Big,Big Bang, Theory

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Jimmy walked in to the Nice estate agents, he was quickly seated and his needs ascertained as they noticed the Hugo Boss Chino's, fine linen shirt and Pateke Phillipe watch. Since racing along the Nice to Monaco Coast road to his first Monaco F1 Grand Prix in his home built Lotus 7 as a young man. Jimmy had memories of the beautiful people and exotic cars of southern France and Monaco. "Jame's life as a dad of three had changed rapidly after a huge Lotto win whilst on Holiday some 18 months earlier. His wife had taken her parents to Florida whilst house hunting and fitting a Caribbean and Mexico cruise for them.

The tanned long legged agent dressed in a short short skirt met Jim at his hotel to take him to view some property. Her small firm breast came into view as she picked up her coffee as she showed the Power Point preview of the four properties they were to view. If my old friends could see me now thought Jim as her pert nipples hardened under the crisp white shirt. The doorman opened the door and Jimmy turned left towards his car as Adriene turned right to hers. Jimmy pointed to the new open top Ferrari as Adriene pointed to her ageing open top Golf. She smiled and lowered the Police sun glasses as she slid into the Ferrari's seat. Jim closed the door as he went to open the drivers seat he noticed her undo another lower button of her shirt. This agent was obviously prepared to go the extra kilometre to gain a sale. 

Everything about Jimmy exuded his new found wealth. The firt Villa was old and needed a lot of work and the pool bottom was crackedand would need rebuilding. 4 million euro for a reck was not to Jim's taste. They moved along the coast to another ageing property, formerly owned by a wealthy Spaniard with brightly coloured walls. A nice setting but not to his liking they moved on, the agent was quick to point out that this was only the start of what she had to offer. The third property was set into the cliff side below the main road with terracing and steps to a private mooring, Mountain Goat blood would help if you lived here but the setting was beautiful. The elderly lady owner showed of her fine home and her maid brought them long cool drinks on the main bedroom balcony as luxurious yaghts cruised by with scantily clad women sunning themselves on the fine vessels. 

Adriene directed Jimmy to a fine local restaurant, ice cold Chablis acompanied fine Prawns, Oysters and Mussels. Adriene started to become more open and prompted Jimmy to say what he thought of the 3 houses they had viewed and to be honest, Adriene drank a little to much of the second bottle of wine. They had to get a move on as the owner of the next property was going to the Airport at 3.30. The gates opened like magic as the Ferrari approached them, at the house The owner greeted Adriene with three kisses to the cheeks and gave her the keys as he got into the waiting taxi. The house had 4 acres of stunning gardens and had three levels, they walked the gardens and viewed the pool before entering the large house. Modern and clean with stuning fittings and furnishings in all the rooms. They veiwed 4 bedrooms before climbing the stairs to the master suite. The whole top floor was a master bedroom with bathrooms dressing rooms and walk in wardrobe, Adriene picked up a selection of remote controls. 

Curtains and blinds danced up and down and side to side, the lights dimmed and changed and then she pushed another remotes button and a large plasma screen dropped through the ceiling. Adriene put a video into thr player as Jimmy walked to the window doors. She pushed another button and the doors opened onto a large balcony come terrace.The view was again stunning with again the fine boats gliding and powereing through the sea in the distance. A long pool and spa pool were set into the terrace with a table and chairs, a cooler full of ice with a selection of drinks was set with a card and glasses and towels were draped over the chair loungers. 

The neatly written card was in French and Jim handed it to Adriene who said they were invited to cool after along day, use the pool and have a drink compliments of Pierre the owner who was sorry to rush of to his flight. Adriene beckoned to the pool, It is so hot she said, Jimmy's shirt was sticking to him and his companions shirt clung to her breasts with sweat marks showing under the arms. Go ahead said Jimmy, he expected her to go into the house and change or something, she kicked of her shoes pulled of her short skirt before taking off her shirt. Jimmy's eyes went to the jeweled T of her thong and the thin cord that vanished between the tight cheeks of her tanned ass. 

She bent slightly forward as she dived into the pool, jimmy could see the thin fabric trapped between the opening of her puffy lower lips. Adriene swam a couple of widths of the pool before stopping to ask Jimmy if he was going to swim, just strip of she said. Jimmy looked nervous, Adriene stood in the shallow water and mocked the shyness of the English as she removed her thong and bared her neatly trimmed bush. Jimmy laughed and removed his shirt as she lightly applauded his actions he removed his deck shoes and slowly dremoved his trousers and under pants together. 

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Adrienne whistled and swam away as Jimmy dived into the water, he was a strong fit fast swimmer and racked up numerous lengths in his pool at home. He sped up and down the pool as Adriene kept her distance and slowly swam. Jimmy slowed to her pace after about twenty lenghths and they chatted before Adriene got out of the pool and and poured two long cool drinks she passed Jimmy his drink as he rested at the pool side, they continued to talk as she sat in front of him in the afternoon sun. She had her elbows on her knees and her pussy was slightly obvious in her sitting position. He always joked with Cath his wife that her cunt winked at him and this cunt was certainly winking he judged. Adriene suddenly picked up towel and clothes and headed through into the bedroom suite, Jimmy swam for a while longer before he got out of the pool and wrapped himself in a towell. He drank more of the cool lemon drink as he entered the bedroom. 

Soft rock musak echoed from a surround sound system. Before he noticed Adriene the tawdry music drew him to veiw the huge plasma television screen. A woman was in veiw from behind as a young guy fingered her cunt and then slowly thrust his cock into her wet sluice gate. Adriene laid face down on the bed in a slightly raised position as she gently stretched and tweaked her now elongated nipple and her left hand vanished under her gyrating hips as she let out a gentle groaning murmer as she rode her fingers. 

Cath was a full on lover and Jimmy loved to watch her masterbate and work her love box as she called it, but this was France where a lover is a natural part of married life for many, even the people except that politicians have there little bits on the side. Jimmy moved to the bed as he watched Adriene's slow gyrations, he put his hand on the back og her knee and gently stroked hid thumb onto her inner thighad slowly slid his hand higher unti his hand rested on hers his thumthumb and fore finger mirroring hers and gently opening her pussy even more. She sighed and moved her hand away as his fingers worked his manly magic that Cath had begged for for over 25 years.

 Jimmy removed his towel an moved his right knee between her legs. Adriene spread her legs apart as he got onto the bed. Gently he pulled her into a kneling position and probed her pussy with his semi erect shaft.As the woman in the porn film turned and sucked the guy off that had been fucking her the shot changed as another guy rammed his cock into her cunt. Adriene gasped as the guy rammed his lenth into the woman but screamed out like hell as Jimmy thrust his cock into her. He held her hips tightly whilst he let her get accustomed to his cock . She wriggled and gasped as he flexed his manhood in her. After about 20 minutes Jim asked if it was ok she panted out some galic phrases as she started to gyrate slowly on his cock, before calling out


Jimmy slowly built his speed and did as she cried out more and more. He fucked her till he ached and came deep inside her before he collapsed onto the bed. He awoke a couple of hours later as she gave him head. She tried to ride him but found that his rear entry technique was a clear winner. Eventualy they got back to his hotel at about mid night as and she left without talking.

The next day Jimmy visited an old friend in Grasse and then he viewed more property with another agent. Claude was a chain smoking bore and was most put out when Jimmy refused to let him smoke in the Ferrari. The next day Jimmy was met by Adriene who looked as if she had been crying but seemed OK. They viewed a large vacant seafront apartment that was a possible investment for rental. Adriene was her normal polite efficient estate agent self until she got to the main bedroom. She stood by the bed as he viewed the en suite as he re-entered the bedroom she lifted the hem of the now unbuttoned dress over her waist and bent forward exposing her gaping wet cunt. Jimmy recognised a needy cunt, Cath had often been in this state over the years and rather than upset his new friend, he took her dress off her and removed her clothes and stripped himself he gave her the pleasure of his well trained tongue bringing her to climax before ravishing her well lubed stetched hole to two a double orgasm.

Jimmy had arranged to visit more properties along he coast through other offices of the agency, Adrienes husband had hit her as he had realised that she was fucking a client. It is ok as long as I do not get caught she said, but I cried out your name as he fucked me and he was not happy getting my used cunt that day. Adriene arranged to meet Jim near StTropez as she knew the area well as she came from the town and often worked in the local office each month. Jim sat waiting for Adriens in a local cafe, there was a little commotion as a very tall attractive woman entered and took a reserved table in the corner. Wearing a sarong style wrap around her waist and an ample bosom barely covered by a small bikini top, the staff scurried about getting her coffee and her lunch order as she read an English paper and occasionally surveyed those sat around her from behind her dark sun glasses.

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