The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 3 : Thanksgiving

(Part 1 from 2)

In Part 1 “The Game ... first time sex”, while my parents visited friends, I reluctantly tagged along. I met Donna. She is a couple of year older and lives next door where we were visiting. In a secluded thicket of bushes and brush behind her house, she let me insert my dick into her pussy. That is how I lost my virginity. Somehow the word “lost” is not the correct term. I would say I gained freedom to have sex with the most wonderful girl a guy could meet. I wasn’t old enough to get my license, so she picked me up the next year and a half just to fuck me every chance she could which was mainly on weekends.

In Part 2 read “The Game ... first time Sex: Part 2 Virgin Sex” occurs in the fall, a year and a half later. Donna brought Tonya to my house. Tonya was a virgin until we went to my basement. Tonya and I had the greatest sexual experience of my dreams. At the same time my younger friend Marcus got to have his first experience with Donna upstairs in my bedroom. Please feel free to read both stories in order to be prepared for part 3. Enjoy.

Now Part 3.

As we continue our double “dates,” the leaves are beautiful shades of reds and yellows, the air is nippy, cool and crisp. It’s been a couple of months since I eased by dick through Tonya’s beautiful virgin tissues and since Donna first fucked Marcus virgin pink dick. Marcus is keeping our secret and not telling anyone about our special foursome as we agreed. Donna hates the thought of anyone knowing that we fuck each other. Marcus and I have become best friends even with an age difference along with Donna and Tonya. Heck, none of us are the same age. I think that adds to our thrills.

There is no jealousy. We swapped back and forth at first, but after the first couple of weeks I am now with Tonya, and Donna fucks Marcus. I think Donna likes younger guys who need instruction, and I don’t mind fucking a girl who is younger than me either. Tonya means more to me each day. We have all forced ourselves into being more mature than our years would dictate.

As I grow increasingly attached to Tonya, it is not to the exclusion of Donna. Donna feels the same way toward Marcus, but she will still fuck me if I ask. We can confide in each other, all four of us. Donna has really opened us up. Donna and Tonya even sucked us and swallowed our cum when they were on their periods. That is new even for Donna just a few weeks ago. I thought that Donna had done everything that could be done, up to now.

It is now Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Tonya and her parents left just before the last weekend to visit relatives. So Marcus and I had not been with Donna and Tonya since the previous weekend. Geezus, just looking at a girl’s legs at school and I get hard. I miss Tonya a lot.

Marcus is at my house and planning to stay for the night. We are playing Halo upstairs in my room. We aren’t thinking of pussy since Tonya is gone. In the middle of a terrific battle, I hear a text being sent.

Donna sent, “rdy for som?”

I texted back, “we hard n we here”

Donna replies, “cumming 2 u”

I tell Marcus, “We’re going out with Donna!”

“Just the three of us?” he asks.

“Seems so. We gotta share tonight.”

“No problem with that.” Marcus turns the game off.

After all this time, why would I underestimate Donna? Just because Tonya is gone didn’t mean she can’t perform some of her pussy snapping on our dicks. I never ask to see Donna. She always makes the arrangements since she drives.

I hurry downstairs and tell my mom and dad that we were going to drive around with Donna. They like Donna and never give me a problem about going out. Marcus has a free reign to do whatever he wants when he comes to my house, so he needs no permission.

Marcus and I shower quickly. At Donna’s prior instructions from last year, I shave my balls in the shower, but Marcus doesn’t need to. He is a fairly hairless little biatch.

As Marcus emerges from the shower with a hard on, he leaves his towels on the bathroom floor showing off his erect dick. For his lack of very much hair, Marcus’ dick is robust enough to show off in any locker room, and Donna loves it, of course.

I am laughing, “Don’t even flash that thing my way.”

Marcus is the quiet one, but loves to walk around naked with a fully loaded cock since his new liberation. Whatever fate brought us together, he really fits in and adapts well to his new found sexual independence.

“Don’t worry. This is waiting for Donna.”

I goad him, “I bet you beat your meat every night since last week.”

Without admitting it he says, “No matter. There is always plenty of juice left when she arrives.” He is modest guy, but he loves to flash that dick.

In order to be ready anytime Donna calls, I try to hold off beating my meat as long a possible. I couldn’t hold off this long, so it did happen a couple times since we last got together. It is difficult. I love sneaking peaks at the girls legs in my classes and fantasizing about fucking them. That makes me want to jerk off even more. It’s pure torture to have a hard on while in school. It’s hard to cover up at times for sure.

Marcus brought his overnight stuff with him. Cologne is a touchy subject with Donna. Donna says guys usually use too much, and it makes her gag. The powder is enough to make you desirable according to her. She says if I did use cologne, she had to OK it.
She insisted that I use only a very small drop on one finger and touch it on my neck, and then use another drop just above the hair line above my dick. It’s sort of an understated touch of class to use less rather than more. We are trying to hard to be older than we are.

Donna gave me Eau Savage, and she had just given Polo to Marcus. I kid him – Marcus Polo? If I were jealous, I would resent her giving Marcus a gift, but I really like our arrangement. Tonya likes the scent that I wear, so I continue using the Eau Savage.

We both use a little powder between our legs and a hint between our toes so that we are soft and fresh for our girls. Guys, try using a touch of powder, but don’t go overboard. A little powder on your shaved, smooth balls allows your girl’s fingers to give you a nice sensation. I learned this from Donna when she sprinkled a little on me during that first month that she picked me up. I passed technique on to Marcus.

Guys don’t need a lot of prep time. We are ready and groomed in 20 minutes. I’m not sure if Marcus’ dick ever got limp, but my dick is warm with some precum drip as I anticipate Donna’s arrival.

Donna pulls into the driveway, and Marcus and I go out to meet her. Donna is still the only one who can drive. Donna got a new Kia Soul with dark windows this past summer. Marcus calls it the Ugli-Mobile, but it’s got a lot of room inside and has a great sound system. It sure is great for the four of us, or three of us this evening. I am beginning to miss Tonya a lot.

We open the doors and Donna says, “You guys ready?” She flips her skirt up to give us a peak. She is so fun and always teasing.

“You need to ask? I don’t think Marcus has been limp in the last two months.”

Marcus laughs, “Heya. Yep, I’m hard and ready.”

I am thinking that I am the odd guy out, the third wheel, or whatever.

She said, “You guys look great tonight.”

Donna is wearing a Dolman top with three-quarter sleeves and a basic mini-skirt. Marcus is wearing a black Hollister Balboa Island Hoodie and denim jeans. I am in a Jedidiah Royal V-neck Henley with Romona Hollister pants that can be slipped off in like two seconds. We would like to be going to a nightclub, but if we even tried to fake our ages we would be a laughing stock. Heck, Marcus doesn’t even shave yet.

Marcus hops in the front with Donna, and I am in the back alone. She gives Marcus a long kiss. Donna bends over the seat and gives me a kiss too. I feel like Grumpy when he got kissed by Snow White.

How could I treasure a simple kiss so much when I had already had everything that Donna could give a guy? Oh well, I guess we all need constant attention along with a little adoration, if not downright worship, to support our self-esteem. A little pussy helps too.

Guys, be sure to dote on your lover because no one ever turns down affection. I’m not saying to be clingy, to be over protective, or to be faking your interest, but just be affectionate and make sure your lover is the center of your attention, even when you are in a crowd.

Remember, Donna and I didn’t kiss that much? Well, Marcus brings something new to Donna’s fantasies and desires, and she kisses him a lot. I am always happy to see her excited, and I genuinely like the attention that she gives Marcus. Just a couple of months prior, and I was her main attraction, but since I had Tonya, I honestly don’t mind.

“What’s going on tonight?” I inquire.

“Nothing really. I can’t stand going a week without seeing you guys.”

“Well, we feel the same,” I said. That was nice that Donna included me in her statement since she seemed to prefer Marcus lately, just as I preferred Tonya.

She laughs, “You feel horny is what you mean.” We laugh too.

In an attempt to be humorous I said, “Horny? Does that mean we need sex? Never crossed my mind.”

“I thought about it,” admitted Marcus. We all laughed. Marcus is too naive and misses the facetious statement.

“I know Marcus needs something. He has a hard on 24/7.”

It is the first time that only three of us had gotten together. It isn’t awkward, just different.

As we drive listening to Rob Zombie and then mellowed out with Crystal Method’s Falling Hard. Donna loves Meiko. Then we listen to Deftones’ Sextape which seems appropriate. Then we switch to some old Judas Priest, You got another thing coming.

I know now that I really miss Tonya for sure. Suddenly, Marcus takes off his seatbelt and lays his head in Donna’s lap. She doesn’t protest at first, but I am worried about him not wearing a seatbelt. He lifts her skirt and bites between her legs.

“OK, hot rod, enough. I can’t drive if you keep doing that.”

It must be the Judas Priest in the background or maybe just the thought of Donna’s tight pussy for him to be so spontaneous. Marcus laughs, sits up, and puts his seatbelt back on.

I am in the back getting a hard on. I sense that Donna has something planned. Marcus and I know not to ask. Donna loves to lead and to surprise. Since I am in the car, I know I will be included.

“We’re going to Tonya’s,” she blurted out. My dick is creeping up my stomach, but I got a little more excited hearing Tonya’s name.

“I thought Tonya was out of town?”

“She is, but she told me to make myself at home. Just don’t trash the place.”

“What if the neighbors see us?”

I had never been to Tonya’s house. She lived a few miles from Donna.

“Well, Tonya has no close neighbors. She lives off a road, and her neighbors can’t see.”

Here we go. It is typical Donna fun. We are going to a house with the owners gone and without permission. I am nervous. My dick is freezes half hard in its place.

“Don’t worry. No one will see us.”

I worry anyway. I envision the headlines -- Home Invasion By Teens. On a holiday weekend, underage kids going into someone’s house without permission is not my idea of an exciting evening. I am wrong.

We drive for over 45 minutes from my house, and Donna pulls into a long gravel drive. Tonya’s house is a bit off the road, and it appears that no one can see the house just as Donna had promised. We park in the back. I am wondering how we can get in as Donna leads us to the back entrance and takes out a key.

“You got a key?”

“Yeah. Tonya gave me one.”

I quip, “Oh well, at least we have an excuse when the cops arrive.”

We all laugh and my tension eases a bit. Marcus smiles and shrugs at me as Donna opens the door and disables the alarm.

Tonya’s house is one story with a basement. Donna leads us to Tonya’s room. Dang, she has a picture of all of us on her dresser. That is thoughtful. It is a fairly large room with a queen size bed all made up nicely with a lot of pillows. There is an adjoining bath.

Donna lights a candle so no lights are on inside the house. It feels very cozy. The shadows that we make in the candlelight are just like a classic teenage slasher movie. I am waiting for Jason with his mask to jump out of the closet with an axe.

I whisper to Marcus, “Let’s take Donna’s clothes off very slowly. Caress her as we go. No rush. Don’t hurry.”

“What are you guys whispering about?”

“Oh nothing. We are just doing some strategic planning.” We all laughed.

Donna sent a text message to Tonya, “in ur room”

Then she got one back. It is Tonya. “Have fun and save me sum.”

I use Donna’s phone to text Tonya, “nice room thx miss u”

We continue to text back an forth a while, and then ended it.

We take Donna’s coat off, and she sits on the edge of the bed. Marcus is on one side, and I on the other. Marcus watches me for his cues. I get on my knees, and he follows. Marcus is on the right, and I am on the left.

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