Holly's Milk And Honey

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"OH FUCK! Ooo RYAN! Let me cum! Let me cuuum!" She sat up on her elbows, "OH GOD YES! LET ME DRINK YOUR CUM!"

My clit circles got faster and I reached for a nipple. I gripped it between my finger and pulled until it slipped from my fingers over and over. Holly's glorious pussy began to spasm again and she began pulling her legs further back,


I thrusted harder and faster while continuing to rub her clit and pull her nipple. Her pussy clamped down and heavy cries escaped her,

"YEAH! YEAH! FUCK YEEEEEEES!" Her body shook and she cried. I continued to thrust knowing I was going to cum soon too.
Holly cried out as her whole body seized up, I rolled her clit between my fingers rapidly diving deep into her.

"IIIIM CUMMING! OOOOOOOO! OOOOO!" She gripped my wrist of the hand rolling her clit. "OOOOOOOOOO, GOD RYAN YES! YES! HARDER!"

I pinched down on her clit and fucked her as hard as I could. She jerked several times whimpering before falling limp. I pulled out, still hard but very close and bent down and sucked up her clit which was covered in cream. I suckled her clit a few times causing her to erupt in cries of ecstasy. I pulled her clit out from my lips and danced my tongue across it.

Holly sat up,"Give me that cock."

I stood up, my cream covered cock level with her talented mouth. She wrapped her fingers around my base and gave it a tight grip. My cock was at full mast, my head deep purple. She began the stroke my shaft and took my tip on her mouth and sucked off her cream. Her strokes grew longer and faster as she took more of my cock in her mouth establishing a fast paced, deep throated blow job. Her other hand made its way to my nuts and massaged them pulling every once in a while. My hand found the back of her head as she bobbed up and down; I could feel myself getting closer to busting a nut deep into her throat.

"Mmmmm yeah girl, take that cock. Oooo fuck yeah. Suck my tip."

She pulled off my cock stroking vigorously, massaging my nuts. She took my tip in her mouth and kissed it softly and looked up ad me with lusty eyes. Her tongue traced around my tip rim and through my slit before taking my entire head and suckled it. My nuts pulled close to my body as she messaged and I could feel my orgasam coming.

"Oh god! Oh yeah, just like that." The sight of her treating my head like a lollipop, "Mmmmm good girl."

I rolled my head back and held the back of hers. Every inch of my junk taken care of; her wet mouth suckling my tip, her soft firm grip on my stocky thick shaft and her gentle tugging to my nut. Oh fuck. I looked back down at Holly, slopping away and our juices and felt the beginning oh my orgasm.

"I'm about to cum ..." At that moment I had reached my limit, "OOOOOOH God damn." I panted as my whole body tingled.

My nuts clinched tighter as I left my cum traveled through my dick and exploded into Holly's mouth. All I could do was pant and give continuous aahh and ooos. She drank me as I pulsed into her mouth her strokes much faster than before. She didn't miss a drop.

"Fuck yeah baby, drink that nut. Mmmmm yeah."

My juice stopped spewing from my tip and my cock began to get soft and very sensitive. Holly looked up at me and pulled off my tip. She couldn't leave my cock alone and ran her tongue through the my slit again. Her strokes got shorter and shorter until she got to the back of me head again and stopped. My cock was pretty soft at this point, fully appreciated and praised by her body. Regardless, Holly took my head in her mouth again and sucked my soft cock down her throat and nursed it like I did her delicious nipples. Wonder when those will be ready again.

Holly had my entire cock suckled down her throat, her lips formed around the base of my dick, her hands holding my waist.

"Easy girl, easy," he gasped, "He's very sensitive, ooooo, careful. Careful."

I pulled her head back and she held my cock in a strong suckle as it escaped her mouth. She flicked the tip with her tongue a few more times before I pulled her away and up. I pressed my lips against hers. We kissed passionately, one of her hands grasping the arm of my hand gripping her hair, the other to my waist. My free hand found one of her hard nipples and took it in a light pinch and twisted and pulled.

After several seconds of intense kissing and nipple play, I twisted and pulled her until she slipped from my fingers, breaking our kiss at the same time.

"We may have to make this a regular thing." I stated.

"We should have been doing this a long time ago." Holly replied running her fingers down my chest, "I've wanted to fuck you for years, you know that. I think of you when I masterbate. I think or you with your face between my legs and eating my pussy. Or drinking my milk right from my tit. Mm. I have waited so long..." She looked me up and down, "This can definitely be a regular thing. If I had my way, you'd nurse me daily. Would you like that?" Holly expressed a small amount of her milk onto her finger and held it to my mouth. I welcomed it into my mouth, closed my eyes and sucked it off.

"God yes." I replied as her finger fell from my mouth.

She held my chin as I looked down at her, "Give my nipple one more little nibble. It's achy."

I bent down and danced my tongue across a nipple and bit her lightly and pulled. She moaned. I released it and went back in for another bite and repeated. At the end of this nibble I gave her a slight suckle. To my surprise there was a small amount of milk, only a few mouth fulls.

"Oh yes Ryan, yes! Perfect. Do the other."

My lips traced across her skin to her other nipple which was rock hard and waiting on me. I took her between my teeth and bit. Then nibbled. I latched for my ounce or two of rich milk and nursed hungrily. Her nipple slipped from my mouth after I emptied her and I stood up.

I knew every time from here on out I will wonder if she's full of milk, hoping she would leak, hoping she would allow me to nurse. I tucked myself back into my shorts before I got hard again and ripped her pussy in half. I watched her nipples disappear as she pulled her tank top over them, but then reappear once her shirt clung to her.

It was the beginning of my adventures in the land of Holly's milk and honey.

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