The experience

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Lorenzo asked me if I liked being a woman. I replied "I have always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body." I had a fetish for wearing stockings and bra and panties, he had the sexiest pink lingerie for me to wear. I went in to the bathroom to get dressed. This lingerie was amazing, hot pink leather panties and bra the garter was the same but the hose were shear and silky. Being chubby it looked like I had titties when I put the bra on. I took a big ball of toilet paper and stuffed the bra so it made them look bigger and fuller. I stood and marveled at how sexy I looked dressed in hot pink, I couldn't believe how turned on I had become. This is good because otherwise I might have been horrified by what I saw when I walked out of the bathroom.

When Lorenzo mad his call earlier I didn't think anything of it. I guess I should have. I was pretty naive for someone my age. After all I didn't catch on to the fact that my girlfriend who said she loved me was fucking someone else every time I was away from her. But this time my unawareness was going to cost me, cost me dearly. I strutted out of the bathroom in the sexiest way I could. I felt very feminine; the only thing that was missing was high heels. When I entered the bedroom I got a bevy of whistles and sexy comments. Seems that when he made his phone call there were multiple guys on the other end. Here I stand dressed like a slut and there are five guys goggling over me. What did I get myself into? I spoke in a very soft almost girlish voice "what's going on here?" A voice came through all of the white noise and replied "we are going to have some fun tonight." A feeling of fear rushed over me as I turned and headed back toward the bathroom. Lorenzo came to me and told me to relax and enjoy the feeling of the gaangbang that I was about to receive, because either I enjoy it or not it's going to happen. I reached out to him and gave him a kiss told him that I loved him and said "OK let's do this." I strutted back into the bedroom and asked "Who's going to be the first nigger to fuck this little white bitch?"

I could feel all of those big black cocks getting hard as I bent over and started to undulate my hips. In an instant there were hands all over my body. This time the feeling wasn't that of love like when Lorenzo touched me. This time there was a sense of animal lust, almost like they wanted to tear me apart with their cocks. The feeling of that six grown black men are about to ravage you is a feeling of fear yet suddenly erotic. They were all naked by now and I could see that the smallest cock was the one that had ripped me apart earlier, so I had my work cut out for me. Still bent over I reached for one of those huge black dicks and pulled it to my lips and began to do what I do best .It was all I could do to get my mouth around this huge piece of meat, but I loved every inch that was being shoved deeper and deeper down my throat. Thanks to the crotch less panties I was wearing everyone had clean access to my brown eye. I thought that I had already had the biggest cock in the world but I was wrong. They proceeded to squirt some lube in my ass and begin the assault. The first cock to enter me was huge, the shear girth of this manmeat had me screaming in agony or pleasure depends on how you look at it. I was screaming in pain but his massive member had only entered me about an inch there was ten more to be rammed into me. The good thing was that he was taking his time letting my ass stretch to accommodate this huge cock.

Which is more than I can say for the guy that was fucking my face? It felt like he was drilling for oil. Being bent over gave my face man a straight shot down my throat, and oh my did he take advantage of this position. I never imagined that a person could take nine inches of cock down their throat but I'm living proof that it can happen. It didn't take long before the face man ready to blow his load, I could taste his pre cum. Wanting with a ferocity like never before I sucked his cock like I was trying to suck his ass hole thru the tip of his giant dick, I wanted his cum in my mouth I wanted every drop bad. I sucked and sucked and licked till I got what I wanted. He shot a load that filled my mouth twice over. Having this guy cum in my mouth gave me an idea. I asked Lorenzo to get me a big glass. All the while I was still getting a huge cock pumped in my ass. I told him that when he was ready to cum I wanted him to let me finish sucking him off, I wanted to taste his hot sweet load. I think the thought of going ass to mouth made him near explosion. Moments after tell him that he pulled his massive cock from my dirty hole and shoved it in my mouth. I had just enough time to wrap my lips around his dick and take it in twice before he was ready to blow his load. I pulled off of his cock just enough to keep the head in my mouth and let him fill my mouth. Once he released his little swimmers and fell back on the bed in exhaustion I quickly grabbed the glass that I asked for and spit that massive load in it and set the glass to the side. I got up for a minute and rubbed my aching hole, the poor thing was all stretched out and bloody, but it still was an incredible feeling. Having a cock pounded in and out of my ass. I had never done this before and now I have six of the biggest cocks I had ever seen ready to destroy my tiny hole. I wanted to feel like a real dirty girl so I told Lorenzo to lie down on the bed and I straddled him, and began riding him like a cowgirl. I had never felt anything that felt so good in my life; I instructed these sexy black studs that I wanted every load shot in my mouth so that I could collect them in the glass.

No one had a problem with shooting in my mouth. I proceeded to ride Lorenzo, and pulled another cock to my mouth. What they did next had me walking and shitting funny for a week after words. I felt another huge cock pressed against my fragile opening. I didn't think this was possible but they soon showed me it was. I was game so I rose up a little bit to allow better entry. When this other monster cock pushed through I was in pure agony and ecstasy at the same time. I positioned myself so they could both work those massive dicks inside me. I kept moaning in pleasure, I never imagined that anything could make me cum like this. Having those two humongous cocks taking turns driving deep in to my guts had me screaming and cumming at the same time. One of the brothers spoke up and said "Will someone please shut this little bitch up." The others responded I was now surrounded by big black cock. I had three dicks in front of me that I couldn't resist; I sucked in a rotation, deep throating each one over and over. They weren't happy with me taking one at a time now I had two in my mouth having a sword fight. I sucked while they fucked, and oh my they fucked me good. I felt brave, and my asshole was numb from being torn and abused so I begged for more. "I want three cocks in my ass, but I don't think you niggers can give it to me" I yelled at them. "I think you're a bunch of pussies you can't put it in me you fucking limp dicks" I followed with. I knew if I pissed them off I could get what I wanted, and got it I did.

I could feel them shoot some lube in my ass, and then with a furious tear and burning sensation there were three cocks shoved deep in my tortured ass. The feelings that were passing through me were beyond explanation. A pain that was unimaginable but pleasure that was uncontrollable. While those three did nasty things to the bottom of my lingerie clad body I had three cocks that I was face to face with. I figured if they can fit three cocks in my ass I can fit three in my mouth as well. Much to my dismay they wouldn't fit so I took care of them one by one. I think the feeling that was coming from my ass made me suck harder and faster. It was no time before one of those huge cocks, without warning blasted a load deep in my throat. I gathered the semen and spit it into my glass. Then shortly after another load in my mouth again I spit it into my glass. By this time the glass was half full. With three of the six niggers laying on the bed spent of their juice I had three more to milk dry. The last one that entered me was the first one to pull out and demand I suck him clean. I did just that, I licked up and down his massive shaft cleaning off every bit of my ass juice. This cock was bigger than the rest by a great measure.

His balls were as big as a grapefruit and the shaft of his penis were as long and as thick as my forearm. I took in my mouth as much as I could but I barely got past the head. It didn't matter how much I took in because he was soon to blow. This was a load like no other I had to hold the Glass in front of his massive member with my lips open and let him cum in my mouth and then let it run into the glass. As soon as he finished it was time for Lorenzo to lose some weight out of his balls. He didn't take long at all and despite cumming twice already he still had a lot of cum in those balls. The last one took quite awhile, he was still fucking my bloody asshole and giving me another orgasm myself. Soon after I came he was bound for my mouth. He didn't quite get it all in my mouth like I had hoped. Some of his man juice squirted in my eye and up my nose but I salvaged most of it which was a whole mouthful. And with that I had a whole twenty-two ounce glass full of sweet cum. I sat down on the bed in the middle of all my black stallions and proceeded to sip on my protein milkshake.

I never thought that I would be gay or that cum would be my favorite drink, but it was. My "experience" was something that I would never forget. Over the years I would have numerous gangbangs and cum shakes but none would ever equal that one because this was the moment that changed my life. The one thing I have learned is that I can tell a man's diet by how his cum tastes. Now that I'm married (to a different woman of course) I don't taste cum anymore. She tolerates some of my kinky ways like instead of me getting a real cock in my ass now it's her strap on and if I swallow cum it's my own. She doesn't judge me because I've had sex with close to 500 men she just doesn't want it to happen again.

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