The Secrets of Liberty Mountain

(Part 3 from 11)

Chapter Three

The 'next room' turned out to be the bedroom Lisa shared with her partner, Lucia. The walls were hand hewn pine planks decked out with bookcases and several very well done nude watercolor portraits of women. A queen-sized four-poster bed covered with a beautiful handmade quilt took up one wall, and a rustic looking nightstand with a large table lamp adorned with a stained glass shade provided most of the light in the room. The balance of the lighting came from a stone fireplace with several burning logs. A huge bearskin spread out on the floor before the fire, along with several large throw pillows, offered comfortable seating. The room had an elegant, warm and cozy feel to it overall.

Lisa retrieved an amber colored bottle and two glasses from the bookshelf, and sat down of on the rug. She patted a spot next to her as she invited me to sit in front of the fireplace with her.

"Dennis, would you care to join me in a glass of home-brewed brandy?" Lisa asked.

"Only if you make mine a double," was my reply.

I took a seat on the rug next to Lisa, and made myself as comfortable as possible. I wasn't as flexible as I had been when I was younger. Moreover, sitting on the floor wasn't my preferred mode of relaxation.

I took a sip of the offered brandy. Oh my, God, it was as smooth as silk, and I could feel it filling me with a warm glow.

"Dennis, how comfortable are you with public displays of nudity?" Lisa asked, as she took a sip of her brandy.

Her question caught me off guard, and I nearly snorted the drink out of my nose as I coughed and choked in surprise. What the fuck kind of question was that?

I replied, "I don't have a problem with public nudity" as I regained my composure. "I've visited plenty of nude beaches in my life."

"Did you get nude yourself or just visit as a voyeur?" Lisa inquired.

"I got as naked as everyone else. Why do you ask?" I responded.

"Because our dress code most assuredly is clothing optional when we're in the cabin. Most of us go skyclad when we aren't working or cooking, or if safety requires that we remain covered up. I'm glad that you're comfortable with this," Lisa said, as she pulled her sweater over her head and exposed her braless chest.

Neatly folding her garment, she rose to her knees, unbuckled her jeans, and slid them down to her ankles. Lisa wore no underwear, and her naked body showed no trace of tan lines.

Lisa folded her jeans, placed them on top of her sweater, leaned back on the pillow behind her, and closed her eyes, "Ahh, that feels much more comfortable. I'm almost getting to the point where I hate wearing clothing," she said with a deep sigh.

I took the opportunity to examine Lisa's exposed body as she lay naked next to me. Her breasts were still pretty firm, and they showed few of the signs of aging or sagging, apart from a few stretch marks, which came along with advancing years. Lisa's nipples were about the size of my little finger, and her dark brown areolas were roughly the size of fifty-cent pieces. Her stomach was flat with just a few wrinkles above a thin patch of reddish-brown pubic hair. She was in better physical shape than most women half her age. Either that or she was a very high mileage thirty-year-old.

Lisa's face had the usual lines and weather worn creases of someone who spent most of their time outdoors, and there was only a slight hint of a double chin.

She opened her eyes as I studied her, and asked me, "Do I meet with your approval?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. It's just not often I find myself alone with a naked woman I've only just met," I stammered.

"This whole thing is way too weird. Talk about being beyond my comfort zone; you're naked. There's an entire colony of naked lesbians, and then there is this cabin in the middle of nowhere. It's just everything. I don't mind being outside my zone, but I still need the time to process it," I said.

"Take this cabin, for example. It didn't grow here. It seems to be at least ten or fifteen years old, and it must have cost a fortune. What did you guys do? Win the lottery or something?" I said, waving my arms around the room.

"That was either a good guess or a lucky guess, but it's how this place came to be. Do you remember when everyone was freaking out over a $75 million jackpot that remained unclaimed for almost a year nearly 20 years ago? That was the sisters and me," Lisa said.

"It took us that long to set up a corporation to hold the ticket. We decided that we would fly under the radar. We didn't want the media attention," Lisa explained.

"How the hell did you build this structure? You needed some heavy equipment to put this place together, and there are no roads in or out of the valley," I asked.

"We cut and milled all the wood we needed on site. A French Canadian Heavy Lift Helicopter Service brought in all the necessary equipment to complete this building and about a dozen utility structures," Lisa said. "I'll give you and Darlene a tour of our colony tomorrow," Lisa offered.

I nodded 'yes' while reaching into my shirt pocket to pull a pack of smokes out, and asked, "Is it OK with you if I have a cigarette, Lisa?"

"Shit! You've got cigarettes? I haven't had one in years," she said, as she took the pack from my hand. She tapped two cigarettes out and set the pack down next to her leg. Lisa gave me one before rolling onto her stomach. Slightly spreading her legs for balance, she stretched forward and reached into the fireplace to find an unburned twig to use as a match to light her cigarette.

Her buttocks were on vivid display as she sprawled before me. Each rounded cheek was firm, compact, and well-tanned. Her small puckered brown anus was clearly visible in the valley between them just above the lips of her vagina. I could feel a stiffening in my shorts as my body responded to the vision before me.

I was going to have to get my aging and raging hormones in check if nudity was going to be the new normal. I had a hunch that sprouting a boner every time one of the women of the colony bent over wasn't going to cut the mustard.

I reached into my pocket, pulled out my Bic lighter, and lit my cigarette while Lisa worked to get her twig lit. I then tapped her on the leg and offered her my lighter.

Lisa relaxed against her pillow for the next few minutes, and puffed away at her first cigarette in years. "Damn! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a good smoke," she said with a laugh.

"Keep the pack; it's my treat. I've got plenty more in the car," I said.

"Really? How much is plenty more?" Lisa asked.

"I've got enough tobacco to roll at least 24,000 cigarettes. That should last a few years," I said, as I told Lisa about my bulk tobacco purchase in Rifle, Colorado.

My eyes kept drifting back to Lisa's breasts and down to her pubic hair and vagina as we talked. I finally said, "I know that staring is rude, Lisa, but it's hard to keep my eyes away from your body. You're a very attractive woman."

"So I've noticed, but don't worry about it. I didn't give you much warning before I changed into my birthday suit, and this was a test. I wanted to see how you would handle female nudity, and you did just fine. I'm frankly flattered when someone admires my body, even if it's a man. Just try not to drool," Lisa said with a grin.

"I understand the usual norms around social nudity, and it doesn't include unwanted sexual aggression. Just because a woman is naked doesn't give anyone permission to grope or fondle her. I get it," I said.

"That is an almost a feminist viewpoint for a man. Maybe you'll be able to fit in here after all," Lisa replied.

"I'm famished and it's getting late, Dennis. Let's continue this conversation later, but we need to get downstairs before there's nothing left of dinner in the meantime," Lisa said, as she climbed to her feet.

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