Sweet Revenge - Part A

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It was a sunny monday morning when I left my Ashley with a goodbye kiss as I headed to work as usual, knowing what she would do behind my back after I disappeared. (read previous story "The Slutty Wife & the Handsome college Stud") I drove to work, my organ semi - erect, thinking about my babe fucking the athletic twenty year old next door. I did not know why I had that smile on my face and whether I should feel stupid or guilty about it.

Just when my thoughts were drifting to my gym workouts at 5AM, probably due to the instinct that it just be another day at work with a boring routine, something, or rather someone stepped into my office- someone who took away my breath- every single bit of it. Till date, I had worshipped my Ashley as the only sex goddess in my life, but this gorgeous who now stood before me had the beauty that dreams were made of.

There she stood, her hair, smooth, pearly-black, her 6 foot - medium - tanned - frame proclaiming a height steeper than mine- maybe it was due to the 2 inch heels she wore- but then, I didnt care. Her little pink tanktop exposed her bellybutton, and the flimsy frock she wore made no effort whatsoever to cover more than half the silky thighs of this apparent 36" 32" 34" bombshell. .

I composed myself as I always do in front of beautiful ladies, 'cos I knew that even the slightest wrong movement of the eye would send them running away from me. These women should never be underestimated, since they are approached 24 x 7, and believe me, they know what men think when they see them. My voice slightly dry, I tried to put in my usual dominating deep tone "yes miss, please take your seat. Would you be kind enough to tell me your name and do you have any specific complaints?" She looked wide - eyed, right at me- I didn't flinch as I returned her stare, and cocked an eyebrow.

Caught off guard, she lowered her eyes for a second toward the floor with a shy half - smile, and at that moment I knew I had won the battle. "Name's Tina. Its really nothing Doc, but one of my close relatives is now a victim of breast cancer. She died recently, and her death took us all by shock, so much so that, I wanted to get myself checked immediately- they tell me you're the best?"

I looked into her eyes, smiled professionally and said, "Thats upto you to decide ma'am". I motioned to the couch nearby, checked her vitals, then proceeded to ask her if she minded removing her top. I did this as carefully as possible and tried to hide deeper intentions as far as possible. She immediately complied and removed her short tank top without even asking me to turn away for a moment. We again made eye- contact, she smiled, then lay down. Her perfect proportionate breasts were now laid bare. I did not have the chance to measure them (though I could've asked her permission and used the inch-tape in my office, but that would 've seemed suspicious), but guessed them to be slightly more rounded than my wife's, which absolutely suited this gorgeous giantess. I proceeded palpating as standard procedure from her neck, though my instincts screamed to squeeze both her breasts. I watched her- she was tilting her head a little and looking at me with mildly constricted eyes behind long lustful eyelashes. I kept my emotions totally under control and proceeded to rub her arm pits with the tips of my fingers, then slowly worked my way to the edges of her firm breasts. Their consistency reminded me of the firmness my wife had had a few months back before she had generously donated herself to Ryan.

When I had finished one of her breasts, I moved to the other side, working my finger tips into her armpits and around her firm breast. I had found no nodules suggestive of cancer and I proceeded to check her hip for any other swellings of significance. Before I could even ask, she had brought down her frock, and undid her panty (though this was not at all required for this procedure) exposing her shaved pussy. I was speechless in admiration as I continued - though I had performed this for so many patients, not one had aroused me the way this amazing goddess did. I finished, smiled professionally, told her I'll be waiting at my desk and left her to her privacy, though I think she would not have minded a bit if I had stayed and watched her dress.

I told her she was perfectly normal, and if she wanted to be completely satisfied, a few radiological scans might be needed with the regular blood tests. She said they were not necessary as she had faith in my clinical abilities, and got up to leave. At the door, she paused, her athletic back slightly bent, her pretty butt up in the air, turned back sexily with one shoulder above the other, and said, "Your wife is a very lucky woman". Before I could ask her to elaborate, the goddess was gone. But, something told me she would be back.

I called up my wife around noon knowing she would be fucking Ryan. She answered, slightly breathless and I told her she could head over to Bella's for the night (refer previous story). I wanted to be alone so I could think of Tina and masturbate to the heights of my imagination.


My instincts hadn't let me down. There she was, carrying her sexy athletic frame with elegance, walking into my office. This time Tina was straight to the point. "Doc I also am concerned of my probabilities of getting a cancer in my cervix, since the deceased had it too, and she is a close relative." I did not know whether to smile or not. This would mean doing a per - vaginal examination. Did she want me to do this on purpose or was it just pure innocence again? Somehow I did not think it was the latter.

This time I made no bother asking her to strip. Without bothering to draw the curtains, she stripped to her silky flesh and soon was lying stark naked on the examination couch. I controlled myself from rushing up to her, taking measured calm strides as she seemed to stare in what surprisingly seemed an admiring glance. My penis immediately became so erect in my pants, I was afraid she would notice. My voice dry, I told her, "I never asked you to expose your breasts- we're done with that." I proceeded to palpate her hips, then with gloved hands, stroked her genitals without bothering to hide how I felt. She didnt reply anything to that statement, but after a pause of five seconds, when my fingers were separating her vulva, she said, "My husband will be coming here shortly".

I didn't care if she was married or single. Right then, I looked at her, and as our eyes made contact, I noticed the lust in them, directed right at me. Thinking of Ashley fucking Ryan, I inserted my middle finger into her vagina, stimulating her clitoris with my other hand. She immediately started to wet my couch, and I proceeded to push it further in till I heard her softly moan. "So how long will it take him to get here?". She gasped, "Maybe a half hour". I didnt say anything, or bother to take any details of who he was or what he was doing. My job had just gotten very interesting indeed and I was not going to let this opportunity out of my grasp.

I started to stroke one of her breasts with one hand and continued fucking her with my other hand's middle finger. We had gone for just about two minutes when this angel was actually giving out signs of climaxing. My fingers were stubby and were hardly anything compared to my 9 incher in my pants. If she was feeling so good with just my finger in her cunt.. imagine the endless possibilities! Then it struck me- "Does he ever fuck you?" "No", she replied, "he's too busy with work to bother making love to me except once a month. And he's not exactly as hot as you are Doc". With this, this busty angel Tina proceeded to unbutton my pants as I stood beside her. She unzipped me and took my weapon in her soft hands and started stroking it. All this was happening with my finger forcing her way deeper and deeper inside her.

***** TO BE CONTINUED ******************

Dr. Dud & Mrs. Ashley

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