The Secrets of Liberty Mountain

(Part 4 from 11)

Chapter Four

The dining area was located just off a large commercial kitchen at the far end of the great room. A supersized picnic table lined with benches provided more than enough seating capacity for the thirty-seven females who made the colony their home. The table itself was a stunning thing of beauty. The tabletop's surface consisted of wide pine planking sanded to a silky smooth sheen, and then coated with dozens of layers of polyurethane.

I took a good hard look around as we descended the stairs. Designed to appear humble, at least from a distance, the cabin was a state of the art survival factory. There was enough solar capacity on the roof to meet the needs of several large households. All the lighting I had seen so far utilized LED bulbs. The thousands of LED icicle lights deployed around the great room drew less power than two or three 75-watt bulbs.

The hall's air temperature was a pleasant 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the sisters of the colony were gathered in animated conversation around the expansive dining table, which doubled as a conference table for group meetings. They were all topless and most were bottomless. I had never seen so much exposed female flesh in one place at one time.

I was frankly in a daze as I tried to process a torrent of new information. I was kinda prepared for the sight before me thanks to Lisa's sudden introduction to public nudity. Nothing Darlene had told me about this place had prepared me for the strange reality of actually being here, however.

One of the women spotted us and shouted out a greeting to Lisa before we had even descended a third of the way down the staircase. A naked Darlene was waiting for me with a hug by the time we reached the bottom of the stairs.

Darlene whispered in my ear as we embraced; "Give me a long, wet, sloppy kiss and play with my ass. I'll explain later."

I had learned long ago that obedience was the best course of action when Darlene gives a command like that. We locked lips and traded spit in one of the most passionate kisses we had shared in a long time. I ran my hands over her bare bottom and lovingly caressed her buttocks as I held her. Darlene let a low moan out. I cupped each cheek in the palms of my hand and jiggled them so much that she burst out laughing which ended in a loud 'yelp' when I gave a loud slap to one of her cheeks.

"What was that for?" she whispered.

"That was for your excessively detailed account of my prick's sexual deficiencies," I whispered back.

Darlene giggled, gave me a quick kiss, took my hand, and then pulled me in the direction of the dining table as she said, "You've got to get some dinner before it's all gone. It's venison stew, and it is absolutely delicious."

Flavored with an assortment of tasty vegetables that I couldn't identify, the stew was thick, hardy, and spicy. Darlene was right. The taste was out-of-this-world delicious. Darlene started to introduce me to each of the sisters after she had given me a few minute to eat.

Darlene has a natural ability to remember names. I, on the other hand, had already forgotten the name of the first woman by the time I had been introduced to the third sister.

I shook hands, made and kept eye contact (to avoid staring at their naked breasts), and repeated their names in a futile effort to drill each name into my memory as I met each member of the colony. Most of the women warmly responded to my introduction, but two or three were very reserved, if not hostile. A few of the sisters clearly had 'man issues', most likely the result of some abusive male in their history.

I couldn't say that I blamed them. I could understand how my presence might be disquieting, to say the least, if I had joined a remote all lesbian community to put the world of men behind me.

The next to last woman I was introduced to was an attractive dirty blonde named Alice. She was well-endowed, and she had a dark golden tan like the rest. I guessed her age to be about fifty, and stretch marks on her somewhat saggy breasts and her stomach suggested that she had given birth at least once in her life.

Alice seemed genuinely happy to meet me. She gave me a radiant smile and held onto to my hand far longer than is customary. Alice turned to the young girl sitting next to her, and said, "This is my daughter, Star Shine, and she's been living in the colony since she was three years old. You're the first man she has ever met. She just celebrated her 18th birthday two months ago."

I bowed and shook Star's hand as I wished her a belated birthday while doing my best to make and keep eye contact. Alice's daughter was drop dead gorgeous with small, perky breasts, and a slim elfin and athletic figure adorned in a beautiful amber tan. She had bright blue eyes and wore her waist length blond hair in a braid, which made her look like a young Scandinavian fashion model. She was, in a word, stunning.

I had a hunch that I wouldn't earn points from her mother if I started drooling over her nude daughter, so I kept my cool even as I felt the stirring of an erection. Thank the Lord I was still fully dressed.

Her mother must have been a mind reader. Alice took my hand and pulled me close and asked, "Why are you still dressed, Dennis? Why don't you strip down and make yourself comfortable?"

I noticed her question elicited a few murmurs of agreement, including a nod from Lisa, and an 'I'll second that motion' from Darlene.

"Moved and seconded. All those in favor, please signify by saying Aye," Lisa announced in the voice of a true parliamentarian. A loud chorus of Ayes filled the hall.

Lisa then called for the 'No' vote: crickets. I half raised my hand and quietly said, "No." My vote was as much a joke as an opinion.

Lisa smiled at me and said, "Hearing minimal opposition, I declare that the Ayes have it. Motion carries."

After a long pause, Lisa said, "OK, Dennis, you heard the vote. Now it's your turn."

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