The Italian Stallion

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During the course of the afternoon, I pointed out to him young, attractive women who were hanging around the pool kidding him to find himself a companion for his holiday. (What I was really doing of course was trying to get him good and horny). Leslie kept telling me to stop embarrassing him. He would just laugh and say the girl wasn't his type or whatever. I tried to make Leslie jealous by pointing out a young, attractive Asian woman strutting her stuff saying that I wouldn't mind going after her if I wasn't married. Sergio chided me saying I had a beautiful wife and I had no need for a young woman like that. Leslie pretended not to be bothered by my declaration, assuring me that the girl would not be interested in an "old fart" like myself. Secretly, I was hoping that it was pissing her off and making her feel insecure so that she might be more apt to have a fling with Sergio for the dual purpose of revenge and to reassure herself that she was still physically and sexually attractive to other men.

After awhile, Sergio decided to go into the pool to cool off. Leslie and I watched him swim around while taking in the sun and scenery. Sensing that Sergio's swim was almost over and that he was on his way out of the pool, I got up and pretended to adjust my lounge chair. I wanted Leslie to get a good look at his body without worrying about me catching her checking him out. As he climbed out of the water, I snuck a peek at him and saw that the bulge in his swimsuit was still impressive despite having been in the water. Leslie had a head-on view of his body as he toweled his face dry and her head did not turn the other way until he took the towel away from his face. I was very pleased she was checking him out and could feel my own prick beginning to harden again. 

We chatted and lounged some more before calling it quits for the day. I invited Sergio to join us for dinner and he agreed. The three of us spent a pleasant evening eating, drinking and dancing. Since I'm not much of a dancer, I encouraged Sergio to take Leslie onto the dance floor more times than I did. They enjoyed dancing together and I noticed that they had their bodies pressed up against one another probably a little more often and closer than they should have. We retired for the evening and Leslie and I made love. I was really getting off on the fact that she was probably fantasizing about Sergio as my little 5" cock ploughed into her pussy. I came much sooner than I usually do which was good as I thought it might make Leslie sexually frustrated and more apt to fuck Sergio. 

The next morning, Sergio joined us for breakfast. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of tennis after breakfast. As I had had more than enough sun the day before, I declined the offer. He then asked Leslie if she wanted to play and she said that she would love to. That surprised me as she's not much for sports and has very rarely played the game. She went back to our room to change and we all met up at the tennis court a short time later. She wore tight shorts and a halter-top that allowed her tits to bounce more than the tennis ball as she ran around the court. Sergio seemed to enjoy playing and it was no doubt my wife's body which was making it fun as her tennis skills were scarcely good enough to return the ball. I excused myself from court side to get a newspaper. When I returned to the court, I saw Sergio standing behind Leslie with his arms around her trying to teach her how to swing the racket properly. They seemed embarrassed I found them like that but I pretended not to care. 

After an hour on the court, they joined me in the shade. I suggested to Leslie that we check out the little town nearby and asked Sergio if he wanted to come along. To my disappointment, he said that he preferred to spend the afternoon on the beach but would meet up with us again in the evening. Leslie and I then headed into town by taxi and checked out some souvenir and jewelry shops. I asked Leslie what she thought of our new "friend" and she said that she thought he was a great "kid." I suspected that she thought of him as more than a "kid" but I didn't pry her for more. We met up with Sergio again that evening but retired a little earlier than the night before as both of us were beginning to get sleepy. 

The next day, the resort announced that there was a van available for those interested in a trip to a special secluded public beach. Sergio indicated that he wanted to go and asked us to join him. We readily agreed and Leslie changed into her one-piece swim suit as we planned to do some swimming. She looked just as hot in her one piece as she did in her other swim suits and judging by Sergio's eyes, he agreed with my assessment. The beach was located just a few miles from the resort and was quite expansive and uncrowded. About the only people there apart from our resort were people arriving on horseback from the stables which were located near our resort. The riders would come down along the beach until the point where a boulder-strewn hill ran down into the water forming a natural barrier. They would then turn around and head back the other way. We enjoyed the day swimming in the warm sea and sunning on the beach. Leslie and Sergio enjoyed discussing books as they both have a keen interest in reading. I, for the most part, just sat there in silence trying to keep my erection under control as the two of them continued their bonding. 

Later in the afternoon, the three of us went back into the water and swam out quite a distance. Since I'm not a strong swimmer, I soon got tired of treading water and told them I was heading back in. To my surprise but delight, both of them said they were going to stay out a little longer so I headed back in alone. When I reached the shore and sat on the beach, I observed the two of them treading quite close to one another. Soon after, the resort employee came to tell me that it was time to go. I got Leslie and Sergio's attention and motioned for them to come back to shore. As they got close and stood up to wade in, I could see that Leslie's nipples were big and hard in spite of the warm sea water. Sergio also seemed to have been aroused and was doing his best to conceal a semi-hard-on with his hands. Not wanting to embarrass either one of them, I turned my back to them in order to gather our things up until they had both reached their towels and covered themselves up. I now knew that the sexual attraction between them was real and becoming more intense. All I had to do was give them the opportunity to be alone in order for the three of us to realize our respective fantasies. 

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