The Cuckold Tale

(Part 3 from 4)

‘You’ve been looking forward to this I’ll bet’ he said. His voice showed no wavering. He was sober and composed and I guessed he was very horny too. Particularly after tasting her lips. ‘Such a fine woman. I couldn’t wait to get her home’. Hasim hissed the last words, his tongue sliding over his big, thick lips. Sandra looked up at the taller man in fond recognition but her face changed as he gently parted her coat and put his hand on her breast. This was the hard part and my wife knew it. 

She glanced down at the floor, this strong bull’s hand moving between her breasts. Lifting and feeling each. Made easier without her bra. His dark skin was offset perfect against her. Fingers thick. ‘Yeah!’ I could see his impatience and the bulge growing in his trousers. He was changing, becoming dominant. Sandra’s eyes where glazed and she gasped as her date suddenly slid his hand roughly down inside the front of the dress. ‘You like another man feelin’ your wife’s tits don’t ya!’ he said, face contorted as he thoroughly enjoying his role. Squeezing and groping left and right with extra vigour. 

‘Yes’ I croaked dryly, unable to take my eyes away. 
‘Adam’, Sandra swallowed and took a step back. Hasim moved with her. 
‘That not enough though’ he rasped ignoring Sandra ‘You want to see her get blacked too?’ I nodded, breathless.

The aggression in Hasim had caught me by surprise. Likely that he had kept it under wraps throughout the meal. Sandra’s coat and bag lay on the floor as I followed them both up the stairs. Her smooth white legs looking particularly firm on the tall heels as she led the way. Hasim felt her firm, round ass as she made her way ahead of him. The creaking of the floorboards underfoot wasn’t enough to wake Hannah. 

Passing her room we opened our bedroom door and went in. Our martial room is not unusual. A large double bed, polished wooden furniture including my wife’s dresser. Some framed pictures hanging on the walls and a French window. On my bedside table was a shot of Sandra and our daughter together with a wedding photo, looking beautiful in her long white dress. 

Sandra turned to face Hasim with her back to the bed. There was apprehension in her face. She gave a deep breath and took a step back. I could almost feel the tension in the air as he roughly began unfastening his pants, a dirty cruel smile on his face. ‘Gonna give you a drillin’ he announced, taking hold of her shoulders. As he did Sandra closed her eyes, hands clenched. 

I watched with awe as he slid his fingers under the strap of her dress and pushed it off her arm. First one then the other. Until the thin garment fell off by itself. Tumbling to around her waist and exposing her big tits at last. Hasim grinned and looked at my slut wife’s perfect breasts. Her nipples round and flat. ‘Watch this!’ he said turning her to face me and groping each of them in turn. ‘You like that huh?’ She stiffened, visibly shaken. ‘You like that?’ the bull repeated.
‘Oh yes’ I nodded, my cock as hard as ever. 
‘You watch now’ he grinned.

In a sudden urge Hasim pulled off his pants. Taking off his jacket, shirt and finally his underwear. Sandra watched dutifully. Her arms by her side as his big dick bounced free. He was certainly hung and she seemed moved by it. The shaft was particularly black and surprisingly long. He was a bull after all. Looking at me again Sandra could easily sense the aggression in Hasim. Perhaps it unnerved her. I’d never seen my wife so distant. 

Even as her dress was pulled roughly down to her ankles. Naked. Her face crisp as Hasim's eyes rolled all over her white figure. His cock a dark and strong erection. Swelling up and up. We both looked towards the dresser where the condoms lay. Obvious that he wasn’t about to use them. This bull was here to use her and would fuck her unprotected. By Sandra’s reaction he could have anything he wanted.

He laid Sandra back. A stiffness in her legs as he opened them and exposed her sex. She looked up towards our bedroom ceiling as Hasim got down on one knee. I watched as he pushed his mouth against her pussy. Deciding to eat her before he gave her his black cock. With a groan Sandra folded her arms across her chest, her new boyfriend in full flow, his head moving and his tongue licking deep. This was unlike what I had dreamed of. It was better. The black bull was ready to use my own wife to satisfy himself. Leaning forward and planting his mouth over her breast. Sandra sighed as he sucked her nipple, rubbing the other roughly between his finger and thumb before groping heavily with his hand. 

I glanced again towards the condoms. Surprised by the suddenness with which he stood and quickly parted her legs back. 
‘Gonna fuck you good’ he grinned his arms pressed in behind Sandra’s knees. Opening her up. 

His tip found her hole and with a strained push forced her open. Sandra grimaced, her tits rolling as he thrust forwards. She wasn’t used to such a big dick. The contrast of her pussy to his cock was terrific. I stood behind them. My eyes and heart willing that cock in. Knowing I wouldn’t be happy till I saw it balls deep inside my wife’s cunt. Hasim pushed her legs wider, further back over her head. They hung in the air either side of him, the shapely calves torte and stiff with the high heels fastened on tight. ‘Yeah!’ he sighed as he squeezed in, the ring of her willing pussy spreading and accepting him. Slowly with maybe half his cock he began to fuck, pushing again and again until he began to slide between her lips. The bull had his spot now. 

‘Ohh!’’ it was the first sound Sandra had made. Having Hasim's big, black dick inside her was hurting. The thick veins running down the underside as he struggled to get it up her. His desire to insert himself fully taking over. The bull pausing to quickly feel her breasts again, wiping the spittle from her nipple. As he slowly, perfectly thrust in and out with almost three quarters of his length I willed in the last 3 inches. 

He was rougher than I was. I saw the tears well in her eyes and the strain in her face as he stretched her. Hasim was showing no mercy. 
‘Oh…Oh.. ’ Sandra gasped out, her hands white as she grasped the bed. The wedding ring catching my eye. A second followed. Something had to give. It certainly wouldn’t be Hasim. His big arms planted behind my wife legs, pinning them apart. ‘Slap..slap..slap…’ his balls met her on each stroke. A welcome sound indeed. Using her deep in front of me. Her breasts smacking and rolling together under the pounding. 

Sandra was about to break. Then quite suddenly she closed her eyes tight and her lips fell open. She came. Her legs stiffening as she croaked several times. Hasim slowed his strokes to a stiff bonk. Making her hair and body jerk. For several moments Sandra spasmed, her legs rigid as her orgasm came through. 

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