Dianna's Double Bluff

(Part 2 from 3)

Now during my brief period of employment, I had heard much about Diana.
The girl who had been away on vacation with her boyfriend in Vegas for
three weeks, but who was now returning at last to work. Now when Diana
walked into the office that Monday morning I was literally "gob smacked".
She was a real vision of loveliness; her long blonde hair contrasted with
the bronze tan of her skin, hung down her back almost to her waist. Her
red silk blouse barely covering her prominent bosom, rippled seductively
as she moved; her short black skirt emphasized her perfect legs and thighs,
encased in black silk stockings.

She looked at me with her dazzling blue eyes, and I felt my knees turn to
water as she smiled, yet her eyes were serious in their intensity, as they
weighed me up, just lingering on my crotch briefly, to determine what
effect, if any, that she was having on me. Then the smile spread to her

"Hi Tony." She said giving me her super smile, as she held out her hand for
me to shake. "I'm feeling better already, you're certainly worth coming back to work for."
I could feel myself blushing, my knees shaking, as I muttered.

"Hi Diana." It took hours for me to get my equilibrium back; but, I got on well
with Diana from the very start. I liked her, and I admit I fancied her, but,
reluctantly I quickly concluded that she was way out of my league. I loved
looking at her, watching the expressions flit across her face as she worked
and talked with the other girls. I was I had to admit utterly besotted with her.

Apparently, so she told us, she had left her boyfriend behind in Vegas. He had
had a big win on the tables, and to Diana's dismay, he had disappeared
with a local girl, who had designs on more than just his winnings? But
somehow, and to my relief, she did not seem terribly heart-broken, she
seemed only to be damned annoyed at being abandoned. Her pride was hurt
and now she was seeking consolation

The pressure on me, from the other girls had seemed to subside since Diana
had returned to work. She was I soon discovered, definitely "top cat", in
the office, although she was not the Supervisor, she was the one who
called the shots where anything important was concerned. She was
definitely leader of the pack and she very definitely called the tune...

My adventures with Diana started one morning, just a week after she had
returned. Diana was told to take me into one of the empty rooms to check
the months invoices. It was one of those jobs where two people could work
quicker than one person on their own.

Mary the Supervisor told us quite firmly. "Lock the door and don't come
out until the job is done. It's very urgent"

This instruction resulted in a chorus of bantering from the other girls, and
offers to change places. Diana, as was to be expected was playing to the
gallery, as she put her arms round me, hugging me close to her as she led
me from the room, she called over her shoulder playfully.

"See you tomorrow morning girls!"

As I followed her down the passageway, my heart beat with joy and
trepidation at the thought of being all alone with her. I thought that
Diana was looking particularly attractive that morning. She was wearing a
fairly short, perhaps too short, some might say, (but I don't) flowered
summer dress with a low cut cleavage, and I suspected that she was not
wearing a bra.

She was wearing very high heeled suede shoes, and with her blonde hair
hanging down her back, tied with a black velvet bow she looked a vision of
loveliness. With the door locked, and sitting side by side, we worked
quickly and efficiently until the job was done.

Diana much to my dismay, behaved herself impeccably, although sitting
next to her, caused me to have a series of erections. Diana had insisted
on sitting very close to me, and to my delight and embarrassment seemed
to be taking every reasonable opportunity to rub up against me. I must admit
at the time, I thought she was just being her usual tease, until; suddenly she
leaned back in her chair. Looking at me and smiling as she said.

“I think we are finished, so let's take a break and fuck. You do fancy me don't you Tony
dear?" As she spoke, she had quite deliberately placed her hand in my groin, gently squeezing
the lump that was so obvious. A smile crossed her face at what she had discovered. I felt
myself blushing.

"Of course I do, I think you’re lovely" I told her, in my weak voice.

"So you don't mind if the girl takes the initiative, - you're not going to be offended then."

As she was speaking, she had snuggled up against me even closer; her right hand was
undoing my pants and reaching inside for my cock. It did not take much finding, as it
almost jumped into her hand in its eagerness to be free. Her left arm was round my
shoulder, as she kissed me very passionately on the lips.

"My panties are all wet sitting next to you. - so I hope that you are going to do something
about it aren't you??" She murmured. I gasped, as her hand started to squeeze my cock,
which was now very large and completely out of control.

"I want a closer look - you don't mind do you?" She asked

Without waiting for my response, she had pulled my pants right open. allowing my cock
to spring fully into view.

"Wow that's a big one - I bet your girl friend is very happy with that!" She said, as she
fondled it gently.

"I don't have a girl friend" I told Diana shyly.

"You do now - any time you want me” Diana replied throatily. "You can take my
panties off, if you want to do something useful."

She told me, dragging me to my feet. and starting to unbutton my shirt. I stepped out
of my pants, and then I lifted her dress, easing her panties down. She was right, her panties
were wet, taking advantage, I placed my hand lightly on her damp pussy, and she
shuddered slightly, threw her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately.

Kneeling down, I lifted each foot in turn, taking her shoes off, and slipping the wet panties
over her feet to the floor. I lifted her dress, slipping my hand again, between her legs to
feel her warm, wet swollen love tunnel. I pushed her legs apart, her dress dropping over
my head, as I kissed her pussy lips tenderly. Then gently I inserted my tongue and
searched diligently for her clit. It did not take long before I found it, I teased it gently
feeling it grow even bigger very quickly.

Her moans of pleasure were loud, and sweet music to my ears, as she slipped her dress
over her head, to join my abandoned clothes, now littered all over the floor. Diana still
standing, and now totally naked except for her stockings, held the back of my head, ensuring
that I still worked on her vagina. I felt her body movements increase, helping my tongue in
it's task. I knew from her moans of pleasure that I was doing a good job.

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