Dianna's Double Bluff

(Part 3 from 3)

After a few minutes in which she had a couple of small orgasms, and her movements became
even wilder, Diana pushed me to the floor. Her hands moved to my groin, they were warm
and moist as they fondled my erection. But I wanted to play with her breasts, the breasts that
I had so much admired for so long, so I eased back, so that I could cup them feeling and enjoying
the hardness of her nipples. I bent and sucked and nibbled the nipples gently, as one of my
hands moved to play and fondle her enlarged clitoris, now very much wetter. Diana was giving
loud moans intermingled with coos of pleasure. I wrapped my arms tightly around her neck
enjoying the closeness of her body, and her hands as she continued to play with my cock.
Her lips clamped on to mine, kissing me quite passionately; her tongue forcibly pushing
my lips apart, as her passion took control.

Diana once again forcibly pushed me on my back on to the carpeted floor, and leaned over
me to kiss my eyes, and to nuzzle my face and ears. My eyes were closed, but I could
feel her beautiful blonde hair. on my hands, as I untied the velvet bow in hair allowing
the thick waves of hair to cascade over my face, as Diana decided that playtime was now
over, and that we should now get down to the real business of the day.

Easing up, she took my cock, directing it towards her pussy gradually, and
very carefully she took me inside her, as she settled down on me. I could feel
her soft damp warmness, embracing and enclosing me. I reveled in the sensations
her vibrating muscles were giving me For a while she just sat there looking down,
moving very slowly enjoying the closeness of our bodies.

For a time she sat there almost erect, leaning her hands on my shoulders
as she slowly and gently began to move up and down. Her eyes still gazing
down at me were happy and relaxed.

"Is that nice?" She asked, not giving me time to answer as again she placed
her lips on to mine. This time her kiss was harder more passionate, almost
with a hint of desperation, as our increasing passion took control. Her tongue
was probing harder, forcing its way into my mouth.

I rolled her over on to her back, burying myself even deeper inside her,
as I deliberately slowed the tempo down, moving in and out of her very
slowly; she locked her legs tightly around my thighs.

"Oh Diana...." I whispered, as my passion and feelings for her took control.
She clutched at me, her nails digging into my back, and then her arms locked tight around
my neck as her orgasm's started to come once more.

"Ohhhh....Tony - Don't stop... noooo"

She jerked against me frantically, her body in orbit, and I was sure that
her shrieks of passion must be heard over the whole building, but I did not care. I
too, was groaning and gasping for breath, as my body jerked hard against her
as finally I exploded inside her; her muscles tightened around my cock, held
me firmly in place inside her. For a time we lay still, rolling on our side on the
hard carpeted floor. I gazed into her eyes without speaking, as we kissed.
The perspiration running down our naked bodies, squelching slightly as we
moved apart. Her head resting on my shoulder.

"That was fantastic. She murmured. "But you're still hard." she said in

Her body starting to tremble again as she maintained the grip on my cock, still
locked inside her. Her breathing was harsh in my ear. "You cant want to again -
you mean that you can?" she whispered incredulity in her voice as I nodded my head.
She was still gasping for breath

"There will be other times darling I promise and soon, she whispered.
"I'm sorry darling, but time is against us."

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Mary the Supervisor called.

"Are you two OK - are you finished yet?" Diana replied to my utter horror.

"Nearly finished Mary we're just going to get dressed."

Well make it quick then. Mary replied

"Why did you tell her that?" I whispered, as panic shot through me.

"Its the truth -isn't it darling? Diana responded with a laugh. as she hugged
me against her. "Yes but" - "Yes, but do you think anyone would have believed
us, if we told them nothing had happened?" Diana whispered as she kissed me
gently on the ear.

That is the gentle art of the double bluff. - Now they will probably believe that
nothing did happen, because they would expect us to deny it. But we both know
different, don't we?"

We got dressed quickly; Diana quickly restored her make up, and carefully
wiped her lipstick off my face and we went back to join the girls in the general
office where we were greeted with cheers, as Diana playing to the gallery.
said in a very loud voice.

Im sorry I've got to go back I've left my panties on the chair."

The office erupted into gales of laughter, as Diana made as if to go back to
the office we had used. But by now, my morale and confidence was sky high,
and taking my cue from Diana, I called out after her.

"No Di you didn't, you weren't wearing any. Don't you remember?"

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