hell are you on she said as he again started to fuck her hard as her cunt seemed to dry up. Fuck he said, he pulled out as their combined juices flooded her love tunnel. Again he was back in her now sloppy cunt banging her to fuck oblivion. After over an hour of fucking he rolled of her and ate out her cunt forcing her to swallow their combined juices as he kissed her. How was that for an audition he asked, she just smiled and said you have the big parts for me and a big enough bank balance to keep me as well if I fall on hard times. They showered before falling into bed and in the morning she mounted him riding style as they fucked each other again and again.

Cath called from Miami about a house she wanted him to see as he muffled TS's mouth as she came again. Some months later Cath was reading a celeb mag and announced that TS was pregnant. Can you imagine her sleeping with that husband of hers said Cath. No,but it is Sunday morning and something is winking at me. Cath's theory was that the money had lifted any worries that they had re work and finances so Jim had become a more assured and attentive lover. A few days later whilst checking out another French holiday let opportunity Jimmy slowly fucked the tight cunt to orgasm again, he had to be quick as TS wanted a last fuck before the baby was two large and he had not seen the scan of his new daughter. Adriene growled as she came and he pulled out this time shooting his spunk all over her ass and up her back into her hair. Jimmy has his own Big Bang Theory and three women to service in a win win situation.

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