Sally and the Salesmen

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Last January Sally had to go to Minneapolis on a business trip. "Minneapolis is beautiful in the summer," I told her, "but during the winter it's pretty cold. I doubt that you'll get out of your meeting hotel much. What will you do during your spare time." "I don't know,' she replied, "maybe I'll take in a movie. Or just hang out in the hotel bar." With this last line, she gave me a smile and her eyes brightened. I thought I knew what she was thinking but I had to ask. "What are you thinking of doing?" "Well, you know I always find interesting people to talk to," she said. That confirmed it for me. "I think you have more in mind than talking. You know I like to watch and participate but I won't be with you to enjoy the action." For the past few years Sally and I had been visiting swing clubs, inviting guys to fuck her via the internet, and setting up gang bangs. I have to admit that it really turns me on to see my forty-something slut wife getting fucked by other men. And ever since I saw a goodlooking blonde get gangbanged on a video during my college years I have been fascinated with watching gangbangs. Now that I am married to a goodlooking blonde it all just seems to have come together nicely. And Sally loves fucking. She likes to fuck me but she is also into variety. I think she really gets into attracting men. She talks about how she enjoys being used by men for sex but I think she is really using them. It is like she is manipulating them in fucking her and then taking their power by making them cum.

"Don't worry about it," Sally replied rather mysteriously and went upstairs to pack. Later that morning I took her to airport. As I kissed her goodbye, I had to ask again. "So what are you planning?" "Oh nothing," she siad, "I'll probably just hang out in the hotel like I said." "That's what I was wondering, what are you planning?" Sally didn't reply, she just gave me a smile and turned to go through security. I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen in Minneapolis.

When I picked Sally up at the airport again, my first question was "Did you have a good time?" Sally replied, "I had a great time. The hotel was very nice and my room was large with a king-sized bed." "Ohh, and did you spend a lot of time in the room?" I asked. "Well I had my meetings and then on the first evening I went to see a movie." "I see, what did you do last night?" I asked. "Let's talk about it later, I'm anxious to get home," she said.

That evening Sally dressed in a black baby doll that I got her. Instead of the g-string that came with it, she put on some black panties that tie at the sides. I like to see her in them because I know that all I (or another man) need to do is pull the strings and they will fall off, leaving her pussy accessible. I buy all of Sally's play clothes. As I pick them out I visualize how she will look in them and fantasize how they will show off her assets to other men. She is frequently complimented on how sexy and seductive her clothes are.

"Suck my cock," I commanded her. Sally obediently crawled up on the bed. I leaned against the headboard and she crawled between my legs. As she crawled forward she had something in her hand. She reached over and slid it under a pillow. Her head bowed over my cock and her tongue slid up my cock to its tip. She touched it to a drop of pre-cum and then pulled it into her mouth. The pre-cum made a silken string between her lips and my dick. Then she opened wide and engulfed my entire cock with her mouth, slowly pulling her head up and gradually closing her lips until she was kissing the tip. Her mouth slid down my cock again and began bobbing her pretty blonde head as she suck up and down on my cock.

"Did you fuck another man last night?" I asked. "Uh huh," she mumbled, her mouth full of cock. At her reply my cock sitffened even more. "You are such a slut," I exclaimed. I reached out and pulled the strings of her bikini panties. They fell off. "Did he fuck you doggy style," I asked. Again, she mumbled "Uh huh." "Then spread your legs and I'll pretend he is fucking you right now." Sally spread her as though she was allowing a man to enter her from behind. "I'm going to cum," I moaned. "No you aren't," she said, stopping her sucking, "now I'm gong to tell you about last night."

Sally began her story. After her evening meetings she had gone up to her room in the Minneapolis hotel. She opened the curtains of her sixth floor window and watched the snow falling in the night. The lights of the room caught each snowflake and made it twinkle as it fell. She took off her business suit and laid down naked on the bed, enjoying the feel of the smooth sheets on her skin. She turned on the television and scanned the channels. There wasn't really anything worth watching. And she didn't want to see another movie. Her husband had been right, there really wasn't much to do by herself. Well, she could always go down to the hotel lounge.

Sally opened her suitcase and pulled out the special outfit she had brought along just in case. First she pulled on a black lace teddy. It had a high collar and long sleeves. But if you looked carefully, you could see her brown nipples pushing through the openings in the lace. She snapped the bottom closed and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw was a voluptuous middle-aged woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes. A former cheerleader, she still retained a shapely figure despite putting on some weight. In her younger years she had never had trouble attracting men. Once she and her husband had started swinging a few years earlier she had been pleased that men still seemed to find her irresistable. Yes, she would go to the hotel bar and see what might happen. Sally put on a pair of black slacks and black high heels. Then she pulled on a sweater, buttoning it up part of the way. If the bar was cool it would keep her warm and, if she met someone she liked, she could always unbutton it and give him a show.

The hotel lounge was dimly lit and jazz was softly playing over the speakers. The bar itself was almost empty but there were men and women sitting at comfortable chairs arranged around small tables throughout the room. Sally approved of the ambiance. She noticed that there were just a few women in the bar, most of the patrons were men. She approved of that too. Sally pulled her wedding ring off, put it in her purse and walked slowly to the bar. She knew the men in the lounge were watching her and sizing her up. She sat down on a stool, crossed her legs and ordered a martini. When it arrived, she took a long drink, nearly draining it. Then she turned briefly and looked around the room. Whenever she saw a man who interested her, she let her glance linger on him just a moment, making brief eye contact and then looking away. By the time she was finished, every man in the place knew that she was single, she was unaccompanied, and she was available. She turned to the martini and finished it leaving it clearly empty for anyone to see.

"Excuse me bartender, I'd like another scotch." The voice was right next to her. She turned and saw a man in his thirties leaning between two bar stools. He was a handsome gentleman in his thirties with sandy hair. He was wearing a suit and his tie was loosened. Sally liked his tie, she liked his suit and she liked him. As he looked over she gave him a smile. "I see your martini is empty, could I buy you another?" he asked. "Certainly," Sally replied. While they were waiting for the drinks they made small talk about the snow and about what brought them to Minneapolis. His name was David and he was in town with several other salesmen from his company. Like Sally, they were leaving the next morning. It was clear that he was interested so, when the drinks arrived, Sally asked if he would like to join her at the bar. "Actually, I'm sitting with my friends over in the corner. You are certainly welcome to join us," he said. So Sally walked over and he introduced her to the other guys. They were four in all, they were all single and all were around David's age. Sally couldn't remember all of their names but that really didn't matter to her. They talked and joked together for the next hour. Sally flirted with each of them and she could see that each was giving her furtive admiring glances. Finally Sally excused herself to go to the restroom. She was already quite wet in anticipation so she decided to raise the stakes and unbuttoned her sweater. As she walked back to the corner table she noticed the conversation stop and then resume. She knew they had been talking about her.

As Sally sat down at the table she could hear the guys breathe heavier and one even gave a low whistle. Her sweater was completely unbuttoned and held apart by her breasts. Turned on by the attention, her nipples had grown hard and were pushing through the openings in the lace of her top. Leaning over to David she pushed her chest against his arm, put her hand on his thigh and breathed into his ear. "I really like you." He blushed and stammered back quietly. "I really like you too, but I can't really leave the guys." The other three were speechless, watching the drama unfold. "You don't have to leave the guys, bring them along," Sally whispered to him. "Wow," said David. "Wow," he said again. "Wellll?" Sally asked, "Why don't talk it over and then come up to my room." She turned to the other guys and said, "So nice to meet you. I hope to see you again." Then she took a pen and wrote her room number on a napkin on the table in front of David.

Once Sally got to the room she turned on some music, put a box of condoms on the bedstand, and pulled back the sheets on the bed. Then she took off her slacks and put her high heels back on. Sitting in a chair by the window, she watched the snow fall and waited. Soon there was a knock on the door. Opening it, she saw David and all three of his friends. She let them in, then locked the door. Looking at their amazed stares she knew she now had her evening's entertainment.

Sally walked to David, who was sitting in the chair by the window. Leaning over so her large 38C breasts pushed against the fabric of her teddy, she gave him a kiss, slipping her tongue between his lips. He hungrily sucked on her tongue and then pushed it back as he shoved his tongue into her mouth. He could feel his hand caressing her left breast, then his other hand on her right breast, then another hand on her thigh and yet another hand began rubbing her pussy through the material of her teddy. Two of his friends had joined in. She raised her head and gave each of the two friends a kiss, beckoning the third to join the fun. As she alternately kissed all four of them she could feel their hands rubbing her tits, her pussy, her hair and other parts of her body. Her own hands kept moving around rubbing their crotches through their trousers. Then she pulled down one zipper, then another, and yet another, until all four cocks had sprung free. Kneeling on the floor between the four men she did a circle suck, slurping on one cock at a time, while her hands jacked off the others.

After a few minutes Sally stood up and walked to the bed. She lay on the bed rubbing her clit while the men rapidly undressed. She unsnapped her teddy and pulled it up over her chest so two of them could suck on her tits. A third got between her legs and began licking her while the fourth played with himself and watched. "Don't lick up all my juices," Sally told the guy between her legs, "I need them to make it easy for you to slide your fat cock in my pussy." With that, the guy got up on his knees and pushed the head of his cock against her pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me," Sally moaned, spreading her legs wider. With a hard thrust he entered her. The fourth, who had been playing with himself, climbed on he bed and pushed his cock into Sally's open mouth. She noisily sucked on it while his friend slammed his hard cock in and out of her pussy. "Don't cum," she told the man who was fucking her, "you have to use a condom if you want to cum."

Soon everyone changed places and Sally was fucking and sucking two different men while their comrades played with her tits. "Fuck me doggy style," she told them and everyone changed places again. One man laid on the bed with her head between his knees sucking on his dick. A second had pulled on a condom and was fucking her from behind. Her large breasts bounced as each thrust into her pussy pushed her mouth down on the cock in front of her. The other two grabbed at her breasts and played with her stiff nipples.

Sally raised her head and told the men, "I'm your slut. Use me for your pleasure." With that the man in her pussy gasped and jerked. "Cum inside me," Sally said, "fill me with your sperm." He continued to jerk and thrust until he almost collapsed on her back. As he pulled out, Sally said, "Let me see your cum." He pulled off the condom and showed it to her. "You came a lot," she said, "I'm glad." As he tossed the condom in the trash, the next man took his place in her pussy. Like the first, he too soon came, filling his condom. Sally rolled on her back and spread her legs for the third man. David, who had not cum yet, and the other two watched as their friend thrust and plunged into Sally. Sally bucked her hips up and down, encouraging him to enter her as deeply as possible. Finally he grabbed each cheek of her ass, pulling her against his cock as he plunged deep into her pussy. Breathing heavily and gasping he jerked and sent stream after stream of his sperm into Sally's body. When he pulled out, the condom almost fell off, it was so heavy with his semen.

David was the last. "Sally, I just can't cum with a condom," he told her. "Why don't you fuck me without one. Just before you cum, pull out and shoot all over my belly," she replied. She laid back and spread her legs. David got between them and thrust. She raised her legs high as his cock plunged in and out of her body. As he fucked her, Sally pulled him close to her and whispered in his ear. "I have a surprise for you. I'm married. Do you like fucking another man's wife? " "What," David said. He seemed shocked but actually got harder at the thought. "Just what I said," replied Sally, "I'm another man's wife but tonight I'm your whore." These words, combined with my wife's pussy milking at his cock, were too much for David. He gave a hard thrust and plunged deep, his cock shooting a hot stream of sperm into the depths of her body. He shot twice, then remembered he was supposed to pull out to cum. My wife was pulling at his ass, trying to trap his cum inside her, but he pulled out, shooting stream after stream of milky cum onto her belly. He pulled out and lay on the bed beside her, breathing hard. "I forgot," David said. "So did I," said Sally, "you felt so good inside me." David got out of bed and joined the other three men, who had started dressing.Once dressed, they all said goodbye and left. Sally, exhausted by all of the fucking, lay on her back with cum puddled in her navel and running down her sides.

I had stayed hard through the whole story. As Sally concluded, she again dipped her head down and began to suck on my cock. "That's a great story but how do I know it's true," I asked. She reached under the pillow and pulled out a plasic bag. There in the bag were three condoms she had pulled out of the trash, tied off and brought home to show me. As I looked at the condoms, full of sperm from men who had fucked my slut wife, I felt the cum well up in my balls and shoot like a bullet from my cock and into Sally's mouth.

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