The Game : First Time Sex: Part 4 - The Interrogation and Inquisition

(Part 1 from 2)

*** Please read the following stories that lead up to this point.
The Game ... First Time Sex
The Game ... First Time Sex : Part 2 – Virgin Sex
The Game ... First Time Sex : Part 3 - Thanksgiving

Recapping the previous stories, in part one, a boring afternoon turned into a great time with Donna who showed me how to fuck. Donna has a license and I don’t, so she picks me up on weekends. She learned to fuck very early, and fucking is natural and innocent for her. She genuinely likes to show all she knows and brings out the best in me.

In part 2, a year and a half later, Donna brought her friend Tonya to my house. Tonya wasn’t a virgin when she left. At the same time, Donna made sure my younger friend Marcus didn’t leave the house a virgin either. It’s been just over two months since I met Tonya, and the four of us are inseparable on the weekends.

In part three, Tonya was out of town for the week until Saturday after Thanksgiving. Consequently, Donna, Marcus, and I got together the evening before Thanksgiving. Donna introduced us to anal sex which absolutely blew my mind. As much fun a the threesome was, I missed Tonya. Tonya would be home late Friday night, and Donna said for us to get ready for a fun time Saturday.

Now, part four. On Saturday, Marcus came to my house with his clothes to stay all night. That evening, he showered first. When I got out of the shower, Marcus had on his deodorant and powder. He was standing naked holding his nuts and peering at them intensely.

“If you’re looking for hair on your balls to shave, you better give up,” I laughed.

“Just making sure,” he said, “You know Donna likes them slick. Donna called while you were in the shower. She and Tonya should be here anytime, and I can’t wait.”

What a little Romeo. His balls were naturally slick because he hardly had any hair around his dick. Just over two months ago, he had never seen a pussy let alone had any knowledge how to fuck. Now, he is fully trained and getting more pussy that other guys dream about. He adapted well. Of course, that can be said the same for me when I first met Donna a little over a year and a half ago. Donna was a great instructor for both of us.

As Donna instructed, I shaved my balls in the shower, my crevices were powdered which included my toes, groin, ass, and my underarms. I used unscented deodorant and a little drop of cologne on my neck. We had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. Before we could get to the bottom of the stairs, my mom answered the door. It was Donna. Tonya was waiting in the car.

“Hello Donna. Would Tonya like to come in?” My mom asked.

“Sure, I’ll get her,” replied Donna.

A few seconds later and both of them were in the foyer. It was the first time my mom had met Tonya. Tonya was wearing an oversized, mid-thigh length sweater over her skirt. She had on black stretch patent thigh high platform boots which elevated her about 5 inches and covered most of her legs. I didn’t want to appear affectionate in front of my mom, but I was very glad to see Tonya.

“Hey,” is all I said. I resisted the urge to hug and kiss Tonya.

Donna was wearing a military fashioned jacket layered on top of her blouse. She wore slim leather pants and lace-up boots. She was wearing a trapper hat, but my attention was on Tonya. Marcus moved near Donna.

Mom said, “Would you like to sit down?”

Before I could say that we needed to go, Donna blurted out, “Sure.”

I thought under my breath, “Oh geezus.”

Teenagers don’t like sit downs with parents. At least I don’t. Parents ask questions that we don’t want to answer, so I was a bit anxious.

Donna sat in one of the armed chairs and crossed her long legs. Marcus sat in the other with his feet barely touching the floor. He gently kicked his legs in and out like a kid waiting at the principal’s office.

I ended up sitting between Tonya and my mom on the couch. This wasn’t cool for me, and my desire to get close to Tonya was dampened with my mother so near. Donna’s skirt crept half way up her thighs.

As she looked at Tonya and Donna, Mom said, “You both look great. I like your outfits.”

“Thanks. I just bought this yesterday,” said Donna.

“My sweater and boots are new too,” added Tonya.

I felt like a guy at a bridal shower, completely out of place and not interested in the small talk about clothes. Marcus and I sat quietly, but Tonya and Donna had no problem discussing fashions.

“So how was your Thanksgiving?” Marcus sat in a daze and didn’t answer and continued kicking his legs in and out. Remember, he is the quiet one with a hard on all the time. This is turning into an open conversation, and I had no way of controlling how it would proceed. Marcus was no help.

Donna was not intimidated, “It was great. We had lots of relatives.”

“And yours?” she asked Tonya.

Tonya responded, “We spent the week at my uncle’s house. They had a lot for us to do, but I was glad to get home.”

Tonya reached over and put her hand on my knee.

Then Tonya looked at me and said, “I really missed you.”

Oh geezus. I wasn’t ready to deal with Tonya touching my knee in front of my mom like I was her lover or something. Well, I was, but I was embarrassed as she touched my leg. I didn’t want my mom knowing that a girl cared for me like that. Geezus, women have a way of cueing each other and telling each other they are getting fucked. I wanted out of there. I was in a mild panic.

I interjected, “Yeah, it’s been a while since we all got together. I miss the four of us riding around.” I tried to talk about us as a group.

“Where are you guys going this evening?” my mom quizzed.

I thought, geezus, this is an interrogation not a conversation.

Donna said, “We’re going to see the new Harry Potter movie.”

I was relieved. That sounded innocent. I saw an opening and didn’t miss the opportunity, “Well, we better get going so we won’t be late.”

Donna said, “It’s OK. We have an hour to kill.”

Well damn. I am trying to get us out of there, but Donna is not one to run from a probing mother. Donna is the mature one of the group and has no problems with talking to adults. She felt no threat or reason to leave quickly.

Mom said, “Well, it’s great to finally get all of you together so that we can talk.”

I am thinking, ‘holy geezus.’

My mom continued. “You guys have been so close that I just want to make sure that your time together is safe.”

Donna responded, “We stay close together when we are out.”

Christ, why is my mom is worried about our safety?

Mom continued, “Well, you guys seem to get along well and are spending a lot of time with each other.”

OK, I’m getting uncomfortable now. It’s easy for Donna, but this is my mom, and I don’t want her talking and asking about any more details regarding our relationship, but that wouldn’t be. Women are OK with talking intimately. They are forced to face biological details and sex as soon as a mom talks to a daughter about her first period.

Guys can avoid being embarrassed when their fathers bring up stuff about sex. All you have to say is, “We covered that in school,” and you are spared from being given the talk. Let me put it bluntly, I don’t want my parents to know anything that I do with Tonya or Donna whether it’s a kiss or fucking. Geezus, I want to get to the car now.

Mom stated, “Being safe and making the right decisions is important at your age.”

Holy shit, geezus, gawd. Now even Marcus knows what my mom was implying. He stops kicking his legs. Of course, the girls just love this shit. They absolutely love it. They read about being intimate in their girly magazines and love to talk about it. They talk about feminine hygiene products, fucking pregnancy tests, and all of the biological details associated with having sex while we guys just want to fuck and avoid the particulars.

Donna answered, “I think we are all safe.”

Now, crap, mom has to know that we are fucking. I am dying of embarrassment, absolutely fucking dying. They are talking in coded words to avoid asking outright if we are using condoms, which we aren’t, since the girls are on the pill.

Marcus is sitting like a frozen ice statue gripping the arms of the chair. He doesn’t know that women talk bluntly about sex and stuff. Hell, this kid barely had hair around his dick. A couple years back, he was probably still playing with model cars. Now, he is fucking Donna with his pink meat, but he knows nothing about women and how frankly they speak about sex.

Women just love this shit. Put the guys on the spot, make them squirm in their seats, make them think they can avoid intimate conversations, and then drop it on them like a bomb.

My mom cut to the chase, “Well, Donna, it’s not all your responsibility just because your are the oldest, but I know you will take the lead in making sure that no one gets pregnant.”

Well, gawd damn. I repeat, gawd fucking damn. Pregnant? If I could fit under the 4-inch clearance of the couch, I would crawl under it now. Marcus is red. He is seriously red. He has a death grip on the chair. He is staring like a doe looking into headlights at night.

The girls laughed. They would. They just act like this is some teen magazine where you tell all your secrets, or maybe they just think this was a sex education class. But it isn’t. It is my mom, and my mom is talking about safe fucking sex.

“We have everything under control,” explains Donna.

“I was your age once, and I had to be careful too,” my mom confessed.

“Mother, please!” My heart is pounding while it gets ready for a mild heart attack. Marcus goes catatonic. Did my mother just admit she had sex when she was our age? I didn’t want to hear this. The girls just moved the conservation-interrogation along with ease.

Donna smiled at me. “Don’t be so sensitive,” Tonya snuggles closer to me, and I move away which put me nearer to my mom on the other side. I am trapped. Please, gawd, kill me now. I would never be able to look my mom in the eye again. Will this torture ever end? Marcus continues his death grip on the arms of the chair.

“Donna keeps us in line,” adds Tonya.

The interrogation becomes an inquisition as mom continues to probe.

“Donna, how old are you?”

I am looking around for torture devices. Thrusting a red hot poker in my side or being stretched on a rack would be less torture than my mom’s questions and revelation that she had to be careful at our age.

Donna avoids the details and cleverly said, “I’m a junior.” She is two years older than me but only a year ahead of me in school. She is barely legal to be fucking Marcus, but she is legal. If you saw them, you would think Marcus was her little brother but with a big dick.

“Well, you have been great friends during the last year, so I just wanted to make sure that everyone is acting responsibly. And Donna, I want to thank you for doing all of the driving.” Mercifully, mom finishes the conversation except for one more request.

“You guys go out to the car. I want to talk with Donna alone.”

Geezus fucking H-christ. Well, I think I just want to die. Marcus is the first out the door and avoids making any eye contact.

Tonya said to my mom, “It was nice meeting you.” Oh yeah, right, this was an annual report for the board of directors. As a typical girl, she thinks she is participating in a Hallmark Channel Daniel Steel movie. I think it is more like being pursued in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I probably won’t be able to get a hard on for a week.

“And it was nice talking with you, Tonya.”

We piled into the car, and the normally meek Marcus asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

“Moms are like that,” explained Tonya. “You can fool them for a while, but they know. My mom found my pills, and just said to be careful.”

“You’re kidding aren’t you?” I asked.

“No. It’s alright. Donna and I told my mom about you and Marcus.”

“What did you say about me?” asked Marcus in an alarmed voice.

“We just told her that you came twice the first night I met you,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Geezus,” he said. We laughed.

“Well, you did,” I added.

“Yeah. That was great,” recalled Marcus relaxing a bit.

I could tell that Tonya enjoyed the openness, and she is a bit relieved that my mom knows about us. All I could think about is having to go back home and knowing my parents knew that I was fucking. Geezus fucking Christ. It is a conspiracy to embarrass my balls off. I won’t be able to eat at the dinner table again, ever.

After a few minutes, Donna came out and got in the car.

“Holy shit. What else did she say to you?” I asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry so much,” Donna laughs.

“Oh Sure. I’m supposed to be calm while my mom talks to you about fucking?”

Everyone laughs.

“Well, she was just wondering if Marcus dick was big enough to satisfy me. I said it was huge for his age.”

“Really?” asked Marcus. He doesn’t understand hyperbole. Hell, he is still studying nouns and verbs in Language Arts classes.

Then he gets it and turns to me and says, “You could have told her that.” Donna and Tonya are laughing at me.

“OK, just stop kidding. That’s my mother in there. I don’t want to hear any more.” Donna and Tonya continue laughing.

Then reality sets in for Marcus, “Do you think she will tell my mom?”

“I hope so,” I said. Now it’s my turn to laugh. “Why should I be the only one who went through this interrogation and inquisition?”

Donna and Tonya laugh hysterically.

Donna consoles Marcus, “Don’t worry Marcus, no one is going to call your parents.” If Donna said it, it was so. “Besides, they already know you have a big dick.” Marcus smiles proudly.

Donna is highly amused at my panic and tries to comfort me, “Relax. Your mom is cool. She just wanted to know we are practicing safe sex. I didn’t tell her the details, but she is convinced. You won’t be interrogated again. Unless you change girl friends.”

“I won’t!” I insist.

“Me either,” states Marcus.

Donna grabs Marcus’ nuts, “You better not, or I’ll tell your mommy that you fuck like a rock star.”

“Ok. Ok.” Marcus would have said anything as she held his nuts, but he meant it. He loves Donna. It is a match made in heaven or a least made in my bedroom when Donna first squatted on him and eased her pussy down on his virgin pink meat. But he truly is in love with Donna. I love Donna too, but I am very much in love with Tonya.

<%PART 2%>

Tonya kissed me. “Geezus, not here,” I said as I self-consciously look around.

Donna turns toward Tonya and me in the backseat, “Don’t worry about a kiss. You mom knows you’ve been fucking.”

“Shut up,” I clamor while raising the tone on the word “up.”

We all laugh, but I am still wreathing from having to listen to my mom bringing up the word ‘pregnant.’ It felt like a bomb had been dropped. How would I face my parents when I got back home? Oh well, I will worry about that later. All I wanted to do now is feel Tonya’s silky pussy hair. I can’t wait to suck her soft pussy and fuck her.

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