A Life Lived Fuller

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I saw this forum and thought I would relate a few experiences I've had. I was watching Emmanuelle 2 and I thought, "they spent all that money shooting in Asia and I could have told them my experiences for free!!! It also got my pussy tingling so much that I patted my "girlie" to calm "her" down. After all "girlie" makes all of the decisions. "Girlie" has more influence than "Groucho" my asshole because everybody sees "her" before "him." Although if "Groucho" is pleasant than "Girlie" might throw him a bone(r). You get it guys?? I'm such a comedienne. I just have the greatest pleasure of using "Girlie's" exceptional prowess for some forty years!! Hehehe.

Now enough about "Groucho" and "Girlie." They will get their time as I jog my memory further. Although in the heat of the encounter I will refer to them infrequently by name and more with grunts and moans.

Allow me to introduce myself to all of the jaded horndogs and sexpots out there on the net. My name is Winifred. I know. Don't bother me about it. Ugghhh!!! What a gross bookish name. A name I could have never used in my younger days. I wouldn't get a fuck if I begged for one. Much less reamed, pissed, spat and a torrential load of the filthy, potty mouthing which I love during a good deep anal spelunking and cervical cavity search. I stand 5'7" and I am a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese. I know you Anglos don't know anything about those places or the beautiful exotic region filled with horny sluts and horndog men who regularly cavort openly with children. Don't get a boner just yet though. I haven't finished describing my features. Features which I get more than compliments if the whores, pimps and stammering fools stopped long enough to look up and talk. I have a deep dark forever tan to die for and no tanlines after all who needs it in this humid paradise? Further, I have exotic, yet, curious almond shaped cat eyes. Pouty, full lips, flawless mocha skin, and jet black ebony hair down to my hips would make any devil's mouth water. It all compliments my radiant, coquettish demeanor which belies a forceful command of any person whom I deal with. With clothes or skyclad. Preferably the latter.

I lived on the border of Thailand and Laos. Living astride the border allowed interactions with the rest of Indochina, China and so on. I had a lower middle class upbringing due to my father's job as a junior officer in the Thai Army. It was customary to circulate military officers in the diplomatic corps, while not officially representing the Kingdom, to expose and familiarize themselves to regional leaders. It was in this capacity that a family connection allowed my father's deployment in Laos then Vietnam. Indochina was not under communism at the time. In fact, it was the commercial, political, and economic hub of the French presence and Asian portfolio. He regularly met with bureaucrats big and small during his deployment. The Liaison between the French and regional VIP's was a Vietnamese woman. My mother.

Needless to say, my parents fell in love immediately. My father requested longer overseas deployments especially to Vietnam. The other countries were less than cosmopolitan anyways and in his position it was not an unusual request. Every other chance that they got together they would fuck like beasts. He would request her services often enough that it got them reprimanded. But they were always careful not to ruffle too many feathers. I was told once how they locked themselves in a suite on one of their rare days off and never disconnected their bodies. They would insert fruits and vegetables into all their holes and toilet in their beds too. If my recollections are correct, they tipped the concierge well and went at each other. They mussed each other's hair. Pulling it roughly. Banging into walls and circulating around the room. They found any flat surface to piggishly fuck. Slobbering on his pole, she would talk filthily. He loved that: "Fuck my pole like it was a life presever giving you food, bitch. Are you hungry whore? Feast on my pecker." It was unusually large for such a man. Fatter than it was long. I will tell you how I know this soon. Although mother could suck cock she couldn't "root" father's because his cock was so fat. She is no "spring chicken." She was known as a beauty queen in her youth and then known as a "size queen" later.

Flexing and circumnavigating his "fatness" Mother was determined to impress him. She chewed, not grazed, his tip like it was steak. You like that hmm, bastard fucker!!! Her secret was she creamed her panties everytime she spoke dirty. It was an uncomplicated way to rev up for a fuck. Meanwhile, Father ripped his shirt to shreds while Mother never let go of her prize. She licked lavishly from perineum to tip. Paying special attention to his eggs. She jangled them gently but roughly ran them through her ivory gauntlet. Father jerked but never stopped her. He thought with chagrin, of the countless cunts he paid to do exactly what his wife was doing for free. He knew he found a kindred spirit. She would lick between the foreskin folds rolling it expertly back and forth and she rimmed the underside of the mushroom head. When she did that he moaned appreciatively. Ummmm. That's it cunt, fuck it dirty. He shoved his cock in her mouth bulging her cheeks clownishly. Simultaneously, he would slap her face griddling her tender complexion. Mother fucker, don't stop! Keep going cum whore!! Errgg. Father's face contorted to bliss as he felt his babymakers boil over.

Then suddenly Mother stopped. Preferring instead to push him onto the bed and flipping him onto his stomach. Bitch, my father said, "why did you stop? Did you not hear through your thick skull that I didn't want you to stop!! Fuck you stud. I'm in charge here, fucker. You want this?" she pointed her fleshy folds tantalizingly. Father cooled down. He would get his revenge another time. She forcibly spread Father's legs apart and spread his cheeks roughly. Like she posessed them. She rimmed him selfishly. Demanding posession of his sensitive pucker. When she came up for air, she said, "this asscunt is mine. You can do what you want when you shit but in the bedroom your rose is mine to nourish, care for, and tear up if I so please. Understand fucker??? Surprised by her assertiveness but relishing the newfound sensation of her meandering tongue he meekly consented. "I'm your butt slut, mistress. You can ravage the cheeks as you please." He resented her for making him submit but he had to admit that his cock never minded the humiliation. She continued to rim his poop chute. First, around the periphery. Then she dove in. Her finger thrashed about his sphincter, all the while ignoring his pleas. But Mother knew this from being the campus cumbucket that he would eventually relax and enjoy it. When he relaxed, having an unlubricated right hand, she inserted her other fingers consecutively then she commanded cooperation. "Damn it slut, hold still lest you rip yourself. She used her other hand to hold the cheeks apart all the while slowly allowing the contractions to sink her fist. My Father's response: "Holy shit, mother fucker. OMG." She wriggled her fist liberally and kept it there desensitizing him from the fading pain and allowing him to luxuriate in the foreign pleasures of an unexplored place. There was nothing that she could use as a plug in the bedroom but she remembered seeing a bamboo loofah and ran to get it. She worked her fingers then hand again into Father's backside and inserted the loofah into his tunnel.

She came back to his face and told him to lie on his back. That was painful. Father had to bend the loofah to accomodate her commands and he knew he had to take the loofah home. On his back, the shaft of the loofah sunk deeper and deeper tickling his prostate. This straightened his sluggish prick to attention. Mother climbed on his prick and began to grind then bounce on his shaft. Getting the drift, Father met her strokes sinking deeper into Mother's womb as the loofah helped engineer an ever ready cock to unsurpassed girth. "Fuck your babymaker, stud. Flood this tunnel with your white cream. Make your whore wife pregnant with your river of cum. All the while the "fatness" stretched her usually jaded pussy walls to new heights of ecstatic bliss. "Your stretching me bastard. Ugggg. Don't stop. Oh my God. You're going to split me in half!!!!. Fuck it hard slut Mother kept grinding back and forth. Rivulets of marathon-esque sweat poured out of both of them. Father: "You're my whore slut, oh my fucking god!!!1. I love you!!!!" With that Father spewed so much spunk into her womb that it spilled out in gobs and stuck to his thighs like glue. Selfishly, Mother jumped off and hurriedly swallowed the remaining cummies. Making a show of it. Rolling the babymakers around like mouthwash. Then frothing the remaining swimmers down the hatch. Mother smacked her lips with fulfillment relishing the spectacle. Looking on, my Father stiffened again as Mother lazilly played with the cummies. Father knew he loved her. Always.

Relishing the memories of the fuck that created this pregnancy, Mother convinced Dad to seek vacation time and she did it in her special way. She grabbed his cock and slavishly lathered it with her spit and coaxed a committment from him. Then she frigged herself languidly inviting him to get lost in her folds. His ministrations of her frenetic clit ushered a welcome but stiff orgasm. Mother decided that she would have a natural birth. Inviting a girlfriend from the office as a douala (although more like a human vaginal douche) she prepared for the birth by bathing with the douala and Father. massaging her abdomen and plucking her abused clit while the douala dutifully plundered her asshole, Father instinctively plugged her pussy with his "fatness" and amid the "fuck me harder. Abuse this hole. Arggggh. Harder, harder, harder. OMG, honey." mother squirted copiously. And out I came into this very open and sexual arms of a mother and father who I would grow to fuck. Here's how it happened.

I'd like to say that I was a cooperative baby. I was only cooperative in my sexual childhood when I would look forward to the naked bachanalian fucks. But as a babe I was irritable and cried incessantly. I already knew of my immature clit and the peace that it would bring me. I would never have to be ashamed of playing with it because my parents encouraged it. My carriage would face them every time they fucked. So, I was very comfortable with my body. I could hear their loud cacaphonous sessions. Staring in wonderment at the cock and the pussy hole so that when I got older I was a part of their love life. I shared in their blessed carnal union.

In fact, I heard the words "clit," "cock," and "pussy" so much that they were my first words. Later on my parents would continue to soothe me by licking my pussy, clit, and asshole often. I never had to concoct any reasons to get sexed whenever I felt like it. I was welcome. I think my mother was more permissive than my father was but he relented in the end. I often walked around our yard in the buff and on a particularly hot day, I begged for a cool bath and Mother jumped in and stuck a finger up my cunny and stuck a finger in my asshole and she licked my nipples and I started to laugh and laugh. Then I ran into her pussy and kissed it. She dried me off and put me on the bed. I never wore diapers ever. I shit and peed where I wanted and they encouraged me to be natural! I recall when I reached my fifth birthday some of the more urbane expats used to invite us to a nudist club. We lived in a closed but picturesque compound so no fear of discovery was ever on our minds. It would just be the few of us but for me I knew in my little mind I was there to orgasm. I frigged myself knowingly all the way to the club. Naked! Everybody cheered me on. The grownups would be on their end of the lake fucking and sucking but us kids would be on the other end and we would fuck, suck, and ream each other separately or in a chain just like the grownups nearby.
I also remember frigging myself painfully and jabbing my asshole as I listened to all the fucking and sucking at home. I would wait until the midnight hour and run outside, while nude, and leaking cum, and climb to the rooftop patio to a skylight from where I could watch any number of fucks. But I enjoyed my beautiful parent's fuck sessions. The filthy language and playfighting/dominance set my cunny on fire and I would roughly beat my pussy into submission rubbing it on the roof tiles. I was nearly caught and I shimmied down to the street but the ivies and thorns made mincemeat out of my pussymeat. Strangely, I enjoyed it.

When I was eight I started Catholic school and met a girl I'll call Tramp. Her parents were Thai officials, too, and she lived in the same walled compound/neighborhood that I did. She was ten but she didn't know a goddamn thing about anything. I corrupted her so thoroughly by frigging her pussy mercilessly. Tramp said, "whatcha doing?" I was idly diddling myself on the tree bark and then she said, "OMG. You're naked!!! "So what," I said. Tramp stammered nervously but I could tell she was entranced. I grabbed her arm saying, "come on into the house." Secretly, I've been dying to have a partner. As she was playing with my toys I hatched a simple plan. She saw that I didn't wear panties and saw all the naked photographs of my parents fucking, and she saw my dollies didn't have panties and as she stared quizzically at the oddities, I struck. I dragged her to the bed and stripped her clothes. She seemed lifeless but I think she was beginning to know. There she was in her glorious skin looking more like a boy than a girl. She was taller and had bigger hands and feet and her pussy was developed more. I was jealous. I immediately set about owning the slut. She would be mine.

I jumped on her face nearly suffocated the clueless bitch. I clamped down on either side of the face with my thighs and unceremoniously jammed my cunt to her mouth. Tramp said, "what are you..." she couldn't talk because her mouth was stuffed with prepubescent snatch. She looked into my eyes. Looking fearless and posessed Tramp found that reassuring and willingly ate me. I said, separate the lips, whore! Ahhh! Another girl's touch! Instantly I cummed torrents. Then I ravaged her pussy. Savagely biting and nipping the indefensible nubbin. As I reveled in my devlish delights, I stuck a rude finger up her shithole and the other into her cunt, I broke her cherry. "Do you swear to be mine, tramp?" I simultaneously frigged her so harshly she unhesitatingly said,"FUCK YES!!!" From that moment on we were literally inseparable. I mimicked everything I saw my parents do when they fucked. In fact, they welcomed an audience and readilly explained the situation. We openly masturbated in front of them flailing our hips and pussies in each other's faces. My digits were more beastly. Tramp's digits were hesitant. That is a nice memory.

I owned Tramp and so I felt it my duty to protect my property. This butch girl (who I had a crush on) gave me ample reason to corrupt her as she was picking on Tramp. I will call her "Bull Dyke." I feigned disinterest and hatred for the needy bitch and I sidled up to "Bull Dyke" and said, "you know what. She doesn't mean anything to me. We just hang around because she's a lonely cunt. I suspected BD knew otherwise just like the whole campus. But I didn't care. "Why don't you come over my house and we will play and you can be my new friend. BD agreed. A few days before, I begged my father to lend me a metal wheel with four cuffs around it. He said, "what do you need that for?" I wanted to torture and molest BD. But I couldn't tell Father that and so in my most seductive way I said, "isn't there something you want in return? Name it and I will do it." With that I rubbed his hardening cock roughly and he about cummed in his pants. Father said angrilly, (although I think he was playing) "why did you do that" screwing up more courage, I said, "I've been noticing you eyeing me more than when I was a baby. You want to wreck my pussy don't you. You want to do unnatural things to me. Don't you? Do you want me to suck your cock, Daddy darling? I knew I was on the right track because I could see precum forming in his crotch. He said, "OMG yes, I do daughter. You've grown up to be a bewitching hellion and I can't resist. Well, if you lend me the "wheel" we can fuck later with Mom, if you want. So I got my way and I invited BD in the house and proceeded to humiliate her once I pinned her down. I cut her uniform to shreds and pricked her tits with the shears. Smacking her roughly with Daddy's paddles, I jammed my fingers up her cunt and coarsely handled her clit. I yanked her nipples and demanded that she was never to lay a finger on Tramp again or she was going to get ass fucked. Then she surprised me when she said, I want to be in your clique and I swear I won't do anything to Tramp if you will butt fuck me!!!! I only did what she asked and I would emerge with a creamy pussy and a radiant smile. Of course I thought it very natural. So now BD protects us and we two are three although BD is throwaway and Tramp is not. If BD becomes useful I'll keep her but gorgeous, naiive Tramp wasn't going anywhere.

Our trio would do everything sinful and carnal together. Of course following my lead; and word got around and we became five with the addition of two meek boys. Now we had cock!!! We would pretend to be sleeping but we would snoop on the embassy cocktail parties and naturally some of the VIP's would trash some whore and we'd follow the scent of the skank. There were false doors and cloistered rooms that few people knew of and we would get our jollies getting oversexed. We would run to our wing of the house and have prepubescent mini orgies. The boys had to be permitted to copulate and they were to wait patiently or else they weren't getting laid. We would also, like when I was younger, run nude up to the rooftop patio and sneak to see my parents fucking madly. Then we would be fucking ourselves. Then we shimmy down purposely getting thorned and scamper nude from a rarely used entrance back to our wing and fuck some more. Our undeveloped nubbins would be glazed and the boys' cocks would be stiff.

I suppose Father permitted the relaxed atmosphere at home because of the stress of his job. But it was all aboveboard at work. He was very good at meetings and cocktails. But several of the jealous Thai officers and ambitious Vietnamese bureaucrats colluded to disparage my father's homelife. Now the world was rife with revolution and coups. All around, the once stable and friendly states were being torn apart by nationlist movements. Thailand's southern frontiers (which would later become Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore) were restless. Indochinese nationalists were savaging the inept French and drawing the US into a careless adventure. That's when danger and reality reared its ugly head. My mother was held back in Vietnam and my Father had to beg the UN and Swiss, Americans, Chinese, and Soviets for help. The demands of release ran him so ragged that he felt it was time for me to go to my relative's house while he worked alone.

I was now about 18 years old and before he sent me away, we made sweet, passionate love. I said, "Daddy, I know you don't believe things are going to get better but I'm going to wish and pray that it will," and with that he hugged me differently than usual. Father said, "I believe you darling daughter. I will wish and pray, too, for your Mommy's safe return and then I plan to find asylum for us all." Father then looked at me lovingly but with a noticeable bulge in his pants, "Sweetheart, when did you become such a lady? "You have a sturdy disposition but your exotic and beautiful profile is going to make every man jealous." Then I crept closer and whispered, "I want to fuck you, Daddy. Although as a child he often fucked me, now as a sexually cognizant young girl fucking my father was going to be a treat. Without another word, but with ragged breath, we solemnly undressed. In my mind I saw that this may be the last time I would see him alive and so I was determined to satisfy him and luxuriate in his embrace. I said, "you can do everything, absolutely everything you want to me tonight." I can't daughter because I get intensely rough and filthy when I fuck. You don't want that. I can't trust to be entirely gentle. But Daddy, I'm giving you permission to ravage my body!!!" With that I cummed. I lifted the hem of the sundress with its thin fabric that when wet becomes transparent; and had him feel how wet I was. I don't like to have a hairy cunt. Although I didn't shave my pussy because I didn't know about that sort of thing, I do trim so the vulva was more visible. Father started weeping appreciatively.

He, naked and with his cock slimy from his precum and rock hard, and I with my sweat enhanced sheen, pert, elongated nipples, and sticky cunt, feverishly eyed each other up and down almost as if we were new lovers, lunged at each other like animals on the attack. I nearly swooned as I smelled his manly pheremones. His "fatness" was beckoning to me invitingly. I grabbed with force, to set the tempo and to encourage an atmosphere of Romanesque indulgence, his prick and authoritatively licked the underside and width of his "fatness." I was more practiced in fellating than most girls because when I wanted to fuck the local horny toads, they obliged me. I created gobs of spit to lubricate his dick which dribbled slowly down then slurped the spit back up and did it again. My tongue teasingly rimmed the underside of his mushroom and bit the head playfully ribbing the cock along my teeth. Grabbing the giant mast with both of my tiny hands, I got on my knees and jacked him forcibly up and down. Meanwhile my pussy was flooding down and creating a humid zone between my calves. Everytime I shifted, my lips began to slide back and forth and I had to pause to moan at the state of things. Then my Father unloads a torrent of filth and my ears perk up and I am encouraged to continue. "Fuck!! That is great. OMG!!! Slow it down. You like my cock don't you," he says. "You know I do." I love everything about you. You are a true slut just like your mother." My fingers are blurred by the sensations and the approval that I am receiving. I'm tearing at my pussy. Spreading it so that I can pump my fingers into that carnal tunnel. Father says, "Bring your gorgeous ass over to me." I obey and my toned and muscular cheeks are facing him. "Fuck me slut, whore. You wanted this to happen to us didn't you. You cunt. Instead of being offended I feed on his base words. Fuck me. Jack me off. Suck that cock. I'm so focused on slobberingly jacking his cock that I fail to notice that Father has gaped my pussy and is now jamming four fingers in to it. "Errghhhhh. Oh my God, FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMMMEEEEE. FUCK..... ME... HARD. OH SHIT!!!!! Then I hear a sucking sound and a man's hand is finally in my pussy!!!!!

He wriggles his hand around so that he brushes against the G-spot and I instinctively unleash a torrent of girl juice that I pant. Father is punching my canal mercilessly punishing the kitty for turning him on. My teeth rattle so furiously as I focus on the sensation of having a man's hand in my quim that I jump up a few inches as it is becoming tender. Yelling like a banshee I scream for him to keep going. Oh Daddy. DON'T STOP.... Then I can sense his hands tiring but even as his hand recedes he is touching the pussy walls touching off another massive orgasm. FUCK THIS CUNT. YOUR CUNT!!! I'M YOUR WHORE..... FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Then I hear this THWACK.. and his hand is free. He smacks my cheeks so hard with the studded paddle I begin to bleed. He grabs my hips and drags me closer to him and I don't resist. I am his. Body and soul. I drop a trail of both tears and cum on the way to his cock. He forcefully enters me never asking or caring. YOUR PUSSY'S MINE BITCH!!!!! His prick, being so fat splits me in two.

OH........SHIT.....MOTHERFUCKER......SLUT,WHORE,CUNT.....and he hasn't moved yet. I am preparing for his rhythm. What rhythm? He is just pummeling me thinking of his own release. Everytime he saws in is when I take a breath. Daddy's cock is so fat he is gaping me. So, I screw up the courage to meet and establish my own thrusts. I say, "TAKE THAT AND THAT AND THAT, YOU DAUGHTER FUCKING BASTARD WHOREMONGER. I am tearing up from the sheer will it must take to please my father but secretly I am proud of my persistence. He flips me up, my back to him and sitting on the edge of the bed slams into me so hard I hear him turn beastly and growling. I yell at the top of my lungs OH MY GOD....FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME. Tears streaming down because of the pain. We never separate. I believed I would hear his wrath if I did. He is so strong as he effortlessly carries me around the room all the while pumping away like a gunning piston. I melt into him offering no resistance. He is using me like a sperm bucket. Like his whores that he thinks Mother and I didn't know about. His "fatness" has been ensconced inside me for so long my pussy is frantically attempting to produce more lubrication while impatiently waiting for him to drop his load. I say F....U...C...K...Y...E....S... Each letter trailing in the thin air as he continues to travel around the room. We finally make it to the bed having fucked on all of the furniture (noticing that there isn't a dry piece anywhere in the room).

I hold on for dear life on the post as he satanically pounds into me. Growling. Grrrr....I'm going to dump my babymaker cummies in your filthy whorish cunny. Do you want me to do that!!!! Damn it Daddy. Dump your cum in my sewer hole and make me pregnant with your bastard child..... I'm howling deliriously hoping we will never end. Crying, I say, "please daddy make me your whore sell me to anybody and everybody you want while we have time and I will make plenty of baht for all of us to leave.....You want to be my Oriental pearl of a whore....You're too precious. I have a selfish cock and I can't share you. You belong to us...We birthed you knowing purposely that we were going to sexualize you demonically. I say, "thank you Daddy for thinking about my well-being." "ERGGGHHHH. fuck me daddy....fuck me hard...I LOVE YOU.....I can take it. My pussy will bounce back. I love sex, Daddy....I turn into a she-demon and gutturally say, FU....CK...M....E...HAR....DER...DA...MN..IT. His cock has been inside me for so long that everytime he jacks me up there is an impression of his cock outlined in my stomach. He enjoys me thoroughly. Using me, I dare not break his revelry and if anything is said, it is brief and succinct. Finally, he releases his fat grip on the only pussy he's going to have from me and I yell, "I'M....CUM.....MMING.....DA....DDY....DAR...LING and relase a torrent so wet that it would make Hurricane Katrina seem like a puddle. I can hear the swish of the girl-flood that emanates from me. For ten minutes my pussy is so wide and gaped that you could pass a bullet train through with ease. I marvel at the wonder. All the while, during my brief distraction, he is already working two hands in my asshole. Gaping it with the copious squirts beneath me.Oh, but he isn't done. He rams his platinum rod into my nether hole driving it effortlessly with little commentary from me. I don't feel his mushroom poking me for it was all too swift but his fat mast awakens me to the never ending pursuit of incestual nirvana. He is relentless and monsterish as he dumps copious amounts of boiling masses of microscopic humanity into my shitter. I have no energy to speak of. My hoarse voice cannot enunciate the silent pleasures of being a dirty little fuck whore that I've become.

I did whore it for awhile as my father pimped me with my full cooperation to those high officials who were easilly corruptible and who bid the highest. Although I would cum buckets coming home, I was disappointed that there never seemed to be enough money nor enough quality, aggressive fucks around. I am now around sixteen and I decide to go even deeper into the role of a fuck slut. My pimp relationship never panned out the way that I hoped but his connections enabled me to set up in a reputable brothel near the coast to access the Vietnam War personnel. I serviced some Thai personnel and I survived, also, by trading on my more than credible youthfulness. I've begun to shave my pubes in order to complete the transformation but I didn't have to do much else. The servicemen thought so anyways. OMG when I shaved the first time at sixteen I felt newly born. It felt wonderful and more importantly the clueless foreigners would love me as well. I liked it alot. I met an adventurous American couple who were doctors and we struck up a friendship and an intense sexual relationship. Where my Father was "fat" my American "beanstalk" was long and wide and the American woman's pussy drooped down much more and her cunt was more defined. When they were off-duty, I decided to surprise them and showed them a child brothel. He went hogwild. Because not only was he white and big but he confided that he was molesting his girls and grooming them for a life of perpetual arousal. I asked if the woman was in on it. He said, "hell, yes. She supports me 100%. He also said they were related. I said that's cool. I told them of my plans to raise money for my parents to escape to the USA by whoring and that was all that I was good at, they wished me luck. They said that if I needed anything more to look them up and they would try to help me. I hugged them, frenched them, and fucked them silly. I had some time so I went with them to the American housing complex where they were staying and I summarilly fucked them. But not before they laid into me.

Things started off slowly. I was nervous for once. Nervous of what I saw his cock do to a ten year old girl and nervous that the woman was rabid, too. But I love a challenge and I was ready. They loved my smoking body. Golden flawless skin framed by a shy, coquettish face. I didn't try to overtly slut it up with fake nails, perms and makeup because I knew I had the innate cherubic quality that all the clients liked. I could see the precum and the girlcum oozing from both their privates. I loved it. I was the center of attention and through my then-broken English encouraged them to fuck me hard. They could not get over my shaved snatch. They rubbed my clit raw. Ooooooh my Gawd, please ram me into prick. I said, "I like pain. Do what you want to me. I'm slave. Fuck me in asshole." OMG his prick was enormous. I still shiver when I think about it and I never knew the eggs could be that low. That man could be a pornstar! I sweated tears I was so happy and just like Father, the American slammed me cruelly which I loved. Then his woman slammed a megadong into my pussy with both hands as he fucked my ass. I recall even after all these years, "holy shit mother fucker, my ass is so open and it was bleeding a bit. But I trusted them and knew I would be okay. I continued, "Fuck this Oriental whore's pussy, you nasty bastard. SP...LIT...ME.....His cock was so long I thougt I could taste it in my mouth! Then before I could catch a breath he threw me carelessly on the bed, hooded me, and asked me to wear a PVC bodysuit with stitched loops. It was a half-cup, open bust, crotchless thing with rear access. He anally hooked me via a belt which then clicked onto a ceiling hook. With other hooks latched on from their related loops, I was hung like a piece of meat.

Extra long cords made it easy to hook the giant vibrator to keep me juicy and the American's long dick with his tall height made it easy for him to hop on the bed and fuck me like an animal. This went on forever it seemed. Then I was let down and fucked deep with my stomach on the ground and that felt wonderful. "Mother fucker, you are pleasurably hurting me beyond compare. Holy shit, my ass is on fire!!!" Then they had me on my back with my legs lewdly spread eagled but with my lower back bent forward resting all my weight on my neck. Although painful the depth was so incredible I was in love with his cock. She comes in wearing this massive strapon dildo anal dong. I creamed several times My pussy and asscunt was so raw I had to rest for my trip to Vietnam. I thanked them for the last time by deepthroating and slamming his cock mercilessly for good measure and smashing pussies and pelvises in a scissor position and cruelly gaping and fingering each other's folds.

I knew the money was in Vietnam itself with the cash flowing like water and I lived for danger, at least "Girlie" and "Groucho" did. I visited my Father for the last time informing hime that I will be going to Vietnam to fuck and suck. Before we left each other we fucked madly. If I thought I had experienced all that there was with the American doctor couple, I was mistaken. The black soldiers were so primitive and powerful looking I could see their powerful girth presented in bas relief for all of the wimp dicks. There was one soldier who insisted I call him the "n" word. Me being a foreigner, I didn't know that it wasn't a nice name I just wanted the money. Older girls told me it was a racist name and then I asked him why as we were fucking and he said for over a year he has to be responsible for his mates and protect them out in the jungle I just want a pretty young thing to humiliate me and make me feel human again. I'm no superman.

I'm just a southern country boy. But he was very sure of his sexual prowess though. He ripped into me, "Oh my God, Tyrone, you have the biggest, fattest dick ever" but all my years of abusing my pussy as a child finally paid off because now I'm used to it. He sure liked my asshole. I've had several of the big fellas. Don't knock it till you try it Hehehe. I also made money catering to Western tourists visiting the children. I was youthful, girlish, and small enough that I did that for awhile. And they know how to spend on me. I liked that they were interested in me. My little pussy, my thin frame with the dark nipples really sold it. My virginal austerity is what did it for me. Other girls looked like whores with their fake nails, slutty clothes. They were all jealous.

I did meet my parents in the long winding road of an underground profession, I managed to find them doing as well as could be expected given the circumstances. My Father informed me that he had to sell their earthly goods, sell their home and bribe officials to be reunited. They said their sex life wasn't the same without me. I was flattered. They also said that they had terminal sicknesses. He had late-stage prostate cancer and she had cervical cancer. I begged for early release. I had to bribe countless officials myself and my old habits came in handy. I fucked this old geyser and as soon as I was finished I was glad. I rushed them out of the hospital prison and into my home which sex had bought and for the remaining three weeks we relieved our youthful indiscretions. I even called up Tramp. God knows whatever happened to BD. She was expendable anyway.

I laid my parents down in the main room where the beds were specially brought in and served them. Tramp and I worked tirelessly to entertain them. We gave them a show to die for. Tramp and I oiled ourselves with lavender and began to rub ourselves all over and although we were no longer children we shaved our snatches and legs and looked as much childlike as possible and we brought a giant strapon and fucked each other to a blissful orgasm. I even ordered Tramp to service my Father. His body might have been wracked with cancer but his cock was still hard as stone and healthy and he fucked and sucked till she was dripping cum all over. She happilly and violently slammed her cunt on his dick and then moved onto his mouth. Tramp helpfully rode his mouth and spewed so much girlcum that I should have laid down some sheets.

I took care of Mother myself. I mean I already created memories for my Father but it had been awhile since I last felt Mother's experienced body. As I tearfully remembered the time when I fell and she kissed my cunny to make my scraped knee feel better and how she lifted me to the counter licked my asshole and cunt when I demanded my birthday present and how when I wsa nine after running around naked all week while other people were there she solemnly promised to let me lap up her dewdrops by facesitting on me if I wore something. I couldn't do much because she had cervical cancer but I undressed even at nearly eighteen and held my mother everyday until she passed away.

I contacted the kinky American doctor couple and was able to immigrate to the western United States. But because I was turning eighteen and Tramp turning twenty we had to get green cards. I'm sure one of your readers would have been more than happy to have provided us one. Tramp and I would have been very grateful. Today I live in a consensual household in free association with the American couple. Tramp lives next door so she says she has to have her privacy. Privacy. Bitch! We are free to molest each other and Tramp doesn't mind at all. As for my late Father's child which I birthed he is doing well and seems to have impressive girth and width. Just like his namesake.

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