The Priest Teaches His Flock Ch 12

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The Summary: Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners. Bishop Samuel and Father John take the sisters Sally and Charlotte for a weekend retreat of serving the Lord and his servants, their bodies used in many ways in the Lord’s work.


Charlotte could barely eat, wanting to slip her hands under her dress and masturbate. She had been aroused too many times by Bishop Samuel and Father John, each time she wasn’t allowed to have an orgasm. She still remembered how Bishop Samuel had made her cum when he was giving her private lessons. She wanted to serve the Lord and Bishop Samuel in whatever manner they wanted, even if it meant giving up her virginity to him. In fact she almost welcomed it. It was the ultimate gift in serving the Lord, to give her virginity to God. Sally was quiet during lunch. They had both taken her, their swords entering her in both passages until they filled her with their seed. Charlotte could see that she didn’t relish serving the Lord as Charlotte would. She only wished that she could be as lucky as Sally.

“Clean up the table girls. It’s time to worship the Lord and his servants.” Bishop Samuel couldn’t wait much longer to find out how willing Charlotte would be in serving him and the Lord. He wanted to be inside her hot, tight pussy with his cock as she lay beneath him, taking his powerful strokes. His cock bulged out the front of his robe. He saw Charlotte’s eyes staring at it, her tongue moving out to lick her lips as if in anticipation.

Charlotte hurried to finish the chore, her thighs clenched tightly together, wanting so much to feel the Bishop between her legs. She almost had an orgasm when she heard his order.

“Over here Charlotte. Stand in front of me and take off your clothes. Show the Lord what a beautiful body you have.” His hand went to the front of his robe, no longer even attempting to hide his arousal.

Charlotte was embarrassed to take off her clothes in front of her sister, her body not as mature as hers, her breasts not as large, her hips not as full. She tried to put her sister out of her mind, glad that Sally had a seat behind her with Father John. She stood within inches of Bishop Samuel, slowly unbuttoning the straps that held the dark blue novice dress. She let the straps fall off of her arms, the dress leaving her naked to the waist. She made no attempt to cover her naked breasts, sliding the dress down her legs until it fell to the floor at her feet. She kicked it aside, standing in front of Bishop Samuel in all God’s glory, naked, the way God had created her.

Bishop Samuel moved closer to Charlotte, admiring her lovely breasts. Her nipples were already hard, the harsh material of the dress partly responsible for teasing them that way, sure that her arousal made them that way. She had a hairy bush, her thighs still clenched tightly together. He touched her stomach, feeling her jerk as if shocked by a lightening bolt. “Calm down Charlotte. I just want to explore the body God gave you.” His hand slid down her stomach. “Spread your legs for the Lord.” His hand slid between her thighs, urging them wider and wider until he was satisfied by the wide expanse. His hand moved up her silky inner thighs, feeling the muscles trembling beneath his touch. He stopped short of her pussy, teasing along the crease of her legs. He inhaled the scent of a girl in heat. She would make an excellent nun, ready and willing to service all of the priests in the name of the Lord.

Charlotte felt her pussy getting wet as Bishop Samuel’s fingers lightly touched her bush, sending tiny tremors down each follicle. She couldn’t wait to have him touch her, her widely spaced legs giving him ample room, the juices running freely down her thighs.

“Are you ready to serve the Lord, Charlotte?” His fingers didn’t even wait for an answer, pushing aside her abundant bush to find her labia, his fingers gripping her and pinching her lips together. She almost jumped away when he touched her, Charlotte forcing herself to stay still for him. His fingers slid up and down her lips, squeezing them as he did. He stopped, his fingers gripping each lip and slowly spread her open for his intimate inspection, peeling her lips back until he was tugging them wide open.

His fingers were not gentle, not what she had expected. He pinched her labia before he spread her lips open, yanked wide open until they ached. She shuffled her legs open wider, hoping to relived some of the pressure, Bishop Samuel only pulling wider. She looked down, his face only inches from her sex, his hot breath blowing on her. She trembled as she saw his tongue snake out of his mouth, bracing herself for the touch. “GGGGGODDD,” she cried out in ecstasy, no amount of preparation could have gotten her ready for the exquisite touch of his tongue on her pussy. Her legs almost collapsed as his tongue slid up and down her slit, the pleasure too difficult to even describe. “Thank you Lord!” Her body trembled as Bishop Samuel’s tongue explored her sex so intimately, his tongue sliding up and down her slit, his fingers keeping her spread wide. “OH GOD,” she exclaimed loudly. His tongue had stiffened, pressed against her virgin hole and rimmed the tight hole sending shudders through her body. If it weren’t for his hand on her ass she would have fallen down, his tongue sending exquisite tremors through her young body.

Bishop Samuel’s lips were covered in her juices, her pussy putting out an abundant supply of delicious crème. He pressed on her ass, sending her pussy into his waiting tongue, the stiff flesh pushing into her virgin hole. Her muscles fought the intrusion, gripping his tongue as he pushed in deeper in until he found her hymen, the final barrier to the hot, tight depths of her pussy. She wouldn’t last much longer, his tongue exciting her quickly, her body close to exploding. He pulled his tongue reluctantly from her vagina, his fingers moving up to peel back her clit hood, the hard red bud pulsating with desire. He lapped her slit all the way to her clit, his lips closing around her hardened bud and suddenly sucking it deep into his mouth.

“Praise the Lord,” Charlotte’s hands reaching down and grabbed Bishop Samuel’s head and pulled him up against her pussy. He had wrapped his lips around her pleasure button, the hard little button that she played with late at night in bed, her fingers snapping at it until her body crumbled under an orgasm. His mouth sucked her clit in like a vacuum cleaner, drawing it deep into the hot confines of his mouth. She came when his tongue lashed across it, slapping it back and forth while his lips held it tightly. “Take me Bishop Samuel” she screamed in ecstasy, her juices freely flowing as her pleasure button was attacked by his tongue. She felt ashamed as she came, knowing she was juicing in the Bishop’s mouth, but his tongue continued to ravage her clit, her body shaking and trembling as the orgasms raced through her young body. She had never felt anything like it before, not even under her own solo masturbation, her hands rubbing the Bishop’s face back and forth over her sex, unable to control her own emotions. Her only concern was the increasing orgasms that raced through her body. She was finally spent, sinking to her knees, her hands leaving Bishop Samuel’s head. Ashamed, she hid her face. “I’m so sorry Bishop Samuel. I don’t know what came over me,” she blurted out.

“The Devil took over your body Charlotte. I will have to purge you with the Sword of God.” He quickly threw off his robe, his hard cock jutting out in front. He lifted up her chin until it was inches from his cock. “Kiss my sword Charlotte. The only way to purge you is for you to give your virginity to the Lord.”

She looked up at his throbbing member, licking her lips. “Yes Bishop Samuel. Let me serve the Lord with my worthless body.” She wrapped her lips around his hot flesh, drawing it into her mouth, her tongue lapping at it. She looked up at him, her innocent eyes staring into his. His hands drew her head farther onto his member, forcing it in and out of her mouth, her tongue running up and down the thick shaft, feeling the throbbing veins running along the shaft. “MMMGG,” she could only mumble, her small mouth filled with his hot flesh.

She sucked his cock like a whore, her enthusiasm making up for her inexperience. He hated to stop her, but he wanted to cum in her virgin hole. “On the bed child. It is time for you to receive God’s sword.” He pulled her up by the hair, laying her down on the bed. “Spread your legs for the Lord. Show him the dark, hot hole that he will use to purge the Devil from your body.” His cock throbbed as she lay down, her naked body spreading for him, her pussy opening up until he could almost see inside her forbidden hole. “Peel your lips back and use your fingers to get wet.” His stroked his cock as she began to masturbate, her fingers glistening with her juices. She might have just cum, but she was already aroused again, her hips beginning a gentle fucking motion.

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