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100% fiction!

At a young age I was subjected to porno. My dad used to keep old porn flicks in the house and me being a curious kid I always searched out these things. I guess I was about eight years old the first time I actually watched a real penetration flick. Of course I didn't understand what I was watching, but I did know that there were feelings in places there were never feelings before. I proceeded to watch these movies when I was home by myself. I was what you call a "latch key" kid, which meant that when I got home from school there was no one home. I came home from school and my parents were at work for an hour or so. I had to stay in the house till someone came home and then I could go outside and play. After finding this movie I didn't mind staying home by myself after school.

I always had an obsession about being naked in public when I was a child. I guess I was about seven years old at the time of my first naked episode. My mom was off work for a period of time for an illness and she had to go to the hospital all the time for tests. One day in particular I was at the hospital with her and while she was in seeing the doctor I proceeded to roam the halls of the hospital. I went into the bathroom and into the stall with the toilet. I don't know what was going through my head at the time. I began to take all of my clothes off, and then with the door to the stall locked I crawled out off the stall and stood butt naked in front of the mirror. Even though there were men coming in and out of the bathroom I didn't mind. I stayed there naked for about a half an hour, then got dressed and went back where my mom was at. I kept doing this naked escape act for the next year or so, all the while men were going in and out of the bathroom.

Keeping with the previous I came home from school one day and got to the top floor of my apartment building and proceeded to strip down butt naked again. This time I was standing in front of my apartment naked and couldn't find my keys. While I searched for my keys the storm door at the end of my hallway opened up, it was the girl form the other end of my hallway. Her name was Calley Lewis. She was a very attractive young girl, with brown curly hair and great preteen titties. She walked by and was staring at me with this odd confused look but never asked me what the hell I was doing. The oddest thing was that I was nervous as hell for hell to see me naked but when I was at the hospital I didn't mind when the men who came in to relieve themselves would look at me or touch me, which they often did. Of course being young and naive I didn't know that these men would later be called pedophiles. It made me feel good at the time.

As the years went on I began to experiment with other things and other people. I really didn't have a whole lot of sex till I turned twenty-two when I met my ex girlfriend. But before I met here I had sex but it was solo. A dirty movie catalog that I stole from my dad before I moved away from home was my best friend for a long time. There was any type of sex or kinky idea the mind could fathom in this magazine. At least that was what I thought at the time. There were the normal guy on top, girl on top, anal, sex toys, and gangbangs. The one picture that warped my mind and changed my sexual appetite for the rest of my life was in this magazine.

There was this beautiful blonde who was down on her knees, there were six guys standing around her. Each one of them had this enormous cock that they used to brutalize this sexy little cock whore. The picture was her face covered in cum. honestly I could not tell you how many times I jerked off to this picture. At the time I think I got off because I wanted to be one of the guys exploding on her face, later in life I wanted to be her.

I finally found a girl that wanted me as much as I wanted her. At least that's what I thought; I guess I was just young and dumb. We were together for about two years or so and all in all I thought we had a good life till I came home one fateful night. See I told her that I was going over to my buddy's house after work and I might be late getting home. Well I went to his house, he still lived with his parents, and of course things didn't go as planned. I made an early exit from his house and decided to just go home. The small apartment building that I lived in shared a driveway with the neighborhood school. My girlfriend's car was there and there was another car parked beside hers. I thought maybe that it was someone that was in the school or something. I proceeded up the steps and into the front door of the apartment. All of the lights were off and the apartment was silent except for a squeak coming from the bedroom. I crept down the hallway to see what that noise was. When I got to the bedroom I was dumbfounded. I wasn't so much pissed off as I was confused, why she was fucking someone else. I didn't say a word I didn't want to stop them. I just stood and watched for about a half an hour. Needless to say I was pissed but at the same time extremely turned on getting to watch my girlfriend getting fucked hard and heavy.

I left so they could finish and went to another friend's house. This was a night to remember. I stopped on the way to my friend's house and got some alcohol. I needed to get drunk and calm down. My buddy was the sensitive type and I later found out why. Like a good friend he was there to comfort me when I needed him. I got something else from him that I never expected. I was pretty drunk and in tears when I spilled my drink on me. Ironically I was drinking a screwdriver, so the orange juice made me sticky. Lorenzo told me that I could take a shower, so I thought it would make me feel better. I went in to his bedroom to get undressed, he followed me in there, but I didn't think anything of it. I noticed that while I was stripping down Lorenzo was looking at me like a cheetah checks out a gazelle. When I bent over to take off my socks I looked over in the area of his crotch. What I saw was very impressive. Seems that while I unzipped my pants it made his zipper come down as well.

I excused myself so I could go to the head. As I sat there on the shitter I ran through the events of the evening. I didn't know what to think about my girlfriend going at it with another guy. I was so pissed off yet remotely turned on. I could remember the way they looked, the way it smelled in the room. Should I have let them know I was there, maybe even joined in, who knows. I knew the more I sat and ran the events through my head it made my other head swell. I was so horny I couldn't handle it. A cold shower was going to do me well, so I jumped in. I heard the bathroom door open while I was soaping up. I proceeded to rinse off an opened my eyes. I turned toward the door. To my surprise was this tall, muscular, well endowed naked black man. I was pleasantly surprised and eager to "experience" this moment.

Lorenzo was normally a very soft and sensitive guy. I saw a very different man when he was naked. He became strong and demanding, almost brutish. This was fine with me because when naked I am just the opposite. I like to be taken and treated like a woman. Lorenzo proceeded to dry me off, making sure he got in all of the tight spots. He then led me from the bathroom to the bed. With a fair amount of force he pushed me down on the bed. As I sat up on the edge of the bed he grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my face in to his crotch. I rubbed my lips up and down this thick black monster that was waiting for my warm wet mouth to swallow. He wasn't about to wait for me to play games, he snapped my head back and while my mouth was open he shoved his massive cock in my mouth. I had never been in this position before and was honestly scared to death. But as he pumped down my throat, I realized what I had to do. I gave him the blowjob that I knew I wished a woman could or would give me. Once I found my rhythm it didn't take him long to reach climax. I knew he was about to cum by the way his muscles were contracting.

He spoke amongst his grunt and groans. "I'm gonna cum" he said. "Do you want me to cum on your face?" he asked. "HHHMMMM UUUHHH" I mumbled. He knew how I wanted him to cum by the way I sucked on his pulsating cock. Just as I mumbled those words I tasted this hot load shoot into the back of my throat. I thought I would gag when he came, but this was a taste that I would be fascinated with for the rest of my life. My girlfriend, you know the one that was fucking another guy, always told me she wouldn't swallow my cum. She said it tasted like bananas and bleach. I didn't realize it till after I had more experience that every guys cum tastes different.

Lorenzo wasnít finished by far. After he blew his load he fell forward on me and laid there for a few minutes, just trying to gather himself. After his brief breather he was raring and ready to go again. This time he didnít want to get his jollies off in my mouth he had another hole in mind. Lorenzo was very forceful in bed, this was very unusual. Normally he was almost feminine, but I didn't mind I liked the rough forceful way he handled me. It almost felt as though I was being raped. My black stud had regained his energy and was ready for another go at it. I was forced over on to my stomach and had a giant black rod pushed between my thighs. I gasped with anticipation, since I was an anal virgin. My schooling was about to begin at the end of a ten inch spear. Even with his rough way I felt tenderness in his touch, maybe it was just because we were both drunk out of our minds. This felt natural, more natural than the sex that I had with my girlfriend. Maybe I was meant to be the object of a man's attention, his wanting sex toy. I could feel his manhood at the entrance of my tiny butt button. Just then his voice rang out "Are you ready?" In a very small soft almost feminine tone I replied "I'm ready for you to take me."

Then with a fierce thrust his giant black snake buried deep inside me. I could feel the blood start to flow from the tear in my tender bud. As bad as it hurt there was a feeling of pure pleasure. I had touched my ass before even stuck one finger inside me, but never had I been so stretched out. I begged him to give it to me, give it to me hard. My lover did just that he gave it to me hard and fast. His balls began to slap mine as he thrust full force giving me the whole ten inches of his manhood. I begged for him to turn me around so that I could see him as he thrust deep inside of me. This was truly the best position for him as his massive member was rubbing against my g-spot and nearly brought me to orgasm. And just as he began to clinch up Lorenzo slowed his momentum and leaned forward to kiss my lips. I could never imagine myself kissing another man, but at that moment I was in love. Kissing this big hulking black man felt right it felt good. Then in an instant he was back to full speed pumping his huge cock into my tiny wanting asshole. I could tell it wasn't going to be long before he was ready to explode again. I kept whispering nasty little love bits at my big black assailant. Just then I could feel his huge cock begin to throb, he was going to let loose again. I begged him to shoot it in my mouth again, but this time he had a different idea. He forced me down on my knees and made me suck him off the rest of the way. The taste of my asshole blood mixed with his precum made me trickle cum myself. And just as I was cumming Lorenzo pulled his cock out of my mouth and proceeded to cover my face with his hot spunk. I realized at that moment that I had become the girl from the magazine.

I scraped as much of his nut in to my mouth as I could. I loved every drop of it and I begged for more. He promised me more but this time it wouldn't be from his balls as he picked up the phone and began dial a number. He proceeded to tell the person on the other end that he had a little bitch to play with. My feelings of love turned to feelings of fear and despair. I went to the bathroom to clean the dry cum from my face and to dab my poor swollen hole with a damp cloth. There was blood on the washcloth from the abuse he had administered.
I went to Lorenzo and gave him a kiss that I normally reserved for the woman in my life. Only this time I felt the part of the woman. I had always dreamed of being a woman, and now I finally felt like one. No amount of make-up and lingerie could make me feel this way. Never did I ever dream of having another man's penis violate my body the way that Lorenzo had just done. Oddly enough I felt satisfied, satisfied sexually and emotionally, a way that I had never felt before. He reached over and grabbed me by the back of the head and gave me a deep sensual loving tongue kiss and told me that he loved me. My lover also told me that my night was far from over.

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