The Game ... First time sex

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My parents visited their friends on a Sunday afternoon, and I had to go along. Their friends had no kids, so I knew I was in for a boring afternoon. After we got to their friend’s house, I went outside and saw a girl about my age who lived next door. I waved and she said, “Hi.” I walked over to her house, and we started to talk. I found out she was a year older than I was. We walked around her yard while we talked.

She was very outgoing and kept the conversation going.
“How large is your high school? she asked.
I said, “I think about 800 or 900 students.”
“What subject do you like best?” she continued.
I shrugged, “They are all OK. Nothing is my favorite, but I kind of like a social studies project we are doing. Math is OK, too. I can’t wait to get to high school.”
She said, “Math? Wait until next year when you have to take algebra in high school.”
She took the lead. "We have biology in high school. We learn a lot of neat things about our bodies."
Then she asked, “Do you have a girl friend?”
I said, “No. Not really. It’s a little early for me to date, and I can’t even drive.”
She said, “That doesn’t matter. You can still have fun.”

I was getting excited with her attention to the detail of her questions.
“I bet you’ve never seen a girl naked.”
I wanted to lie and say yes, but I couldn’t. I confessed, “No, except in magazines.”
“I used to play games with my cousin when he would come over on Sundays, but he is in another state. I haven’t seen him in a year.”
I thought I knew where this was going, so I said, “What kind of games.” I was thinking about spin the bottle or truth or dare.
She said, “You know. Sex games.”

I was amazed. “I would like to play.” My heart was throbbing or was it my dick? It was both.
She pursued, “When his parents came over on Sundays, we used to find a place out back where no one could see us. Would you like to go there.”
Hell yeah, I thought. “Sure,” I said coyly and under my breath. I almost choked on the word.
She took my hand a lead me into a thicket where you could walk behind a bunch of brush and bushes.

She asked, “Are you ready?”
“What do you want me to do? I asked.
We sat facing each other. She pulled her dress up and showed me her panties. She sat on the ground and spread her legs. I could see her pussy through her panties. Gosh, I was hard, and she was looking at my crouch.
“Now it’s your turn,” she said.
I pulled down my pants.
“That’s not enough,” she protested.
I was eager to please. “Do you want me to take my underwear off?” She quickly nodded yes, so I pulled down my underwear and showed her my hard dick. I was just getting a little hair, and I was glad to show her.

“My cousin and I used to do it every Sunday that he came over. We can do it here.”
Oh gosh, I was so hot as she pulled her panties off and tossed her flip flops. She was naked from the waste down. I now knew she meant it when she said we can do it.

That was the first time I had ever seen a pussy, and it was great. She had perfect thighs and a little hair around her pussy. There are no words that guys can use to explain what your eyes actually see the first time you see a pussy.

I pulled off my pants and put them under her so she wouldn’t have to lie on the ground. The grass was cool to the touch. I moved on top of her, and she held my dick with two fingers. She guided it into her pussy. Geez, I am excited recalling it now. The feeling was so awesome, and she was so pretty. I had dreamed about fucking, but didn’t think I would ever have the chance.

I only fucked her a couple of minutes and she made me stop.
“I used to let my cousin fuck me as long as he wants, but later I had to stop him because I was afraid of getting pregnant.”

Oh geez, I thought, “Am I going to have to stop? This is terrible. I don’t want to stop, but I don’t want to get her pregnant. I sure didn’t want to get her pregnant.

She pushed me off.
She explained, “This is how we finished. You have to suck my pussy as long as I want. Then I will suck your dick as long as you want.”

Oh my gawd. What a deal. I said, “Of course. That sounds great.”

Now I had just fucked for the first time, and now I was going to suck a girl’s pussy for the first time. And I was going to get sucked for the first time. This is crazy.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but as soon as I got close, I guess it was either instinct or just logical, because I figured it out. I licked her slit. She was so clean. Then I pushed my tongue in and out. She spread her legs wide and bent her knees with her bare feet on the ground. I moved my pants further under her thighs so that her pussy was elevated about 6 inches above the ground.

I put my tongue as far inside her as possible and swirled it round and round. I got a bit tired. When I pulled off, she said, “That’s enough. It’s your turn.”

I sat back with my knees on the ground. with my feet behind me, and rested on my ankles. She briefly looked up and into my eyes, then she looked down and put my dick into her mouth. It was so soft and sweet. She sucked me for a couple of minutes, and I was nearly about to cum.

Suddenly, she laid back on the ground and said, “Get back on top of me.”
I knew this was risky, but I thought I could stick it in momentarily just to feel her pussy one more time. I would pull it if I got close to cumming. Once again, she spread her legs and bent her knees up in the air with her feet on the ground. I got between her legs. She was so wet that I slipped into her without any problem.

She said, “Go ahead and do it as hard as you want. Do it until I tell you to stop.”
I offered no resistance, and fucked her fast and hard. Then I came. I shot gobs of cum inside of her. I knew I was supposed to pull out, but for that moment, I threw caution out and just let my orgasm continue while I was fucking her deep and hard.

After I came, I tried to pull out, but she held the back of my butt and kept me inside of her. Geezus, I knew she was going to get pregnant for sure, and all of my desire turned to pure terror. I tried to pull out, but she had me pinned.

“I better pull out now,” I said.
“No, you haven’t finished,” she instructed.
“But I came inside of you.”
“I know. That is part of the game. Don’t worry. I am on the pill,” she giggled
I thought I had been given a pardon on death row. I was so relieved.
scared you didn’t I” She teased.
“Yes, I was very scared.” I confessed.
“Well, you have to keep fucking me.”

Well, this was my first time fucking, and I kept fucking her for a few minutes until she eased me out. She wasn’t demonstrative like we all are when we are older, so I didn’t know that she had gotten her climax, but she did.

“Was that a good game? She asked as she got up. She didn’t put her panties back on. She put them in her pocket. I put my underwear, pants, socks, and tennis shoes on.
“That was a great game. I hope my parents will visit often,” I said.
“Well, since you can’t drive, how would you like getting picked up?” She asked.
“Can you drive?” I asked.
“Well, I am getting my license in a couple of months.” she said.

I hurried back to my parents because I had gone without telling them. It was only like 30 or 40 minutes, but I felt weird going back and seeing them after I had just fucked for the first time. There was no problem. Their friends and my parents were still talking, so I didn’t have to account for my time.

Donna and I talked on the phone and texted during the next month. She said that she didn’t want to ask any of her school friends to “play the game” because guys would tell on her. I was safe since I went to another school. I didn’t tell anyone or brag to my buddies. My parents went to their friends about a month later on Sunday again. Of course, I was eager to go this time. I excused myself and Donna was waiting for me.

We didn’t need small talk this time. We headed for the thicket. She had on a dress and flip flops again. The dress made it easy. She just pulled up her dress and showed me her pussy. This time she wasn’t wearing panties. I kind of liked seeing her pussy through her panties, but I didn’t protest.

Before I took my pants off, I put my head between her legs and sucked her pussy. She made me stop, and pulled my shorts down. This time I was wearing shorts. Unlike her, I had underwear on, but she pulled them off at the same time. She sucked my dick for a while, and then laid back on the ground waiting for me to fuck her. I eased my dick into her and started pumping. She made me slow down to a crawl. It didn’t take long, but we had our 15 minutes of ecstasy.

Over the next few months we talked often. Donna told me that her cousin had lived only a few miles away. He rode his bike over to see her. She had fucked him for years before his family moved away. Sundays were special because sometimes he would bring a friend who he would invite to stay the weekend with him.

The first time they had fucked, they did make up a game to tease each other. Each one was cautious and had to make up a game in order to fuck the first time. It turned me on to hear about it. Listen, I knew how lucky I was to have a girl who had grown up with so much knowledge.

Donna got her license, and I thought I was the coolest guy because I had a girl who picked me up to fuck. She comes over twice on the weekends and sometimes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I never asked her how she got her pills before she could drive. I found that out later. That was a year ago. During the summer we got together either at her house or mine in the daytime since our parents are gone. It’s the end of the summer and I’m getting ready to go to high school now, but it will be another year before I can drive. She doesn’t mind picking me up.

She is one amazing girl. Our dates are short. We don’t hang out with other kids or go to parties. She doesn’t like that. Occasionally, we go to a movie. Now that school is starting, we find a place to park and talk for hours sometimes. Of course, we end up with the game. Each time is as good or better than the first time I fucked her. Unlike her cousin, I have never shared her with any of my friends. If you like the story, please tell me and I will try to write updates. So far, we continue fucking and sucking each other on the weekends.

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