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I hope you will read the previous stories leading up to this chapter for a full understanding of the events and characters. The titles are not consistent, so I made the following list. Also, you can search on my name to find the previous stories. (1) “My First Time and a Little More,” (2) “first time and More: part 2.” (3) “My First Time and a Little More: Part 3 Anal,” (4) “First Time and a Little More: Part 4 Cum,” (5) “First Time and a Little More: Part 5 foursome,” (6) “My First Time and a Little More: Part 6 Swallow”, “My First Time and a Little More: Part 7.”


As the summer progressed, I found parties to attend and had a few new partners. The problem was finding a place to have sex. Since I lived at home, I had to depend on the other guys once we paired up. It wasn’t routine, but after the summer got into full swing, I found a few people still around campus who opened up their apartments for several people to meet, drink, and hang out. I enjoyed being with guys my own age as opposed to Lee and Robert, from the previous stories, who were 10 to 118 years older, yet I didn’t want to be obligated to any one person. Consequently, I had a new partner often. It was great.

One evening several guys were having their usual fun as someone’s apartment. I had been drinking whatever was being served. Here I was, just having turned 18. Looking back at my first drink at 16, I had come a long way. Crown Royal was my favorite followed by Jack Daniels. Whatever I was given to me was fine too. That night gin and vermouth were being mixed. I was too unsophisticated to know these were martinis. Since I lived 30 miles away from campus and the town, I had to make sure I had a place to crash after drinking all night.

Two drag queens were entertaining everyone with their antics. One guy was passing around joints. I am not a prude, but I just didn’t get along with pot. I made me think too much, and I just wanted to be high. I stayed with the gin and vermouth on the rocks. This became my favorite drink years later, by the way.

Someone suggested playing Barbara Streisand music, but I wanted to listen to heavy metal. I didn’t speak up, so we listened to Streisand with many of the guys mouthing the words and playing like they were on stage. I didn’t know any words to the songs. A couple more drinks and even the Streisand songs sounded good.

One guy that I noticed was especially interested in everyone’s hair. Barry was a stylist. My hair was very long and parted in the middle. He took a look at me and told me to sit in front of him. He ran his hands through my hair, said I needed a conditioner, and that I should part my hair on one side instead of the middle. Even though I had been picking up table manners and how to dress, I didn’t know much about hair and never thought about a conditioner. He ended up washing my hair, putting a conditioner on it, and then parting it on one side as he dried it. What a party. No one thought anything about it. Here is a guy getting his hair styled in the middle of the night while everyone is bombed on booze, pot, or both. What an innocent time it was.

Getting one’s hair styled sounds dull except the massage during the washing left me wet between the legs. As he washed my hair, he massaged my scalp, and I reached between his legs to feel his dick. He didn’t protest. In fact, he planted himself in from of me so that I could reach his dick easily.

He dried my hair and caressed each strand with his fingers so delicately that I tingled from head to toe. As he passed in front of me, I reached once again between his legs and gripped his hard dick. He was getting ready to seduce me, and the hair ritual was his foreplay. Well, my hair looked great afterwards, but I was ready to pull his pants off. I repeat for the third time in my saga. Guys are sluts. Gay or straight, we are ready any time. Just ask us. Barry didn’t ask, he enslaved me with hands on my head, and I was ready without being asked.

We talked and touched a while until he suggested we find a place to lie down. This was his friend’s apartment, so he had permission to take me to the bedroom. It couldn’t have come soon enough. We sat on the bed and talked awhile. He was only 20 but had a good spot in a salon. He had his own apartment too. He had graduated about three years ago from high school and immediately went to school to be a stylist.

We undressed each other. I slowed things down because, at that point, he was a bit more anxious than I was to get undressed. I wanted to savor the moments and continue the foreplay. Unlike the past, I had a cache of foreplay techniques. I began by running my tongue over his left ear, down his sideburns, chin, and neck. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and used the tip of my tongue on his chest. He was hairless and tan. I moved my tongue to his waist and pulled his pants down. He had gray boxers. I ran my hand up his boxers and felt his dick. It was wet and hard.

He pulled his socks and shoes off while I pulled his underwear down. I continued licking his chest and stomach. I moved to his thighs and ran my tongue down to his toes. I turned him over and moved my tongue on the back of his calves all the way up to his back. Then I used the tips of my fingers to run down his back from his neck all the way to his feet.

I turned him over, and I put his dick in my mouth ever so gently, and I ran my lips and tongue around his shaft as I went up and down. After a few minutes he pulled my head up. I undressed and laid on top of him. Our dicks touched. I was wet, but he was wetter.

He briefly sucked me and then said he wanted me to fuck him. The table next to the bed had a decorated red box. Barry told me to open it. Inside was a vial of oil. He asked me to give it to him. He opened it, poured it into his palm, and then soaked my dick with it. It was warm. I got hotter. Geezus, it was hot! He pumped his hand up and down my dick, and the initial shock went away. Soon I was in heaven. He used both hands to caress my dick and balls.

He laid face down on the bed waiting for me to penetrate him. I gently moved his legs apart and edged my dick between them. Ever so slowly, I eased the tip of my dick into him. He was soft and not overly tight. I think he was very used to being fucked. It was grand.

It felt as good as any mouth that had sucked my dick before. I couldn’t help myself from fantasizing, and I briefly flashed back to Sean sucking my dick years ago. I never saw Sean grow up, so his immature form was implanted in my memory just like the last day that I saw him. Fucking wasn’t my favorite, but this feeling was changing my mind.

I pulled out and sucked his anus. I pushed my tongue into him. He moaned and purred like a cat. I put some more oil on my dick and on him too. I teased him with my dick before edging my way into him again.

He raised his pelvis slightly so that I could move all the way inside of him. In and out and in I pushed. I was all the way in and he pushed back on me. I continued as my heart pounded. He raised his pelvis a bit higher, and I pushed harder and faster. I grasped his checks with my hands. His head was buried in the pillow. I could feel the climax building until I pumped all of my cum into him. I pushed all the way in as I shot my hot cum far inside of him.

I held inside of him and he lowered his pelvis flat onto the bed. As I lay on top of him, I gently eased out. He turned over, and I started sucking him. He was only half hard until I got on his dick with my lips. He immediately got hard inside of my mouth. That was a first for me, and I loved the sensation of feeling the dick grow hard in my mouth. He had a nice dick.

I went up and down and round and round. I made sure my tongue never stopped. I asked if he wanted to fuck, but he said keep going, so I sucked and sucked. He said to stop. I halted. He said to suck his titties. I went for his right one. He said to bite it. I bit it. He said to bite it harder. I bit and bit, but didn’t want to hurt him, but he insisted I bite even harder. I did and then I went down and started sucking him again.

Minutes went by and then I felt the warm cum pulsing in my mouth. He shot hard, and I kept sucking as my mouth filled up. I swallowed and continued sucking. I pumped his dick to get every last drop until he said he couldn’t take any more. I rolled over next to him. He turned sideways and kissed my ear. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We lay there and began to talk. Barry asked me about the first time I had sex. I told him about Sean and Michael. I told him how Sean had asked me to suck dicks with him a couple days after his cousin enticed him to suck him off. The cousin refused to suck Sean. Sean was angry. A couple days later Sean asked me. We were best friends, and we sucked each other as best friends for three years. I told him about Michael joining us a year later. Michael was 3 years older than Sean and myself. I told him that Michael also could cum and had hair which amazed us at that early age.

He was thrilled to hear about what great neighborhood friends I had. He said he hadn’t started so easily. He said that two older guys made him suck their dicks in a rough way. They were bullies. Because he had no one to play with if they rejected him, he put up with their abuse. After a few times, he protested and one of them would suck him after he sucked both of them.

He said he ended up letting them fuck him because he said it was easier. Geez, I thought that being fucked was a lot harder that sucking. I guess at that age, their dicks weren't that large, so he didn't feel the pressure I felt when Lee first fucked me.

We dressed and went back to the rest of the crowd. The host came over and said that I must be something special because Barry had turned down so many recently. I found that being a stylist, you get a lot of offers. Barry had probably had all the dicks he wanted and was getting more selective. It was a nice compliment.

We made plans to meet at his apartment later in the week. We had dinner and another great time in bed a few days later. Next, we met at a party and hung out before going to his apartment again. Each time he wanted to be fucked. He liked being sucked although he could have fucked me if he wanted, but he chose to have me suck him.

I found out that he had a live in boyfriend who had recently left for the summer. They were a couple, yet they were free to have sex with others. At that young age, I can see that an exclusive relationship would be hard to maintain with all of the guys that were available. We continue seeing each other a couple times a week if not more until the fall semester began. His roommate or boyfriend, or whatever they were, came back. I was ready to meet someone new by that time too.

Please read the next chapter in my true story, “My First Time and a Little More, part 9.” Also, if you have read any of the other stories up to this point, please feel free to leave a message. Enjoy, enjoy yourself, and enjoy others.

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