Sally's Hedonistic Pleasures

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Sally moaned as Brad’s body moved within her spread legs. Connected by only the thin, but now very hard, muscle that was his cock, they were so intent upon consummating their passion that they did not even notice me taking pictures.

As I watched and photographed my slut wife being fucked by a man she hardly knew, I thought back to the chain of events that had brought us to this place. Both of us enjoy travel and, not long after we were married ten years ago, we had talked about places we wanted to travel together. Sally told me she wanted to visit Hedonism in Jamaica. I had heard of it but didn’t know much about it so I asked her why. She said that one of her fantasies was to have several men caressing and sucking on her breasts while she relaxed on a beach. She had heard that there was a lot of sexual freedom at Hedonism and thought that might be the place where she could have that fantasy come true.

Our lives got busy and, while we traveled other places, we both forgot her desire to visit Hedonism. Then last year, we experienced a windfall of some cash and decided to spend it on a very special trip. I remembered her travel fantasy and mentioned it to her.
“I’d forgotten about that. You know, a trip to Jamaica would be a great getaway from the cold weather we’ve been having,” Sally said.
“I agree, a trip to the tropics would be a nice trip.” I replied. “You remember why you wanted to go to Hedonism don’t you? Do you still want that to happen?”
“Sure, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the attention you give me, but having several men do something like that has always been my fantasy.”
“Just how far would you go?”
“Don’t get jealous on me, this would just be for pleasure. Besides we don’t even know if something like that would happen.”

I know Sally was concerned I might be jealous but in reality the idea intrigued me. I felt my cock start to stiffen at the thought of her being pleasured by several other men. The fact that men are attracted to my wife has always been exciting to me. I am something of a voyeur as well, so the idea of seeing my wife taking pleasure with strangers intrigued me.
“I’ll book the trip,” I said.
Before we left for Jamaica, I researched Hedonism on the internet. We would be staying on the nude side but there were a variety of themed nights where Sally could wear interesting outfits. So we packed several sexy bikinis, teddies, and other lingerie for evening wear. From what I could read, I realized that Sally’s fantasy might really come true.

We arrived at Hedonism in the evening. The warm weather, the sounds of the frogs and other night creatures and the rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach made it seem magical. We quickly unpacked our bags and headed to dinner. Sally dressed rather conservatively this first night, wearing capri pants and a tank top. We realized just how conservative this was once we got to the dining area. Most of the men were in shorts, t-shirts and other typical tropical attire. It was the women that thrilled. Some were strutting around in teddies and baby dolls while others wore string bikinis with wraps. They had just had a body painting contest so several women wore what looked like flowered tops at first glance. But a second glance revealed erect nipples barely disguised with paint.

After dinner Sally changed into one of her negligees and we headed to the beach for a beach party around a bonfire. As newbies we were just taking things in so nothing happened that evening. Except, of course, our own evening activities back in the room.
The following morning we slept in and then took an excursion around Negril. By the time we got back, it was time for dinner. After dinner the resort had a musical review and dancing. By the time it was over, we were tired and went right to bed.
The next day we got acquainted with the resort, hanging out around the nude side, playing volleyball, soaking in the pools, lying on the beach and chatting with folks. Everyone was very relaxed and very friendly. That evening we discovered just how friendly.

While I was playing volleyball that afternoon, Sally made a new friend. Brad was a single man in his late thirties. She said he was handsome and witty, the sort of qualities that attract my blonde wife. Sally is smart and sexy, both qualities that attract men. She has always been able to take her pick of men, which makes me feel most fortunate since she picked me for a husband. Although she is in her late forties, she looks much younger. She is plump but not overweight, with large breasts, a fairly narrow waist, and ample hips. She looks more like the pinup girls of the 1940s than one of the skinny women that seem to be the vogue in fashion magazines today. She has short blonde hair framing a very attractive face and deep blue eyes. When she met Brad she was wearing a see-through string bikini which barely covered her assets. She told me they had a very nice conversation and Brad had invited us to join him for dinner.

That evening Sally put on a lace teddy and pulled on a mini-skirt. Her breasts could be easily seen through the lace material. Even though it was warm, her nipples were erect with excitement. As the live band played reggae music in the background, we walked to the table where Brad sat. He immediately offered us some wine. A wine connoisseur, he had brought his favorite wines with him to the resort. It was very good wine and Sally was impressed.

As we walked up to the buffet, Sally told me in a quiet voice, “If he is interested, I would like to invite him back to the room for dessert.” My pulse quickened. We had discussed having a threesome someday and even fantasized about it during sex. But the opportunity had never really presented itself. But here was an opportunity and Sally was ready to give it a try.

As we sat down at the table, Sally scooted her chair a little closer to Brad and began to turn on the charm. It was soon clear that she did not have to work very hard, he was clearly interested in her. But he was clearly unsure about me, glancing over every so often to make sure I wasn’t upset with the attention he was getting from my wife. Finally, after we finished our main entrees, I said, “Sally and I would like to invite to you to come up to our room for dessert. Would you be interested?” As I said this, Sally reached over and put her hand on Brad’s thigh.

Brad smiled, “I would really enjoy that. I have a second bottle of wine here that we can bring to enjoy with dessert as well.”
“Your wine is very good. I would really enjoy having some back in the room,” Sally responded.
As we stepped away from the table, Brad grabbed the wine bottle. Sally moved close to him and grabbed him around the waist. As the three of us walked back to the room, Sally and Bruce kept their arms wrapped around each other. I walked a few paces behind, watching the sway of Sally’s hips as she pressed her body against her new conquest.

When we got to the room I grabbed a couple of glasses for the wine while Sally talked with Brad on the small window seat. We could hear the sound of the surf and a tropical breeze came in through the open window. When I brought the glasses of wine, Sally excused herself to use the bathroom. When she returned she had taken off the mini-skirt and was wearing only the teddy. She grabbed Brad’s hand and led him over to the bed. As they sat down on it, she gave him a long lingering kiss. I could their mouths working as his tongue plunged into her mouth. His hand reached up and caressed her breast.

“Why don’t you join us?” said Sally as she broke away from the kiss. I sat down on her other side. She gave me a long kiss and I caressed her left breast as Brad caressed her right one. She reached up and tugged on the teddy’s straps, pulling down the front to expose both breasts. Brad leaned over and sucked on her erect nipple. I felt her hand on my cock and looked over she was caressing his cock as well.
“Ohhh,” gasped Sally as Brad continued to suck on her nipple. I stood up and pulled off my clothes. Sally leaned over and sucked on my cock while Brad broke away from her nipple and began stripping. Soon both of us were standing in front of the bed as she sucked on first one cock, then the other. Brad’s cock was so long that she nearly gagged each time she took him deep into her throat.
“Fuck me,” said Sally to Brad, “I want you to fuck me.”

We had laid out an assortment of condoms beside the bed. Brad picked a large one and rolled it onto his nine inch cock. Sally got on her hands and knees on the bed. Brad knelt behind her and unsnapped the crotch of the teddy. She spread her legs and he eased his dick into her pussy. It slid easily into her well-lubricated lips, our attention to her nipples had really turned her on. He grabbed my wife by her hips, pulling her back onto his cock until it was buried within her. Then he pushed her forward, pulling back at the same time until his full nine inches emerged. This time he quickly stabbed it back into Sally like a spear. Withdrawing quickly, he then plunged again. Over and over again, faster and faster, his hard cock plunged into my wife.
“Unnhh, unhh,” Sally grunted at each thrust of his cock. She leaned forward on her elbows, with her face against the mattress. The bed moved and squeaked as this near stranger had his way with her. Her teddy bottom was rolled up to her lower back and the top was below her breasts, which shook each time Brad plunged into her.

After around five minutes, Brad slowed down a bit. Sally looked up at me.
“I want your cock too. I’ll suck on you while he fucks me.”

Often, when Sally sucked me off, I had fantasized about her getting fucked from behind. I had even had her spread her legs so we could both imagine another man fucking her doggy style. Now, after fulfilling her fantasy of having her breasts caressed by two men, my fantasy of seeing her fucked while giving me head was going to come true as well. I got on the bed and laid against the headboard, spreading my legs. Sally crawled over between them and took my cock in her mouth.. Then Brad got behind her and she spread her legs, just like in my fantasy. He plunged his cock back into her pussy pushing her mouth deep around my dick. Then he pulled back slowly, re-entering her for another thrust. He continued this gentle action while Sally concentrated on licking, sucking and pumping my cock. As I saw this other man behind my wife, her legs spread to receive him, I imagined him finally shooting his seed into her body. That thought was all it took to make me cum. Sally felt my cock starting to jerk and pulled back, allowing my semen to shoot onto her face and back on my stomach. Her hand pumped until I was spent.

While Sally finished me off, Brad had remained in her, his cock buried to the hilt. Now he pulled out while I got off the bed and went to the bathroom for a wash cloth. Sally wiped her face with it then handed it to me. I wiped off and tossed the cloth into the bathroom, then poured myself some wine and sat down to watch. Sally rolled over on her back and spread her legs.
“Brad, it’s your turn to cum. Do you want to fuck me like this?”
“Yes, and then I’d like to cum on your belly.”
“I’d love to have you cum on me,” said Sally.

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