Holly's Milk And Honey

(Part 2 from 3)

Each time my finger tips passed over a rougher patch of her pussy wall Holly let out a squeal which lead me to suspect that was her g spot. My next penetration was slower until I found the spot. I pressed against it and moved my fingers in a circular motion, her cries of ecstasy silenced, she was unable to make a sound. My thumb found her clit and circled it at the same time.

Her voice came back as she moaned loudly, "Ooooo God yes. Mmmmm Ryan yeees! Ooooo don't make me cum yet!"

Clearly she wants me to fuck her. I pulled out my fingers, gave her clit one more light twist and concentrated again on the milk flowing from her nipple and nursing her of it. I placed my hands on her upper thighs massaging them and ticking with my fingertips.

I nursed her until her stream slowed some and I felt a hand on my cock. She rubbed her finger tips up and down my shorts; in response I suckled faster depleting her milk supply. I gave her a few more deep sucks before releasing her.

"I want to taste you now. Stand up."
She instructed me.

I stood up, my rock hard dick pressed against my shorts. She ran her hand up and down me and then up to the button of my shorts unbuttoning them and pulling them to the ground. My cock sprang to life in front of her face.

She wrapped her fingers around the base, "I always pictured you with a big cock. A nice, long, thick shaved cock." She ran the tip of her tongue along the veins of my cock.

When we were in our late teens, Holly made it known to me that there were feeling of curiosity, but we ultimately decided to not pursue anything. She was finally getting her way with my cock wrapped in her fingers feeling my thickness seemingly worshiping every inch with gentle kisses every few inches.

She gave me a few short strokes and licked the pre cum from my tip before wrapping her soft lips around my tip swirling her tongue around my smooth skin. Her mouth was warm, tongue soft and wet. She started making longer strokes up my shaft as she moved her mouth over my entire tip, her lips closing behind the edge of my head and suckled it. Her tongue settled spread out on the base of my tip massaging it as she swallowed me. Her fingers and palm were soft but her grip was tight, her fingers almost able to touch. Her strokes became faster and longer as she became more aggressive with her mouth. Once her stroking hand met her lips she began to swallow my cock inch my inch. All I could do was stare down at her and try to remember to breath. When I did it was in the form of gasps and quiet moans. I wanted to keep the fact that I was putty in her hands a secret. She was able to take about half of my trunk before coming back up, stroking back up at the same time. When she got to my tip she twirled her tongue around it several times, through my slit taking more pre cum, around the top and base stopping to message the base.

What felt like electricity shocked through my body tingling my own nipples and made my hair stand up. I gripped the back of her head and moaned loudly; she took my cock into her mouth and deep into her throat beginning her bobbing rhythm. I guided her head as deep as she could take me, she was the absolute queen of my cock. She reached up and cupped my clean shaken jewels and kneaded gently. A series of uncontrollable moans and groans left my mouth, I thrusted my hips pushing more of me down her throat. She pulled them as she kneaded. Her grip around my dick with her soft fingers, her warm, wet, spongy tongue and mouth encasing my rock hard member, and her other velveteen hand messaging my nuts...

This is what blow jobs should be like.

Then she stopped taking me despite my guiding hand and thrusts. Her hand stopped at the base of my head giving very short swirly strokes where she held her lips kissing my head teasingly. My guiding hand fell to the side. She looked up at me as she took her last kiss and pulled away, a small strand of spit connecting my tip to her bottom lip. She pulled my cock up towards my stomach and pulled my nuts once more before dropping that hand. She looked up at me again and gave a lusty smile before running her tongue from the base of my cock to my tip and then taking my nut in her mouth and suckling it. The electricity feeling returned except this time all over my body causing me to buckle my knees but in return giving her more room to suck my tea bag. She stroked my cock with powerful long strokes as she pulled off my first nut and took the other into her warm mouth. Her tongue cupped it and held between the roof of her mouth; swallow, swallow, swallow. Each swallow I was being pulled into her throat.

I was going to cum if she didn't quit soon, and I wanted that creamy pussy. Moments after that thought she pulled off my nut and slowed her stroking to just behind the head of my cock. Her tongue ran through my slit once more collected the latest dose on pre cum. She kisses it once more and then pulled off. She laid back on the couch and pulled her tank top off, I pinched her nipples as they bounced back. She stood up in front of me and pulled off my shirt, tossing it to the side. She took the button to her shirt in her hands and I stopped her,

"No.", I grabbed her by the back of the thighs and pulled her close,"Leave the skirt."

I kissed her lower belly just above her waist line and ran my hands up the back of her legs under her skirt and up to her ass. I took two handfuls of cheek and squeezed as I buried my face into her belly sucking on her scent and skin.

I pulled myself from her, "Why don't you lay here." I ran my hands over the lounge.

She followed suit and laid herself out wearing only her short flowing skirt. I positioned myself over her and looked down at her, she looked desperate for my touch, like she needed to cum. I softly kissed her lips allowing our tongues to dance. I traced down her neck with my kisses, her shoulder, her breast bone. Then I paused listening to her increasing deep breathes. I moved to one nipple, still hard but not dribbling milk. I hovered over it, making sure my breath was noticed. I gave a couple quick flicks of my tongue with a finishing light nibble and pull. I moved over to the other nipple and did exactly the same before proceeding down her stomach to the top of her skirts waist band. My hands slid up her legs to her inner thigh. I pushed them slowly open. She lay there on her back, tits and nipples pushing up and down from her breaths. Her legs were spread way back, but her skirt hung over her pussy. I pulled it back to reveal her shaved pussy bloomed and wet from my finger fucking.

"You want me to eat your pussy, Holly Lolly?" I teased licking the inner and highest place on her leg followed by sucking some of the sensitive skin into my mouth and biting on it as it leaves my mouth.

"Oooooooooo." Is all she could respond.

"Is that a yes?" I lightly licked the opening to her cavern, "Or a no?" I ran my tongue over her clit.

"Yes! Please!" She cried.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and gave several strong suckles. She squirmed and grasped the back of my head. I pulled off sucking all of the juices with me. My tongue danced across her freshly sucked clit as she pushed my face into her pussy. I pushed two fingers deep into her and finger fucked her again still dancing over her clit. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter and my cock ached again; I gave it a few strokes. I needed to fuck her.

I ate her pussy for several more seductive moments before pulling my finger out of her hungry cunt and sucked the juices off. What a sloppy mess I've made. I licked the opening to her deep hole, up her pussy and back to her clit, cleaning up her cream. Her lips, coated in white, drew me in. I sucked them into my mouth riding them of her messy wetness. I could eat this delicious pussy all night. I let her lips slip from my mouth and ran my tongue from her hole to her clit again giving it several more rapid flicks.

"Ooo! Ooo Ryan right there. There baby, YES! Eat that clit! Ooooo shit!"

I buried my face into her clit once more dancing my tongue over her and sucking her into my mouth and swallowing her. She cried out and bucked her hips as I devoured her cunt. I pulled away from her clit and gave her a very slight nibble.

I came up and kissed her, our tongues inert winded.

" My pussy tastes good." She whispered to me,"Don't hold back. I like being fucked hard."

She bit my ear lobe and laid back. I bit each nipple again.

I stood up over her and took one of her ankles and put it over my shoulder and straddled her other leg. I put my cock to the opening of her pussy and circled it coating my tip in her cream and ran it up to her clit, twirled and down just for fun. Slowly I pushed into her covering my tip, fuck she was tight. I paused for a brief moment and pushed into her inch by inch.

Holly gasped and watched as I buried myself into her soaking pussy. I pushed my cock fully into her; a tight fit, I could feel her pulse through her pussy walls.

"Fuck me, Fat Daddy [my high school nickname]." She begged me.

I pulled out to my head and dove into her. I thrusted over and over as deep as I could. Holly cried and moaned, she was so limber. She circled and pinched her nipples as I fucked her savagely. I looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her and her poor lonely clit stared back at me. I placed my thumb over it and circled her.

"OOO! OOOOO YES! YES!" Holly arched her back and continued twisting and pulling her nipples as I thrusted deeply into her repeatedly and circling and flicking her clit.

Her pussy walls pulsated as she got tighter and tighter. Her breaths got shorter and the whimpers got closer and closer. She was getting close to cumming. I pulled out of her and flipped her around to the doggy style position and pushed my cock deep into her again and fucked her. I grabbed her waist and a handful of her long brown hair pulling her head back. Holly continued to cry out as I thrusted deep into her at a fast steady pace. I smacked her ass and watched it giggle; she moaned in response. Her pussy began to spasm again and her breaths became shallow and rapid. Again I pulled out and flipped her around, this time into her back, legs spread wide open. I guided my cock into her pussy once more and pushed in deeply and began my thrust. I gripped her by the hips and pushed myself as deep as my cock would go and found her clit again.

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