The Cuckold Tale

(Part 2 from 4)

Hasim rang the doorbell at 7.30. He was right on time and by then I was nervous and excited. Helping Hannah with some homework as her mother got ready for a date with a big, black bull. Sandra had spent several hours after tea in our bedroom and I hadn’t seen her. When I went in she was sitting at the dresser, her back to me, wearing the dress and the shoes. The room rich with perfume. I noticed immediately she had left condoms on the bedside table.

‘He’s here’ I said, prompting her to stand to take her black velvet coat from the wardrobe. Sandra’s body looked magnificent in the dress. As good as I had ever seen her. Her crisp face, ruby lips and dark, sparkling eyes. 

The slim, wafer straps causing the low, gold dress to hang almost erotically on her shoulders. She was too good for this and my erection began to grow. Sweat on my palms. The outfit looked perfect against her lush, white skin. Dressed for black cock. 
‘I’ll see you later’ she smiled. 

Even with the high heels he was about 3 inches taller. Following her downstairs with his eyes was this tall, muscular black man. Wearing a casual jacket and trousers. His hair cut short and a squareness to his firm, hard jaw. The glint in his gaze was there to see and he looked at my wife with a suitable smile on his face. Sandra put out her hand. Full in the knowledge that she would be going to bed with him later.

‘I’m Hasim’ he said, his voice smooth and composed with only a light accent. He liked her. Maybe he saw full well how she wasn’t truly the slut he had expected and that excited him. 

‘Sandra’ she replied. I was so excited but I took a back step, enjoying the sight of them together. She was nervous and still so unsure. It was obvious. 
‘Your look beautiful’ he added. 
‘Thank you’.

Sandra smiled politely but she was in for a surprise. Her evening only just about to begin. 
‘Maybe the two of you should get going?’ I said. My voice dry. 

‘There’s just one thing’. I held my breath as the imposing bull grinned. He had perfect white teeth. His manners of before over with. Right then I realised that he was here to do things his way. My wife glanced sideways at me as Hasim ran his gaze up and down her figure. ‘You have such a beautiful body’ he continued, ‘but before we go out I want you to go upstairs and take off your bra and panties’. I smiled and noticed my wife swallow. She stood statuesque on the bull’s demand. His actions making my cock harder than it already was.

‘Alright’. Sandra turned and began up the stairs. She wasn’t used to being spoken to like that. Maybe she realised that this man was going to treat her far differently than any man had before. We both watched her go. My wife’s ass moving neatly in the hot, tight dress. Hasim stood hands in his jacket pockets. Throwing me a look that suggested he was impressed with her effort. 

‘Where are you taking her tonight’ I said sounding cheerful. So far everything had been better than I’d dare hope. 
‘There's a restaurant I passed in town’ he replied. ‘I’ll need some cash’. I had expected that and had some on hand. Hasim slipped the notes into his wallet and nodded.
‘Get her whatever she wants’ I said.

Minutes later my wife returned and I could see a glazed, uncomfortable look in her face. Her breasts moving explicitly as she came towards us. Bobbing inside the silky, thin, gold dress. Her dark eyes averted both of us. Handbag clasped tightly to her side. Shame in her face as we hungrily examined her. 

‘Better’ grinned Hasim, nodding and fully enjoying my wife’s tits. I opened the door. The bull standing back like a gentleman and letting Sandra through first. It was a cold night. ‘I’ll have her back soon’ he said unable to contain how much he was looking forward to it. Hurrying to the window I watched as the two of them went up the path. Hasim opening his car door for her then walking around the other side to get in himself. As he drove off I felt an excitement I’d never had before. 

All evening I paced around the house. Seemingly looking at the clock every five minutes. 
My wife was with a black man.
My wife was on a date.
My wife was going to get blacked tonight.

How it dragged. I wanted to know what was happening. Where they where and what was said. I poured myself a drink to calm my nerves, made my daughter Hannah a super and put her to bed. When she asked what was going on I almost told her. The desire to be truthful coupled with the hope that Hasim would soon be very much a part of our family life. It left me gasping. In essence of what we where doing. 

What I had encouraged my special wife to do. When two hours had passed I knew they would be well into the dinner. Was she enjoying it? Another hour ticked by. I went to the Cuckold forum, adding a post that my wife was on her first date. Congratulations where among the replies as well as questions as to what Sandra was wearing. 

Where were they I asked myself? 10:30 already. I nearly spilt my drink when I finally heard voices on the path. It was time and my heart pounded like no tomorrow. As quickly as I could I switched off the lights in the lounge and went through to the hall. Sandra and Hasim where on the other side of the glass, my wife struggling with the key. I heard laughter, the door opened with a sudden cold gust. They both looked as if she had expected me to be there. Contrary to the polite yet stern way Sandra had left there was a smile upon her face. 

A calmer glint in her eye that let me know right away that she had enjoyed her evening. Knowing how my wife likes to be treated I could only assume Hasim had been a total gentleman. That was about to change.

‘Hello’ she said, walking in, noticeably more merry than drunk though undoubtedly relaxed by the alcohol in her body. Perhaps noticing my gaze Hasim slipped a heavy arm around her waist and moved her towards him.

‘How was your date?’ I asked. ‘Your new boyfriend take care of you?’. Sandra turned and looked up at Hasim. There was a confidence in his face too. 
‘Oh yes’ my wife smiled, her arm around his strong waist. As I watched she tilted her head suggestively. Hasim lowered his and their lips met. My heart was still throbbing as was my cock. Sandra slid her arms up around his neck as their kiss became more urgent. 

Then almost immediately there was a pause in Sandra’s eyes. A sudden realisation or moment of truth. She turned back to me, about to speak. Her dark, beautiful eyes giving up how much she wanted to stay faithful. Of course our new bull after an evening staring down my wife’s dress was in no mood for games. He didn’t see the change in Sandra and was here for one thing only. 

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