My Wife Loves My Ass!

(Part 1 from 1)

Last night as my wife and I were about to go out for dinner with some family, we took a shower together and as I’m going back to the bedroom to put on my clothes, my wife pushes me on the bed, face down, and just grabs my ass.

“I love your juicy butt, baby!” she tells me. As she spreads my cheeks apart and shoves her tongue in my hot asshole. Her tongue makes me jump and moan as she lashes her tongue in my asshole and slaps my ass a couple of times, my dick getting rock hard the entire time.

She makes me moan, face down in the bed as she works on my ass for while, and then she jumps up out of bed, gets some of our sex toys, and grabs a vibrating butt plug. She pours some lub on my asshole and starts rubbing the tip of the butt plug on the edge of my asshole, teasing me.

“Fuck! Your ass is so hot baby, playing with your ass is making me so wet!” she tells me as she starts shoving more and more of the butt plug in my ass. She turns on the vibration to the max and it makes me ass jump and I continue to moan like crazy, just letting my wife do whatever she wants to me. She loves to take her time with her, so she slowly inserts inch by inch of the vibrating butt plug into me, but when it gets near the end, she just shoves the largest part of it in one big push, making me scream and her moan with pleasure!

She puts me on all fours in a doggy style position cuz she loves the way my ass looks with the vibrator in me like that. She slaps my ass a couple of times and then gets underneath me to suck on my sensitive nipples and rub my dick. She starts sucking on my rock hard cock and grabs my butt cheeks, squeezing them as hard as she can with her mouth full of my cock.

I can’t help but think how nice it would be to get pegged or have a real cock pounding in my ass as she sucked on my nipples and cock from underneath me… maybe one day. “God, I’m so wet, touch me…” She tells me, and I put my hand on her pussy and it’s just covered in her hot pussy juice that’s been creaming out of her without any touch, just from what she’s been doing to me.

I rub her for a while and then tell her to get underneath me so that I can fuck her. I slide my dick into her missionary style, with the butt plug vibrating away in my ass still, and I shove my hard cock deep inside of her, making her scream in pleasure! I slowly pump my cock in and out of her hot, juicy pussy, as we both moan in pleasure.

I whisper in her ear how full my ass is and it makes me moan even more and slap my ass a couple of times. It turns her on so much that she starts to orgasm, cumming and moaning like crazy and it’s just so hot it sets me off to shoot my hot cum inside of her!

I lay on top of her for a while as we catch our breath. The butt plug got forced out of my ass when I came because my ass always contracts so much when I cum. I get up off of her and look at my hot cum coming out of her pussy and I tell her, “It looks like we have to take another shower before we go now, hahaha”

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