The Italian Stallion

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I would like to share a new and recent experience my wife and I had on vacation - one in which I became a cuckold. I apologize for the length of the story but I hope that you will find the read worthwhile.

I am 41 years old and my wife Leslie is 35. Our vacation took us to an adults-only resort on one of the islands in the Caribbean. The purpose of our vacation was to celebrate our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary. Although our anniversary is in March, we decided to go to the resort in late January in order to escape the winter cold.

Before I go any further, I'd like to describe my wife Leslie. Although she is average in the looks department her body is anything but average. She measures an eye-catching 36C-25-39. She wishes her butt was about 3" smaller but I think her ass is a work of art. It is a bit big for a woman her size but it is also nice and firm and seeing her butt squeezed into a pair of blue jeans is what attracted me to her in the first place. A respectable pair of breasts adds balance to her profile. She has green eyes and her light brown, wavy hair hangs down past her shoulders. Since we do not have any children, she has been able to maintain her figure and she looks more like a woman of 25 than 35. To the best of my knowledge, she has always been faithful to me even though our sex life has gradually lost most of its sizzle. She has never complained but I've always believed that my puny 5" dick has never truly satisfied her and I've usually relied on my fingers to bring her to orgasm. She has never been secretive about her attraction to big, muscular men and, although she has never said so, I'm sure she has fantasized about having sex with the well-hung studs we've seen in adult videos

Getting back to my story, after we made our travel arrangements, Leslie decided that she wanted to buy some new swim suits for the occasion. We went to a shop in a downtown mall and she started browsing for something to sunbathe in. I pointed out a very sexy bikini on a mannequin. She asked me if it wasn't a little too daring and while I agreed it was, I reminded her that we were going to an adults-only resort which also had a private nude beach. I also mentioned that the resort was frequented by a lot of Europeans and that European women often went topless. Therefore, I concluded, it was not very likely that she would garner that much attention. Besides, I said, she wouldn't be able to wear something like that too much longer and that we wouldn't be seeing anyone we know. That observation didn't seem to amuse her and she asked me if I was suggesting that she was getting old and/or fat. Having put my foot in my mouth, I tried to reassure her that she was just as sexy as when we got married but that didn't seem to pacify her. I think as revenge she scanned the rack further and deliberately chose a thong-style suit that I knew wouldn't cover her whatsoever. She also picked out a more conservative and traditional two-piece suit for walking along the beach and a one-piece for swimming. 

After we got home, she immediately tried them all on and she looked absolutely stunning in all three of them. As I feared, the thong outfit concealed little more than her pussy (after she did a lot of trimming) and the top could do no more than cover her nipples and provide some support for her breasts which were spilling out everywhere. Looking at how sexy she was and knowing that every red-blooded man would be checking her out, I was beginning to regret my earlier remarks. 
We arrived at the resort around noon on a Saturday. After unpacking and freshening up a little, we applied sunscreen lotion all over our bodies, wrapped ourselves up, and headed for the pool. We positioned ourselves at the end of the pool facing the main resort building and reclined in the chairs. There weren't many people around the large pool and Leslie quickly seemed quite at ease after removing her wrap despite being practically naked. After quite some time, I decided that the sun was getting a little too hot for me and I told Leslie that I was going to retire to the shade of the bar situated in the pool.

I entered the pool, swam to the bar and ordered myself a drink. Perched on one of the stools, I turned to face the pool and took in the beautiful views afforded not only by the scenery but by the sight of my wife's beautiful body as she worked on her tan. By the time I started on my third drink, a young, nice-looking, muscular man appeared at the pool and headed for a chair not too far from Leslie. Undoubtedly, the sight of my wife's nearly naked body attracted him to the spot as there were plenty of other places to choose from. I grinned knowingly to myself as I watched him and knew what must have been running through his mind. My grin was cut short, however, when the guy dropped his shorts to reveal a Speedo type swim suit doing its best to conceal what looked to be an enormous cock. Even from my distant vantage point, the size of his bulge made me literally gasp in amazement. He picked a chair which gave him a side view of my wife's shapely body and the sight of her was no doubt a big turn on for him. Lying on her stomach with her head turned away, Leslie did not know he was there thus giving the young man the opportunity to ravish her body with his eyes without the fear or embarrassment of being caught. 

While watching this young stud devour my wife with his eyes - and no doubt fueled by the alcohol - my horny imagination quickly took over. I began fantasizing about my wife getting up, removing her bikini and walking over to kneel in front of him and start sucking on his huge dick. As these images flooded my mind, my own dick suddenly got harder and faster than it had in a very long time and I realized that I had to go away to masturbate or else go insane. I quickly pounded back my drink and started looking for an escape. Even with a small dick, I knew my hard-on would be noticeable with just my swim suit on but I made it safely to the nearest restroom. I went into one of the stalls, removed my suit and began furiously pounding my meat. In what seemed to be a matter of seconds, I was shooting cum out of my cock trying my best to aim it into the toilet bowl. I was panting hard and the orgasm which ripped through me was something I had not experienced in a long time. As I cleaned up the mess I had created, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that what I really wanted was to watch that young man fuck my sexy wife. My cock remained just as hard as it had been before I shot my load. I sat down on the toilet seat shaking - trying to comprehend what I was thinking. I had often enjoyed reading letters by husbands who got off on watching their wives fuck other men but I never really thought of myself as one. Maybe it was just the sun and alcohol getting to me but I decided right then and there that not only would I allow this young stud to hit on my wife if he wanted to, I would work quietly behind the scenes to make it happen! 

After quite some time, my cock began shrinking and I put my suit back on and headed back to the pool. 

When I got back, Leslie was still lying on her stomach and I walked over and sat down. As I passed the young man, I nodded politely and he looked disappointed after I sat down beside her. Leslie turned over and asked me where I had disappeared to. I told her that I had gone back to our room to use the toilet. We chatted for awhile and she reapplied sunblock to her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the guy eyeing my wife and smiled to myself that he had no idea how badly I wanted to see him fuck her. Leslie settled back in her recliner and closed her eyes. I started trying to make eye contact with the guy and finally succeeded. I smiled and said hello and asked him where he was from. He replied that he was from Milan, Italy and that he had arrived the previous night. I introduced myself and asked him if he was alone. He replied that he was so I invited him to sit closer to us to which he readily did. He grabbed his things and sat in the chair to our left with me between him and Leslie. We shook hands and I introduced him to Leslie. 

She sat up in her recliner and extended her hand out to him. He got up, walked around me and instead of shaking her hand, took it in his and kissed it and told her what a pleasure it was for him to meet such a beautiful woman. Leslie seemed a bit shocked and embarrassed but I wasn't sure if it was because of what he had said or done or whether she had noticed the huge bulge in his swimming trunks. Either way, she seemed genuinely charmed to meet him. We soon learned that his name was Sergio and that he was a junior investment broker. Eventually, we learned that he was 26 years old and that he had broken up with a longtime girlfriend not too long ago. In fact, they had originally planned to holiday there together. He turned out to be a decent guy and I felt very comfortable about letting him seduce Leslie if he chose to do so. I was intrigued by the thought of Leslie cheating on me behind my back and decided that I would not confess my fantasies to either one of them but would let things take their course (with me trying to make it happen as best I could). 

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