Heavenly hours of Sex

(Part 1 from 2)

This is Izmar from Oklahoma. This story just happened with a friend we met on the Internet. He name is Danyana and she is from Europe. Danyana is married to an Engineer in the Navy known as Ron. Ron works more than 120 hours a week and has no time to be with Danyana

My wife Adgama and I have a good and trustful relationship since we married 25 years ago. She is a very open minded, hot and sexy woman. I have never been with another woman alone since I got married.
Last week while we were visiting Danyana, I have heard her telling my wife,” thank you for sharing”. From the erotic look in their eyes, I realized that they had a good deal. The closeness between my wife and Danyana made things more trustful and fun.

By talking to Danyana, I was given some kind of signal that she needed my hard cock really bad. Couple of weeks ago, Adgama told me she noticed how much I liked to fuck Danyana.
” I want you to experience what I went through and I am sure you will feel like how I felt when I fucked Jim” Printing a kiss on my lips she said, “Go ahead and call her tomorrow”.
After talking to Danyana she agreed to meet with me. We arranged to spend together good couple of hours alone in my home. It was Tuesday noon when I called Danyana on her cellular. She picked up the phone and a sexy voice said:
” Danyana is speaking”
Hi Danyana, “where are you now”, I asked
“I am far 45 minutes away from your home, here it is raining and I am driving slowly”. She answered
“I will be waiting for you impatiently”. I said delightfully
“Are you excited”? She asked
“Of course I am. Just drive carefully and come here safely”,I said.

Since she was confronting a bad weather, nicely I Purposely ended the conversation that she can keep her attention on the road and then we hanged up.
As I was waiting for her I got undressed and put my silk leopard robe on. I had no any underwear. I prepared some appetizers for us to munch on.
Around 1:15 pm the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Danyana. She was nicely dressed with a beautiful make up that turned me on. Danyana is 5’ 6” has D size breast with large erected hard nipples easily observed even in the dim light. When I kissed her she brushed her nipples on my hairy bared chest. I have to admit that the feeling of Danyana’s nipples on my chest felt so good and gave me harder erection.

I gently kissed her soft red shiny lips for several moments. My tongue slipped into her mouth as I pressed her against the door. My 8 inch cock stood out proud and thick with a hint of pre cum at the tip. My hands fumbled at her breast. I kissed her cheeks, neck and ear with passion. Our breathings were heavy and you can hear our moans from the other room. She slowly went down on my cock, opened her mouth and slid her lips down the shaft of my pulsating rod. She was nearly down to the base as she begun to move up and down, twisting as she did so and begun to give me the blow-job of a life time. It was an ecstatic moment filled with lust and pleasure. I held her waist and took her to the kitchen to have something to munch on. Danyana excused herself to the bathroom. Moments later she came back to the kitchen with short black sexy lingerie that showed her cleavages. She was hot and sexy with a lustful look in her blue eyes. I was staring at her not believing my eyes that I am alone with another woman. Danyana was coming towards me semi naked. She looked to me she was coming in a slow motion. I was watching her steps coming towards my already hard cock. I was staring at her hard nipples coming out of her sexy lingerie like a bullet.

My hands automatically extended towards her erect nipples and gently squeezed both of them. Danyana closed her eyes feeling the pleasure running through her sexy body. She began to tremble as I started licking her nipples. Back to her mouth our kissing got hotter and progressed to a wet French one. This made my cock rock hard. Danyana felt my hard cock on her body. She slowly slid her hand down to my erection and gave a loud sigh and said: “I love your hard cock”. Hearing her sexy voice drove me insane. I felt my precum slipped on her hand. Danyana started rubbing my rod gently and carefully while my tongue was invading her mouth swirling on her tongue. Knowing we are going to have good time soon; I interrupted this lovely kissing and asked her to share with me some appetizers. Danyana had a sexy lustful look in her blue eyes that took my patience away. I leaned forward and started kissing her again. While our lips were locked together, I held one of her hand and my other hand around her semi naked waist guiding her to my bedroom. I put an erotic threesome movie that we can watch and gave her to read one of the erotic stories Adgama enjoyed. After I finished the shower I wore sexy erotic cologne and came out naked to Danyana. I had a hard on that I could not control or hide. Danyana felt excited and gave her lips a slight lick watching my hard cock. She knew I was ready to fuck her and give her strong orgasms.

Danyana and I slowly sipped our drinks that I already prepared before her arrival. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both meet alone for the first time. We started to talk about different topics for several minutes. During our conversation my member was still hard. “You look very sexy and hot and I like your make up”. I said. As she came close to me, I slipped my hand to touch her hard nipples. With little help her breasts popped out of her lingerie. I smiled at her and asked her if I can give her boobs some attention. She smiled and said that is OK. I gently kissed them one after the other and started licking them with my soft wet tongue. Danyana arched her back and got aroused. I slipped my hand to her pussy and it was dripping from excitement. Danyana asked me if I liked her boobs, I told her those are the best investment she ever had and we shared a laugh. I pulled down her sexy lingerie and her breasts were seductively visible. Danyana moved her hand to check on my hard cock. She squeezed it and made a comment how nice and hard my cock was. “I missed feeling your cock pounding my pussy”. Danyana said.

Since I married my wife, I have never been alone with another woman. I was slowly feeling a thrill about it. My wife left the house for me and Danyana. She wanted us to have good time together. I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing. I was relaxed knowing my wife was the one who arranged the bedroom for us. I was holding Danyana in my arms and touching her smooth ass. I moved my hands in front to feel her wet pussy. I started rubbing it very gently. It was really very arousing to both of us. I held her closer and pressed her boobs on my bare hairy chest with my hard cock pressing on her crotch. I felt Danyana’s heavy breathing was getting faster. I knew she was feeling good. She then opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. “ I like your cock”, Danyana said.

Danyana placed her soft hand on my cock and started touching it. Gently and slowly, she started stroking my erection while I was kissing her. Danyana seemed to be in such a heavenly trance, holding and stroking my erect cock. She slyly looked at my erect rod quite closely and said,” I like the way you touch me and fuck me” I was now enjoying myself. We were both naked and feeling the impulses of my hard cock in her hands. I turned her around to see her lovely ass. Danyana was giving me the “I want you now” look. Her eyes semi closed and her tongue was touching her upper lip. I held my erect monster and started rubbing it from excitement. This gave me a sense of satisfaction. I was enjoying watching a naked woman in my bedroom with sexy legs in high heels. I kissed Danyana’s mouth and lips and we got really more excited. I laid her on the bed and started kissing again. She closed her eyes as my lips parted and engulfed hers and my hands rested on her hips. We were kissing all the way, playing tongue-of-war in our mouths. Danyana bent down and licked, kissed and sucked my erect cock feeling the sweetness of my precum. Her hands grabbed my ass from behind in tight embrace. Danyana lifted her head and looked at me with a smile then back to my rod.

While she was sucking on my cock I took her in a 69 position. I held her ass in one had and tightened my grip on it squeezing it and feeling it erotic softness. With the other hand I was touching her beautiful firm breasts. She raised her head a little bit and I heard a soft sigh escaping from her mouth. I then moved her away from my prick and again placed my lips on hers. We started another passionate kiss. I could feel her tongue go inside my mouth like searching for something she lost or missing. I opened my mouth a little more and allowed her tongue stick with mine. Our tongues started moving on each other like they were dancing the Waltz. My hands slowly were touching her back and my fingers were roaming through her long blonde hair. Her hands moved down to my waists and as she grabbed my buttocks and started touching them. She interrupted our kiss and said,” You have a sexy beautiful round ass as a 19 year old”. This naughty flirt, tightened my grip on her back pushing her on my erect cock. I was feeling her pussy getting soaked with juices. I slowly touched her belly and then cupped her firm breast. Her breathing was getting heavier and louder as she was melting in my arms. With all this enjoyment, I gently pushed her to lay her on her back.

Danyana submitted herself completely to my hard cock as she was holding it so firmly. I was looking in Danyana’s blue eyes and noticed she was gazing at me lustfully. After all this, my desire for her was getting bigger. After a few seconds she had hold of the back of my head driving my mouth into her cunt and I licked and sucked her clit giving her wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. When I came up for air she looked directly at my cock, which by now had recovered and was standing proud and ready for action. She pulled me close and said “Now get that stiff cock of yours into my soaking wet cunt!”. I didn’t need a second invitation. I spread her legs and drove my manhood straight into her waiting pussy, she screamed with pleasure as I begun to drive it in hard and strong. I moaned as she moaned from pleasure. I pushed my arms underneath her and squeezed her. She held my prick in one hand and placed it on her pussy. She rubbed it with her clit and then gently I pushed it inside her. Her eyes closed and a moan escaped her mouth, “ ohhhhh god how much I love your cock when it fills my pussy”. We again kissed and our wet tongues swirled together. Moments later I went down on her nipples licking and nibbling on and around them. Danyana admitted she was never sucked and fucked with such excitement by any other man in her life. Danyana closed her eyes and again started breathing heavily. Her pussy was dripping a lovely juice on her thighs as she was enjoying me playing with her nice firm boobs. Danyana pressed my head to her boobs and I started sucking both of them taking turns. She kept on moaning now a little louder. The more she was moaning the more I was enjoying her.

My hand went through her hair as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become so exited that my pelvic was once again thrusting on hers. I was making sure she can feel my rock hard cock deep inside her hitting her cervix. Fearing to cum, I pulled my cock out of her warm pussy. My cock was very hard and hot and her juice and my pre cum were oozing from it. My hand again began to probe her breast for a moment and then slid down over her belly. Her pelvic was again thrusting on my cock and I was feeling my cock getting bigger and harder. A subtle groan came through within her as I pumped her pussy hard. I took out my cock and slowly began caressing the head with her excited clit. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then I asked her if she can suck my balls. I went on top of her and placed my balls on her wet waiting lips. She slowly opened her mouth and touched my soft ball with her tongue then grabbed it with her lips and started sucking on it with lust and pleasure. Gently I pushed myself down filling her mouth with my stiff prick. She was opening her mouth as wide as she could and took the bulb like head deep into her throat .Moving her head up and down; skillfully she was alternating sucking my hardness then my balls softness.

I asked her to continue deep throat my cock and to gag herself and feel the sensation of gagging on a hard cock. In seconds I was in full stroke fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. As I thrust my entire dick down her throat, I touched her cunt and it was quivering with passion. I was moaning and humming. I could feel my soft balls tapping her chin and neck with each stroke. Looking at her excitement, with her eyes closed she was enjoying every inch of it. Her lips and tongue slowly started kissing and licking the shaft up and down.
With such ecstasy and excitement I went down on her. My tongue dwelled inside her pussy tasting her juices. Up to her belly and navel then I went to her breasts. I was moaning and groaning from pleasure. She was near climax, but I did not let her. I wanted to enjoy her more and then give her later the big orgasms she longley waited for.

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