Luxuriate In Dick

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 ....yeah it's true, she loved it. Having guys cum in her mouth and on her face was not good enough for this one. No, she insisted on guys resting their dick and balls on her face in front of a mirror. I'm telling you, this girl was intense.

We played this game one time where we agreed that she would (and could) only touch my dick with anything on her body except her hands.

I used to love when she needed days to perform these tasks. I would use well earned vacation time and sick days from my job just because she was in the mood. I am writing this in my autobiography as a side story, but I felt this one needed bearing out.

Whooo,...where do I start. I was a coal miner, no wait, ...that's not it.

She was incredible. An upscale girl from Rockland County in New York. She was a travelling salesman for some company,..I forget, but anyway. I met her on my job and found out sooner than later thankfully that she loved giving handjobs in the bathroom or blowjobs on the landing platform or guys in their cars in the parking lot while on lunch. I never witnessed her actually eating food.

When I was with her, she demanded that I shave my genetalia and take two Viagra a day which I did faithfully to her satisfaction, but I tell you, I was in great health yet she demanded more. In the six years I was with her while she did things to my dick and watched her do it to others, we only fucked four or five times. I ate her of course, but she was really into dick. I could of been any one else in her eyes but she loved the way my 'package' looked. As I state in my autobiography, I AM the luckiest man in the world.

She liked me because we were 'free love in the su(i)nshine' types. Once, she jerked me off into her mouth under a company stairwell just because she needed to taste cum. Remember,..I wasn't the only one. You should have seen her at the Christmas party and company picnic where she blew all the guys in front of their spouses. The wives were happy because they didn't have to do it.. They would shove the back of her head on their husband's dick and make her lick all the cum up when he was done.

When we were alone which is usually how she liked it, I would get handjobs and blowjobs literally on the half hour thanks to the Viagra. Sometimes, we could get it down to 15-20 minutes. My cock never got sore thanks to her spitting and drooling on it all the time. Never have I been in a bigger state of arousal than I was with her. She was SO into it.

One of her favorite things she like me to do was sit on the couch naked in the living room and masturbate either with her hand, or if was especially randy, shove a dildo in and out while I fucked her in the mouth from the side while she watched porn on the TV of people doing similar things. Kind of Alice In the Looking Glass stuff if you think about it, but who was I to complain. She also liked to be tied up and spanked while I fucked her mouth too. We onced called up all the repairmen/delivery drivers we could think of so she could suck or jerk them off. I watched her do all of them. Incredible,...and this girl was a looker. She was no homely dame. We would often do it in front of mirrors all over the house. She loved watching herself and other people do it.

At times though, which I understood, she needed outside dick which I had no problem with. I could have a girlfriend who would be an alcoholic, a drug addict or gambler,...or even a cigarette smoker,..she was none of these. Using her hands and mouth on a guy was nothing in comparison. I could watch her suck off 10 guys in a row and never get jealous. I would stand at the end of the line with her mouth and face full of cum and mouth fuck in front of the other guys till I cum and then take her home. Those guys were jealous.

By the way, Viagra is wonderful. I often wonder what she'd be like on the female version of it. Too much to think about. One time, she made me cum her mouth 6 times in one day,...and I'm 60!

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