My first time and a little more

(Part 1 from 1)

My friend Sean and I grew up together. We lived on the same block, were the same age, and were in the same class at school. Since my folks worked late, we usually ended up at my house after school. One day, Sean asked if he could see my dick. Of course, I had to ask for him to do the same. Sean asked if I wanted to suck Ďem. After going back and forth deciding who would be first and promising never to tell anyone, we ended up sucking each other. That was my first time. I didnít know what a great feeling the body can have until then. I was completely amazed. It turned out that Sean's cousin had visited him on the weekend, and he had convinced Sean to suck his dick, but the cousin hadn't sucked Sean in return. Sean was mad. In any case, Sean got to feel what is was like to have his dick sucked the same day that I did.

We didnít consider it gay or abnormal. We just knew that we liked it. Since both of us hadnít matured, we didnít have to worry about cum. We also didnít know the technical word for the exhilaration, so we just said that we were getting ďthe feeling.Ē Whatever it was called, I remember that the tingling started at the top of my head and moved all the way to my feet. It lasted a long time compared to when I got older.

This wasnít a one time experience. Sean and I sucked each other just about every week day after school. We tried it every way imaginable, like one of us lying down while the other was on top pushing our dicks into the otherís mouth. We did it sitting up and lying down, and tried sixty-nine, but I didnít like that. We even did it in my garage using a cardboard refrigerator box that had a hole in it. One of us got inside the box and the other would stick his dick through a hole. We had no idea at the time that this had a name! We were quite inventive for being so new and naive about it.

Later that year a guy named Michael, who was about three years older, moved into the neighborhood. Michael played video games and watched TV with us after we got to know him. After a couple of weeks while I was at Michaelís house, Michael told me that he and Sean had sucked each other. I thought that was cool and got aroused when he told me. It must have happened on a weekend, since Sean and I were doing it every week day. I found out later that Sean had asked Michael. Sean was a tad aggressive. Michael wanted to know if I wanted to suck dicks with him. Of course, I said yes.

Michael was fully mature and had a fairly big dick. My jaws got tired. He also had a lot of cum. I never even considered getting cum in my mouth. Since Michael was new at this too, he pulled out just before he came. We had no idea to do anything differently. I had never seen cum before, and he shot it out like a water cannon. We were in his basement, so it was easy to clean up. The sight of him cumming really turned me on. I was shaking when he sucked me, and it didnít take 5 minutes before I got ďthe feeling.Ē

Well, the next day it was the three of us at my house with a new game to play. Since I was a tad bigger than Sean, I ended up sucking Michael. Michael sucked Sean, and Sean sucked me. We tried to do it all at once, but no one liked that. All three of us got together often although there would be times when only two of us were together. I moved away a couple of years later. Sean and Michael moved out of state, so I lost track of them. Those were the best days.

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