Heavenly hours of Sex

(Part 2 from 2)

After giving me the pleasure I wanted, I laid on my back and let her mount my erection. She did that skillfully and slid it deeply in one motion. Wasting no time, she asked me to fuck her deep and fast. Once may cock totally entered its warm nest, she started moving her pelvis in rhythmic moves tightening her pussy muscles on my hard cock rubbing her clit on my pubic area on and on. She kept doing this till she started moaning loudly and her body was shivering. Her head started tossing form right to left and she put her hand on my mouth as my moans were getting louder. We were like two Energizer Bunnies. We were both tired and breathing harder again and we never quit. I was giving her deep long and fast thrusts that my hips were moving like a non stop vibrator. Danyana suddenly squirted her love juice on my cock down to my balls and soaked the bed mattress. She slowed for couple of seconds the again started moving her hips with the same rhythm, and I started pounding her juicy pussy with all my forces. I was sweating and getting out of breath. But the pleasure I was getting never made me feel to quit. I continued pounding her pussy with the same rhythm as her pelvic moves. Danyana started screaming from pleasure telling me she was cumming again. To my surprise, this girl never stopped even after she orgasmed twice. She continued her rhythmic moves on my hard cock until she orgasmed another couple of times. Sweating with hard loud breathing, she dropped on top of me without energy while my cock was still hard in her pussy.

After she relaxed for couple of minutes, I laid her on her back and started licking and sucking her swollen clit. I pushed my tongue in her love hole. I came closer her and slowly spread her legs. I inserted my hardness in between her legs and positioned it at the edge of her cunt. While my cock was jamming her pussy I was gently stroking her hair. Danyana bit her lips as my erect cock deeply entered her. She then extended her hand to my back and touched my ass. Slowly she pushed my ass signaling to me that she is now ready for my deep thrusts. "ohhh!!! Your cock feels so good in my pussy and it is filling me up” Danyana said. Her body arched and threw back her head. My mouth nibbled her ear lobe then to her lips. I was doing my best to give her the ultimate sensation she was waiting for. After couple of minute of deep and fast fucking, I took my cock out of her pussy and rubbed it to her clit for several seconds. My cock knew its way and penetrated her cunt again. While my cock was moving in and out of her twat, I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them like a hungry baby. I then slowly pushed my hips into hers and gave her some of my fast and deep thrusts that made her see the stars. I slowly pulled out my cock and suddenly plunged it inside her very quick. It was entering her pussy with such ease because of her soaking wet excited pussy. Danyana lifted her head and started watching my monster merciless cock pounding her love hole. I pulled my cock out completely and looked at her. My eyes met with her blue eyes as they were talking to each other how much excitement we both are getting from this love affair. I noticed her smile watching my purple reddish cock head soaked with her juices standing erect to her pleasures. "unnnhh!!! Yessss, Izmar, please put it back in my pussy and fuck me harder”, She demanded. Of course I like to obey such a command. Without any hesitations I pushed my hard cock back into her pussy. I lifted up her legs on my shoulders while I inserted my arms from underneath her legs and held her hands behind her head real tight.

“I am in control of your pussy and I will fuck it mercilessly”, I said..
“OK Izmar take control of my pussy and fuck it hard”. She said with excitement that was matching mine.
In this position I was feeling my cock’s head hitting her cervix. Each time I was hitting her cervix she was giving a loud moan that looked like it was coming out of her stomach. I pushed my fuck-stick so deep and stopped then started rubbing my mons on hers. My balls were touching and pressing on her ass.
“Now all my cock is in your pussy baby” I said.
“I love it” she answered with a smile.
I started moving in circular motions hitting her sensual clitoris with my pubic area while my whole cock was buried deeply in her twat. Moments later I was pounding her wet sex hole real hard.
” I love the feeling of your balls hitting my ass”. Suzanne whispered.
I interchangeably sucked and kissed her lips and her breasts. My hard cock was still invading her relaxed wet pussy. With such excitement, lying on top of her with her legs wide opened receiving a long waited guest in her pussy; I began to wiggle like a snake.
“Do you like it deep in her pussy, baby”? I asked her.
“It feels wonderful, please don't stop and keep fucking me”. she said.

I pressed myself on her body and forced my rock hard cock deep inside her and started pumping in and out with a vibrator speed. The smile and ecstasy on her face made feel she was in the heavens. With her mouth clinching mine, I was hearing her continuous moans coming from inside her chest. She then was moving her hips trying to cum again and again. Giving her some air to breathe, she was pleading to me to fuck her harder and faster. Her pleading made me hornier as I began to again thrust my cock deep into her. Danyana began to shout and moan from pleasure and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped her mouth. I placed my hands on her breast and pressed on them gently while she was cumming. As she was cumming my mouth went over hers and suffocated her loud moans. All I was hearing was “aaaaagggh!" as my cock was fully inside her cunt. Moved her face away of me, she once again screamed loudly. There was no one to hear her screams in my house. I believe that her screams echoed through the house when my cock was hitting her G spot. I was squeezing her between my chest and the mattress. My face was all sweated in agony as my cock was deep touching her cervix. I began to thrust inside her steadily and vigorously. She began to move her hips along with me. It seemed like she was going to have another orgasm. I licked her face, ears, neck and nipples. Suddenly I felt a storm brewing inside her. I felt her squirted again. This brought to me lots of excitements. My cock slid out from her cunt completely. It looked bigger now with a huge purple knob. My whole penis was shining with her juices. Full with sweat from head to toe, I went down on her and explored every fold of her cunt. It looked like a red wet opened flower. I went closer and I slurped it like a piece of ripe fruit. As I was groaning she held my head firmly between her legs. She started moving up and down while my head was still buried in her twat. Her pussy was getting hotter as more blood supply rushed to her pussy. Suddenly she squirmed out a big orgasm that made her body vibrate.

After we rested for couple of minutes, my cock was still hard. I turned her on her side, opened her thighs apart and then fully pushed my rod inside her until my balls touched her ass. It was so sensational and sexy scene. My member was completely plunged in her wet vagina. I started pumping her, slowly at first and then furiously. While she was wiggling her ass on my balls, I was totally enjoying watching the scene with great pleasure. I was banging her with all the sinful pleasures of lust. We were both wild and excited. Our moans and uuuuhhhhhhhh were so loud that I was afraid the neighbors will hear us and come for help. I was pounding her pussy and hitting her ass cheeks with my balls. Danyana let out a strong deep passionate moan of total fulfillment as she orgasmed. She was uttering a loud uninterrupted aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Her body went stiff under mine for a while then I felt it relaxing. Looking at her, her eyes rolled back and she gave a deep, satisfied sigh. We both held each other tight. Danyana smiled in my face as I was making my final score. I positioned my swollen love machine head near her cunt lips and rubbed my cock head along the slit up and down. Danyana was moaning again and I knew she has such a good feeling. As she could not hold any longer she yelled to me and said oooohh Izmar fuck me, fuck me. With a powerful lunge I thrusted my penis into her cunt. Danyana moaned out loudly with erotic pleasure. She felt my thick long penis forcing its way into her cunt. I was panting her pussy wildly as I held her hips. I fucked her steadily with long and slow powerful thrusts. I had complete control of her entire body now. I was fucking her like a non stop machine steadily and with a harmonious speed. One of my arms was now around her back and the other one was squeezing her nipple gently. She was letting out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. It seems that Danyana was the only one in the world and didn't care about anything but the monstrous penis she was being impaled by. Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust of my dick.
'Oh my God! It's so hard!! Fuck me, fuck me Izmar. Danyana said ecstatically.

I flipped her over and ate her doggy style as my nose touched her asshole. Her ass and my face seemed welded together as I buried my tongue deep in her pussy. I pushed her on her belly and lifted her ass couple of inches above the mattress while her head and breasts are still on the bed. I placed myself on top her and then tried to probe my wet hard cock into her ass gently. She said not now, but the head of my cock was already entering her tight asshole. I slowed down and told her to relax. I asked her to relax and let me know when she is ready that I can push my cock deeper. It was a tight asshole. Because I didn’t want her to have a bad experience, I pulled my stiff dick out of her ass. I felt she was not ready for this yet. I turned her on her back and I shoved the entire length of my cock into her pussy. I squeezed her nipples gently then sucked them with my wet lusty lips. I pulled up her arms behind her head and held them real tight that she was defenseless. I pumped and pumped as fast as I could In the meanwhile I was kissing and licking her armpits driving her to the brim of cumming.' Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhh she moaned. I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting and screaming. She got the hint that I was about to cum and she took her hand away from mine and slipped it down until she reached my balls. She squeezed them gently and softly. Her other hand covered my mouth because of my loud roaring scream. My screams of pleasures were vibrating my bedroom walls. Danyana was so skillful in pleasing her pussy pounding machine.
“Yaaa fuck me, fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. She said.

While I was hearing her sexy voice pleading for more fuck, I felt my cock spasming and throbbing in her pussy. Suddenly I exploded with a strong climax. I was roaring a long aaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh climaxing again and again like it was never ending. I felt my warm cum filling her pussy. It was leaking down on the sheets of my bed. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot. I collapsed on her breasts with my penis still buried in her cunt. We were both exhausted from the intense work We were perspiring like we were running a marathon. We hugged tight and kissed deep and hard.
“Wow what a fuck I had”, she said.
I kept myself lying on her with my still hard penis buried deep in her cunt.

Several minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. Danyana admitted to me that her husband did not fuck her for a long time. She also admitted to me that I was the only man who was able to bring her orgasms to the maximum. As we gathered ourselves together, we both had a shower and came out fresh like nothing happened. She kissed me again and said that this is the best sex she has ever had in her life.
Before departing my house she said” Please tell Adgama thank you for letting me share your cock”.
“I will”, I said.
Until the next time, I gave her a good bye kiss
I entered back in the house and I was so delighted knowing that my wife would be excited when I tell her about this affair and let her read my story.

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