The Cuckold Tale

(Part 4 from 4)

He continued fucking my wife in front on me. His face was keen but set with a fixed grin that revealed his satisfaction and pleasure. Sandra was pained, her face pale, foreboding but the pleasure on her face was quite obvious. Frequent and helpless groans spilling from her mouth. Eyes tightly closed as Hasim stretched and used her. He pulled out, laughing, rubbing his cock and eyeing my wife’s pussy with satisfaction. 

Able to do whatever he wanted. With a fist around his girth our black bull squeezed against her body, Sandra wincing as she felt his sliding in. Up and up. Pushing her open and filling her. ‘Oh yeah’ Hasim grinned as he repositioned his big arms behind my wife’s knees. Her legs well spread, hanging in the air. Torte and stiff as he began to pound into her cunt once more. 

Breathing heavily he turned to look at me. ‘Your wife’s a good fuck’ he said. ‘Ain’t cha?’, turning his attention to Sandra who was being driven hard into the bed. With her teeth grit tight my wife’s hand clasped the bed sheet. Her groans where real yet dreamlike, body thrusting sideways as he laid in. Even her beautiful breasts rolled and jerked under this wonderful fucking. How long had I looked forward to this. The wet slap of heavy balls meeting my lovely Sandra again and again. Ready to pump that potent seed up between her legs. He was firmly inside and enjoying it.

‘You like that big black cock?’ I asked, surprising myself as I had never spoken to Sandra that way before. 
‘Uhhnn!’ Sandra’s eyes where still closed tight. Her cheeks lightly tearstained. Hasim took over for me. 
‘Yeah…tell hubby’ he gasped driving away. ‘Tell him you like black cock’.
‘Tell him what you like!’. 
‘Black..cock..’ Sandra gasped Hasim’s balls continuing to slap furiously between her helpless legs. 
‘Give it to her’ I felt myself say. 

Sandra’s lips opened and her legs stiffened and jerked as she came again. Hasim grinned and I watched his balls meet her several last times. Her pussy sounded so wet. Accepting the inevitable now. Then in haste the bull slid himself out, his dark meat slippery and wet with my wife’s own cunt juice. Lurching forward the bull positioned himself quickly over her, the first spunk, creamy and white leapt from his end.  Splattering onto her tits and squirting as high as her neck. It caught me by surprise and I saw my wife sigh with relief. My eyes wide on the liquid mess covering her white breasts. As last her eyes opened. Her chest rising and falling. I hoped her pussy would still be throbbing. In fact I knew it would be. 
‘Damn’ Hasim said admiring his work and jacking his cock. ‘Take a breath cos the next load I’m putting right into your tight cunny'. He went to the bathroom. Dick swinging before Sandra pushed herself to her elbows. She was hot. 
‘You ok Sandra?’.

‘Yes’. The smell of sweat, sex and come was filling our bedroom. A wet patch between her legs on the sheet. The sperm, thick and wet, sliding and rolling over her skin. Glistening in the bedroom light. Still, her hair seemed perfect and much as she had left earlier, the lipstick pristine. When the door opened and Hasim returned she collapsed onto her back. His dick was already hardening again. With surprising strength he turned my wife onto her knees. 

Putting her ass up in he air and making a simple target of her molten pussy. Sandra held her hands together on the bedside as pushed in almost effortlessly. Squeezing the last inches home and drawing a pained reaction from her. 

I walked around to the front of the bed. Kneeling by my wife’s face and pushing back her hair. Eyes closed she began groaning. Hasim put one foot on he bed. He had fucked Sandra hard but wanted to really pound her for the encore. Holding her tightly by he thighs he truly gave it to her. Sandra’s hands clamped on the bedside as she groaned called and cried out. 

‘Yeah…yeah you fuckin whore…you love the fuckin’ Hasim's impatience was building. His dick ramming feverishly up into her belly. He had to hold her up to stop her falling to the soaked bed. From behind his balls met her body with an almighty ‘thwack’. The sweat collecting on his temples. Pushing helplessly out with her legs one of Sandra’s shoes went tumbling to the floor. She spasmed again as she orgasmed. A croak erupting from her lips. Hair and body shaking and jerking forwards over the bed. His teeth bared. 

When he came Sandra collapsed forward and he on top, grunting and gasping and he pumped his sperm up into my wife’s willing cunt. 
‘Damn…damn…oh yeah!’ he gasped as Sandra gasped in relief and pleasure. Sighing heavily he slowly tugged his cock out. Satisfied he had left behind a thick and copious load. His dark length was soaked, his hard-on sinking as this bull stood hands-on-hips. 

Sandra rolled tiredly onto her back and pushed back her hair. ‘That was some fuck!’ My wife didn’t reply at first. She just looked up at the ceiling. Glancing towards the unused condoms a smile spread over his face. He slid over the bed, a hand crawling over my wife’s belly. ‘Damn you pretty….that your first black seed huh?’. 
‘Yes’. Sandra’s voice was cool and crisp, Hasim brushing his fingers against her cunt. 

When Hasim was gone Sandra lay for about half an hour on the bed. Staring at the ceiling and breathing heavily. It was over an hour before I helped her into the bath. She felt completely worn out and I understood that. This was the start of our cuckold relationship and I was left to clean up the mess Hasim had left. There was a simple animal ferocity with the way he had mated Sandra in front of me. 

The fact that she carried his load deep inside her testament to the fact that she now had two partners. The simple truth is did she enjoy it? Did she come to her senses and leave? Well, it is 5 months since this all occurred and Sandra and I are still together. My family life is intact and as for Hasim? Well, it was true. Once a woman tries black she never goes back. Until my next tale.

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