The Italian Stallion

(Part 3 from 4)

As we rode back to the resort in the van, I began plotting on how I could do that and quickly came up with a plan. I asked Leslie if she wanted to do some horseback riding along the beach as she used to do a bit of riding when she was in college. She said it was a great idea and that we should do it the next day. I asked Sergio if he had ever ridden horses before and he said that he hadn't but would love to give it a try. That night, at the resort, the three of us partied and I deliberately drank a little more than usual so that I could excuse myself from the ride the next day on account of a hangover. I had come up with the idea that I would tell Leslie that I would instead go back to the little town to buy a ring for her as an anniversary gift thus giving them some private time together.

Sure enough, the following morning, I didn't feel or look very good and I told Leslie she and Sergio should go riding without me. She said she wasn't surprised I didn't feel well and that perhaps it was better that way as she could help Sergio learn the ropes of horseback riding. I then told her that I wanted to buy her a ring as a present. She replied that it wasn't necessary but threw her arms around me and kissed me telling me what a wonderful husband I was. I asked her for her wedding band so that I could pick out a ring that would go well with it. She gave the band to me and I was hoping that with it off of her finger, she might subconsciously feel less guilty about screwing Sergio. She put on a cotton/linen outfit which would be ideal for riding. I got ready too and gave her a kiss goodbye and told her to enjoy herself and that I would be back late in the afternoon. I'm sure she had no idea of what I meant by a "good time." My plan was to go to the beach we had been to the previous day and hope that I could catch her and Sergio making out - or more! 

I hired a taxi to take me to the beach and headed for the hill which formed the barrier down to the water's edge. I found a good vantage point which was shaded and settled down to wait for them to come. I was there for about a couple of hours and was beginning to think that maybe they wouldn't be coming at all. I got thinking that maybe they were already in Sergio's room going at it like a stallion and a mare in heat and that my fantasy of watching them would go uunfulfilled Eventually, I saw three horses coming down the beach and I cursed to myself that maybe they had picked up a riding companion and wouldn't be having sex on the beach after all. It turned out not to be them and I watched as the the riders neared and then turned around. As I watched them head back, the sky quickly clouded and then the rain starting coming down.

I really began cursing when the rain turned into a downpour but it ended almost as quickly as it began. Gradually, the rain stopped all together and I was sitting there soaked wondering what to do next. Then, all of a sudden, I saw two more horses coming my way and got very excited when I realized it was Leslie and Sergio. What excited me more than the sight of them coming was the fact that both of them were in swim suits. I wondered if Leslie had brought her bikini with her in her bag and had changed into it on account of the rain or to turn Sergio on. Whatever the reasons, my cock was rock hard as I watched the two of them ride toward me. Sergio seemed to be managing fairly well for a beginner on the horse he was riding. 

I withdrew to a more secure spot as they drew almost within hearing range. They were riding along the water's edge as they reached the spot where the hill ran down into the sea. Curiously, I saw Sergio dismount from the horse and begin wading out around the boulders which were blocking the way. Leslie held his horse and waited. Within a few minutes, Sergio returned and motioned for Leslie to go into the water with the horses and go around the natural obstruction.

I quickly but quietly scrambled to the top when they disappeared from sight and saw them back on shore when I reached the top. On the other side of the hill, the expansive beach all but disappeared and I lost sight of them as soon as they reached the shade of the palm trees near the shore. I scrambled down the hill into the trees. Jogging slowly and quietly, I caught up to them just in time to watch them dismount from their horses. They no sooner had their horses tied up than Sergio grabbed my wife and pulled her close to him. My heart started pounding furiously as I watched him wrap his arms around her and she offered no resistance. They were soon locked in a deep kiss and embrace and I was mesmerized as I watched my wife willingly surrender herself to this young stallion of a man. Sergio began rubbing his hands over her back and then began squeezing and rubbing my wife's ample butt cheeks. The initial shock quickly abated and I took advantage of the situation to move in closer and conceal myself from their unsuspecting view. After a few minutes of nonstop kissing and caressing - my wife had begun to stroke Sergio's well-muscled chest, waist and thighs - Sergio reached behind and undid my wife's bikini top. With her top lying on the sand and her ample tits exposed, Sergio began cupping and caressing them and then wasted no time bending down to kiss and suck on them. My wife's head was tilted back and it rolled gently from side to side and I could tell that she was in heaven. Sergio's cock could no longer be contained and he had freed it from his trunks. It was sticking straight up out of his trunks easily reaching his abdomen. 

I had never seen such an enormous cock in person in my life and couldn't believe something that big belonged on a man! My wife reached down with her one hand and began to stroke it. Sergio stopped sucking on her tits and stood straight up. My wife literally dropped to her knees in the sand and slid his trunks to the ground. He stepped out of them and kicked them off to the side while my wife took hold of his horse-sized dick with both of her hands and began sucking on the enormous head. His cock was very thick and must have easily been 10" long!! She then began sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of his prick before pulling away coughing and spitting. I wasn't sure what the problem was until I saw Sergio laugh, run over to the horses and return with a water canteen. He gave it to my wife who poured the water all over his dick and washed it clean. Presumably, the sea salt on Sergio's dick from wading in the sea must have made it difficult for my wife to suck. After cleaning it, my wife resumed stroking and sucking his penis while Sergio leaned back up against a tree and ran his fingers through my sexy wife's hair as she eagerly blew him. 

She sucked and stroked him for several minutes and I figured that at his age he would soon be blowing his wad. By this time, I was beginning to go insane by the sight of my wife servicing another man with a huge dick and so I pulled my own dick out of my shorts. It was particularly exciting to see since it was only on rare occasions that my wife would do the same thing to me. I gave my cock a few quick pulls and it was soon spewing cum all over the sand. I had never been so excited in my entire life! As I regained my composure, I couldn't help but notice what a sexy couple they were. The sight of a young, single, well-built man and a sexy, older, married woman blowing on his huge cock made for quite a voyeuristic scene!!

But before he blew his wad either over my wife's body or down her throat, he said something to her and she stopped sucking. Pulling her up and leaning her far over to support her own weight against the trunk of the tree, Sergio pulled down my wife's bikini bottom to bare her beautiful big butt. He grabbed and rubbed her ass cheeks for a moment before giving her a playful slap on one of the butt cheeks. Leslie responded by spreading her legs while Sergio took his shaft and directed the head toward my wife's eager pussy and began rubbing her pussy lips with the head. He did this for a minute before pushing his cock a short way into her cunt. She let out a scream and I knew that she was in for the fucking of her life. Sergio started sucking and blowing air as he slowly began to push his cock into my wife. He slowly and carefully began to grind his monster cock deeper into my wife. 

Leslie was screaming even though he only had about half of it in. He paused for a minute and then pulled back before pushing it in again. He was obviously trying to get her well-lubed and stretched in order to aaccommodate his entire length.

While I watched with a mixture of disbelief, excitement and a tinge of jealousy, my wife began urging him on screaming how good it felt to have a "horse dick" inside her. Sergio skillfully continued until it appeared from my vantage point that he had his cock completely buried inside my wife's pussy. I couldn't believe my wife could take in a cock that size but seeing was believing. Sergio developed a slow but steady rhythm which gradually picked up to a measured pace. My wife was screaming and moaning and groaning like I've never heard her before. As the pace picked up, Sergio began slapping and grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling on her hips while he pounded his dick forcefully into her cunt. After what seemed to be several minutes of steady pounding and grinding, Sergio let out a roar and began unloading his cum into my wife. I could only imagine the amount of cum that must have oozed from his balls up his long shaft and deep into my wife but the sight and the thought brought my own little cock out yet again to blow another load. I was now emotionally and physically drained and I sat down shaking on the sand trying to collect my wits.

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