The Secrets of Liberty Mountain

(Part 7 from 11)

Chapter Seven

I took a seat on the table's bench next to Lisa and just tried to relax. I felt like I had just run a marathon. Darlene gave me a warm hug and a glass of ice-cold water and sat with me. I don't know which I appreciated more; her company, the hug, or the beverage. I guzzled the water down in one long gulp. Public speaking is lonely and thirsty work.

The sisters stopped by in ones and twos to exchange small talk with Lisa before retiring for the evening. That was the cover story at least. I noticed after the third such 'visit' that most of the women seemed to spend more time sneaking glances at my naked crotch than they did in conversation with their leader. Great; I was now either the object of sexual curiosity, or at the very least, a diversion in the colony's daily routine. It had been years since most of the women in the cabin had seen a man, with or without clothes. Maybe I should charge admission.

Lisa said, "I'll show you both to your quarters if you two are willing to call it a night," after the last of the group had drifted away to their rooms.

The colony's sleeping quarters were on the second level balcony that ringed the rectangular shaped Great Room. I did a quick count; there were 24 doorways in total, seven on each side of the long axes, and five each on the short sides of the rectangle.

The room reserved for Darlene and I was located on the north balcony above the cabin's Great Room and appeared to be identical in size to Lisa's quarters. The room was stunning in its simplicity. The walls had the same pine paneling that we had seen in Lisa's rooms, with wide oak planks for flooring and exposed wood beams supporting the white plaster ceiling. A colorful handmade antiquated quilt adorned a queen-sized bed on the wall opposite a large picture window. I paused for a moment and looked out over the moonlight bathed sleeping valley. The shadows of mountains rose in the distance like sentinels into a sky ablaze with stars.

The stuff we had brought with us on our journey nearly filled a huge walk-in closet. I was pleased to see that my tobacco stash had also been unpacked. A small windowless half-bath was located at the far end of the closet. Lisa advised me that a communal shower was located two doors to the left when I asked where I could take a shower. I had to admire the cabin's design efficiency. The half baths used a minimum of plumbing and were handy for midnight relief, while the community showers were for general hygiene. Lisa wished us a good night and left us alone in our room. Darlene wrapped her arms around me when Lisa had departed, and gave me a hug and a kiss that was almost violent in its intensity.

"I'm so fucking horny, Dennis! I want you to make love to me right now," Darlene said, as she wrapped her arms around my bare backside and pulled me onto the bed.

"Your wish is my command," I replied, and slowly began to kiss her face. I softly kissed her eyelids and then her cheeks. I lightly traced the tip of my tongue across her lips and kissed her under her chin before moving down and nibbling along the nape of her neck. I kissed along the edge of her collarbone to her shoulders' rounded top. I then reversed direction and gently kissed the side of her neck, and then softly nibbled her ear lobes.

Darlene's steady breathing changed into little pants punctuated by low moans as I continued to circle her face and neck with kisses. I softly caressed the soft rounded underside of each breast with my hands before touching her whole breast. I avoided direct contact with her nipples. I let my fingers brush ever so slightly against each tit as my hands caressed the contours of her chest instead.

Darlene arched her back as she tried to push her stiff nipples into my hands each time my fingers approached the tips. I refused contact, and continued to tease her instead while my hands moved back to her shoulders and along the inside of her arms.

My lips followed the same path traced by my hands and fingers. I kissed the top of each breast and used my tongue to trace a circle around the base of each nipple before flicking my tongue across the very tip.

I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs and softly caressed her sensitive skin as I kissed and licked the underside of each breast. I sucked one nipple at a time into my mouth and gently squeezed them between my teeth when my exploring fingers approached the outer lips of her vulva.

Darlene moaned, and her fingers pulled at the bed coverings as she spread her legs further apart. I moved my fingers to each side when my hands reached the base of her vulva, and followed the valley between her pubis and the top of her thighs. I reversed direction when my fingers reached the base of her stomach and worked back down towards her knees.

Her vulva was glistening with moisture and glowing pink, and her skin took on a deep reddish blush. Her soft moans became steadily louder as her arousal grew in anticipation while I explored and stimulated each erogenous zone in turn.

I slowly licked, touched, stroked, and caressed Darlene's inner thighs as I steadily worked my way upward toward her vagina. I wanted to keep her on the edge of a climax for as long as possible. I could feel the tension building within her as her body trembled and tightened in response to ever-building waves of pleasure.

I slid my tongue along the valley between her swelling pubis and the top of her thighs when my mouth reached the base of her vulva. Darlene hips and body began to writhe and twist to meet my mouth as I used the point of my tongue to gather her secretions into my mouth. I celebrated and savored every delicious drop.

I gently and carefully opened the large lips of her labia with my fingers, and let the flat of my tongue slide along the valley separating her inner and outer lips. I used my tongue like a magnifying glass in a beam of sunlight to narrow the focus of her pleasure and drive each particle of joy toward the center of her erect clitoris. Women have twice as many nerve endings in their clits as men do in their pricks. I wanted every one of her nerves to be on fire with desire.

I finally gently opened her labia minora's lips to reveal her vaginal opening and swollen clitoris. The inside of her lips was bright red and slick with her lubricant. I ran the tip of my tongue around her opening and then moved upward and swirled the tip of my tongue around the base of her clitoris, as she began to force her hips upward to meet my mouth.

"OH MY GOD DON'T STOP!" she screamed as her legs and body started to shake and shiver. I flicked my tongue across her clit as I slid my index finger into her vagina, and started to massage the ridges of her G-spot with a 'come hither' motion. I increased the pressure of my tongue around and on her clitoris as I stimulated the inside her vaginal canal. I slowly slipped the index finger of my free hand into her anus and wiggled it from side to side when I felt mounting waves of contractions ripple within her body.

Darlene's orgasm exploded in series of vaginal spasms, her legs went stiff, and then kicked and flayed about as she cried out and screamed "YES! OH FUCK, OH FUCK". I relaxed the pressure a tiny bit and then redoubled my efforts as I stimulated all points at the same time as each wave passed.

I knew I was finished when I felt her hands pushing my face away from between her legs. I scooted up and lay along the side of her body, holding her close to me. We cuddled together and basked in the warm afterglow of euphoria. I kissed her lips, and innocently asked, "Did I make you happy?"

I knew it was a stupid question, but I loved hearing her answer. It was my report card.

"You were fucking fantastic, Dennis, and you know it! My God, I came so many times that I lost count," she said, and then hugged me as tightly as she could.

I whispered, "That was only the first installment. Are you ready for part two?" about ten minutes later.

I kissed her skin in a line across the top of her pubic mound, and whispered in her ear, "Turn over onto your stomach."

She eagerly obeyed. I straddled her and began to caress her buttocks and the inside of her thighs. The delicious musky scent of sex rose from her like steam. Using my fingers to spread buttocks apart, I leaned forward and ran my tongue down the side of the valley between her pink cheeks. Darlene twitched, and her hips jumped as she screamed 'Oh my God, fuck yes!'

I licked from the top of her crack down to a point just before her vagina opening. I then reversed direction and used my tongue to lick along the opposite side of the valley. I avoided contact each time I approached her anus and traced a teasing wet circle all around her puckered hole instead. I savored the sweet/tart taste of her fluids and the rich aroma of her arousal.

I continued to lick an up and down path along each side of her valley. Each pass was slightly faster than the previous one as I teased and pushed her toward the brink. Darlene suddenly arched her back after several minutes of mouth play, and screamed, "OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! I'M GOING TO CUM"

I stiffened my tongue and drove it deep into her anus as she screamed. Sliding it into her rectum as far as I could, I could feel her entire body tense in a screaming, nearly ear-splitting climax. She reached the top of her first mountain and kept climbing.

The contractions of her orgasm squeezed my tongue like a pulsating vise in one wave of pleasure after another before she lay still.

"Christ, Darlene, do you think you can make any more fucking noise?" I scolded.

"I doubt it, but I can try," Darlene giggled, as she tried to catch her breath.

"I had been telling my sisters what a fantastic lover you are while you were meeting with Lisa, but I don't think they believed me, so I decided to let them hear for themselves. Besides, you need all the advertising you can get," Darlene explained.

"Why would I need any advertising?" I asked.

"I think they all heard how hard you could make a girl cum after tonight. You now have a reputation to uphold, Mr. Talented Tongue. A few of my sisters might want you to give them personal tutoring if I know them."

"And you would be OK with that?" I asked, as I gave her a skeptical eye.

"Of course I would be, just as long as you make your students use me for the final exam," Darlene laughed with a wink.

"OK, OK, I'll think about it," I said, as I lowered my mouth between her legs and began to lick. It had been a long day, but the night was still young.

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