Holly's Milk And Honey

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My name is Ryan. I'm a 34 year old single guy with a love for breast milk. But there's more to me than just that. I live in the beautiful city of Lake George, Colorado. Smallish community in the mountains. I am a police officer there and have lived there all my life. It's late October, cool out but not cold. I have been single for a while, mostly because I know everyone in town and the ones who aren't trash are married or committed in some how. Except for one, now.

Tonight I have plans with an old friend. She and her dude broke thing off after 8 years, which I had to withdraw myself from for the most part because dude was such a dick. I was always there if Holly needed to talk, but that was mostly through phone or texts. He was quite controlling and didn't approve of male female friendships. Tonight was the first time I have actually seen her in person in 6 years. We were friends on Facebook and based on her pictures, nothing had changed much. Still cute. Still Holly.

I pulled into her drive early, grabbed the bottle of booze I picked up and headed towards the door. Secluded little place surrounded by large fur trees. I knocked and heard a shuffle towards the door, it cracked open and then fully to her smiling face.

"Hello stranger." Holly said.
"Hey you.."

She was dressed in a thin white tank top and no bra and a short relaxed fit skirt. She embraced me in a hug, I could feel her nipples press against my chest. Hey, I'm a single. Guy. I am going to notice these things.

"I've missed you. Come on it!"

I waked through the door and she shut it behind me. She showed me around the house and we ended in the kitchen.

"What's in the bag?" She asked.
"Oh, it's some jägermiester for old time sake." I smiled and waved the bag in from of my face.
"Oh man," she laughed, "I haven't thought of that stuff in years. Shall we?"
She grabbed two shot glasses out of the cabinet, "I could use this." She smiled.

We have known each other since middle school. Same grade, almost every class together through graduation. She worked at her aunts business in town and I went to the police academy, she of course there for that graduation.

Several shots and laughs later we found ourselves on the back patio spread out on the two outdoor lounges. I had my hands behind my head and my legs spread on each side of my lounge, Holly laying in a half ass fetal position propping her head up with her inside arm. Both of us pretty wasted.

We carried on with our conversation, something about work several years ago, and I looked over at Holly. She continued talking unaware of the wet spot forming around her nipple. It was cool out, so the wetness made her nipple harder than it already was. I assumed it was some of her drink that had spilled from the cup with lucky landing and continued to listen glancing down every once in a while. Holly didn't pick her drink back up, yet the wet spot continued to grow. It had become a little over the size of her areole, I could tell they were brown matching her rock hard nipple.

It had to be milk. She didn't have children and wasn't pregnant but birth control can cause lactation. At that point, I was lost in her breast. I was drunk and I wanted to taste that milk. Holly and gone from cute to super hot in one evening.

"Oh no. I was so sucked into our conversation I didn't notice I was starting to leak," she chucked, "I didn't notice until I felt it drip onto my stomach."

Instant hard on, "What do you mean leak?"

I knew damn well what the answer was, I just wanted to hear her say it.

"Oh!" She chuckled, "I lactate. My birth control makes it happen and I just go with it. It usually isn't inconvenient." She sat up and pushed her chest out, "Oh no, both of them are leaking. I need to pump, Ryan. If I don't my whole shirt will be soaked in milk and my breasts will be so sore. I'm so sorry."

She sat there for a moment with her chest pushed out looking from one wet, delicious looking, nipple to the next. She glanced over at me staring and circled each one with her finger tips. "Oh my are they sensitive already. I'll be back in about 30 minutes."

"That long?" I asked in a disappointed tone.

She gave herself a light pinch and stood up, "I'm sorry. I can't let them go." She pinched her nipples again.

"But it's been so long. Why don't you, if you're comfortable, just pump here? I'm okay with it."

God please say ok I thought to myself.

She thought to herself for a brief second and circled the tips of her drippy nipples, "Why not? I'll be right back."

I couldn't help but stare as she teased me by fingering herself, staring right at her. I felt like I could see the milk pulsing from her nipple through her tank top.

She walked into the house, stumbling a bit. I stroked myself through my shorts a few times and let out a heavy sigh. This was intense. I can't lie, when you're a teen and have close friends that are females, you always wondered what their tits were like. Now, into my thirties I get to find out, and to make things better, hers were lactating. Everyone has that one thing that sets them on fire and in my circle of friends growing up there was a running joke about mine being breast milk. No secret; every one was there the day our sexy, totally unprofessional 10th grade teacher lactated through her shirt as she leaned over my desk with massive cleavage in my face. I could smell her milk off of her full perfect tits. After that experience it had always been my turn on. And she knew it.

Holly returned moments later with her breast pump. She sat closer than she was before on the opposite couch. With out making a big deal of anything, she pulled one strap from her tank top down, untucked her arm and exposed her titty. Her brown nipple was hard and had a steady drip of milk. I couldn't help but stare. She noticed and smiled as she unwrapped the tubing.

"Would you like to help?" She asked casually and looked up at me.

"Shit yes." I responded with out thinking and sitting straight up, "What can I do to help?"

"I have found I milk much easier if my nipples are stroked a little before I place the cup, could you?" She circled her exposed nipple and pulled it.

She scooted back and patted the cushion in front of her, I immediately moved over.

"Some nipple play should do just fine." She stated taking my hand bringing it to her breast. Her skin was soft and her tit firm and perky.

I gave her breast a light, but steady, squeeze making her milk stream out. I took her nipple in a gentle pinch and twisted back and forth. She gasped, in response. I pulled on her making another stream of milk spray onto my shirt, milk running off my fingers. Her head fell back as she groaned. I continued my rhythm of tugs and twist, the sight of her milk streaming from her, her moans of approval... I needed to taste it. She had kept her head back so I took the opportunity to hold my mouth just under her nipple as I messaged some of her milk onto my tongue. Heaven. She was creamy, sweet, silky and delicious. I needed more, I wanted to nurse her but knew I need to go slow. I milked her into my mouth a few more times to satisfy my need. I pulled her nipple for an extended few seconds really causing Holly to groan and gasp for breath, after the pull I tightly licked the tip of her nipple that stuck out of my fingers. Her moans turned to mmmmms at that moment I pulled her nipple once more and held it out until it slipped from my fingers.

I rapidly flicked her with my finger, she was long and hard. I moved my finger out and replaced it with my tongue; flicking just as fast. I felt fingers running through the hair on the back of my head holding me into place.

Pump my ass.

I lightly nibbled her before closing my mouth over her areole and latched onto her titty. My tongue cupped the bottom of her eager nipple, as I suckled it helps pull her deep into my mouth. I looked up at her, she was in complete euphoria; head back, face relaxed, moaning, still holding my head in place.

I suckled. Deeply.

Her milk flooded my mouth. So silky. My cock was rock hard trapped within my shorts. I wonder what her pussy was like; was it tight? What about wet? Does she like to have her pussy eaten? I wanted to eat that pussy too.

Some milk escaped the corner of my mouth and ran down my chin. I felt a finger wipe it away and as I opened my eyes I was Holly putting her finger into her mouth to suck it clean. The sight made my cock ache. I slid my hand over it just once to 'adjust'.

I took the strap of her shirt on the other shoulder and slid it down. The milk seeping from her nipple clung to her shirt as it peeled off exposing her other gorgeous, hard, dripping nipple. I took the tip in my finger and twisted gently. Holly moaned as her milk streamed out. Her nip grew longer in my fingers as I kneaded, still nursing from her.

I cupped the tip of my dick and gave a light squeeze. I bet her mouth was warm. Her tongue spongy. Wet. Like her pussy. I drifted back to my nursing, my suckle stronger since I started thinking about her slurping on my cock. My fingers stroking and pulling her longing nipple were covered in milk. She seemed to enjoy the milk running down my cheek...

I pulled her milky nipple until it slipped from my fingers. She gasped and I held my finger to her vacant mouth. She held my wrist and took my finger tip and gave a teasing small suck. She pulled my finger tip from her mouth. Her lips slipped off my finger and let out a small moan before taking my full finger sucking the milk from it. I felt my finger being swallowed down her throat. She pulled it part way out and then sucked it back in just like she would my cock, I imagine.

Holy fuck my dick needed attention. I gave myself very short and slow strokes. Her milk stream became slower by the second until there was none. I gave a few more deep suckles and broke my latch letting her glorious nipple slip from my lips. I bit her lightly and a single flick of my tongue. I pulled my finger from her mouth and she stares back down at me. I held my tongue under her dribbling nipple catching multiple large droplets before making my way to her skin kissing it lightly up to her nipple. I bit her lightly and pulled her with my teeth before wrapping my lips around her and latching. My now free hand slid up her thigh and gingerly massaged; her legs spread some. I moved my other hand to her opposite thigh and brushed my finger tips up her as she spread her legs more, pushing encouragingly with my massaging hand. I stopped tickling her skin where her thigh stopped and her pussy began. It was warm and moist.

My fingertips softly explored her sealed velvet pussy lips careful not to spread them, I knew they were cream filled. I found her clit and circled the tip of it. Holly cried out as her hold on the back of my head turned into a grasp and fist full of hair. I nursed stronger in response, she was gushing. My fingertips left her aroused clit and traced the sealed edges of her lips to the bottom of her pussy. It was juicy there, evident that she couldn't hold anymore. With one finger I dipped into her lips just above the opening to her pussy. I only pushed in to my second knuckle and teased her. Her respirations increased pushing her tit into my face. I adjusted my latch taking more of her areole. I introduced a second finger into the exploration of her juice filled cunt. Slowly I pushed them deep into her. Though I thought she had spread her legs as far open as she could, they opened more splitting open her lips spilling her cream all over my hand as I finger fucked her. She was tight but had a long, deep cavernous pussy. Should handle my raging hard on just fine.

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