Castle Keep 3

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Once Anna was secured, he ripped the robe from her body. She screamed in protest for she didn’t know how she would return to her private chamber unseen without it, but there was no fear in her voice. Not yet. Instead she laughed as she stood helpless and naked before him, for she enjoyed the humiliation he provided. Her legs were shamelessly parted, and her fur-fringed virtue beckoned for his sword. All traces of her noble humility were readily shed, like the outer skin of a snake that had been outgrown.

“Will you punish me now?” she questioned. “Will you dispense the pain that you readily promised?”

“I shall dispense that and more,” he assured her.

William retrieved his favorite leather strap and positioned himself for its use. As Anna stood shackled into place, her voice was lighthearted. She had never before felt its sting, but that would change. His arm swung back, arced forward, and the thick pliable strap struck home across her bare ass with a loud smack.

Anna was unprepared for the stinging bite of pain. The breath caught in her throat as she was shocked and overwhelmed by it. Tears welled up in her blue eyes as she gasped and cried aloud. William gave her no opportunity to protest. It struck a second time on the heels of the first and again her voice cried out. She was unprepared for the reality of the pain, although the thought of it was tempting. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she gasped for breath.

William dropped the strap and stood directly behind her. His hands reached around and cupped her supple breasts. He gently squeezed on the luscious mounds. He grasped the hardened nipples between thumbs and index fingers, but treated the throbbing nubs delicately for the moment.

“Is it all that you hoped for?” he inquired. “Do you find the sting of leather fulfilling?”

“Release me,” she pleaded for his mercy as she sobbed. “I did not anticipate its intensity. I do not belong here.”

“But you do,” he countered. “You are a wretched woman, and this is your rightful place. I’m sure your father would agree with me.”

The shame and humiliation of her willing acts came full circle. She had been so wrong to seek physical pleasure behind her father’s back. And now William betrayed her as she did the same to her family. She realized that her actions were devious, and that she had become wretched. 

“Strike me again,” she demanded. “I am worthy of nothing less.”

“The night is long, and the moon will hang in the sky high above for hours more, so there is no rush,” he decided. “There is plenty of time for you to wish for it. But for the moment I will touch you tenderly and give you the pleasure your body wants.”

He embraced her tightly and teased the creamy swells and nipples. Her voice cracked and softly groaned, for the tingling warmth deep in her lower belly was undeniably erotic. Her body ached for him in a way that she could not allow, yet could hardly avoid. She knew in her heart what the night would bring and yet she came willingly in spite of it. William was to be her first, she knew that now. It was her fate.

“Yes, this is your fate,” he assured her, for he heard her thoughts repeated in evil whispers. “This night I will rob you of your precious innocence and you will bear my thirteenth son. Will you be a worthy mother?”

“I am promised to another,” she protested in a weak voice laced with moans of joy.

“Your father promised you to another, but fate promised you to me,” he told her bluntly. “Fate is much too powerful a force to turn back. It cannot be denied.”

His penis stirred as he delicately fondled her mounds, and the erection pressed against her lower back and throbbed excitedly. He leaned his head down and kissed the base of her neck, and listened as her moaning grew louder in response. He could smell the essence that oozed from her aroused virtue, and its scent further excited him.

Seconds elapsed into minutes, and she dangled from the chains in tortured delight. The pounding of her heart aligned with the throbbing of his penis against her back, and she shuddered as her flesh enjoyed the soft caressing. Wetness seeped from the soft folds and a drop collected at the bottom of the slit and dripped onto the dirty floor beneath her parted thighs. It attracted particles of dust and quickly evolved into that which it attracted, in much the same way that Anna had been changed by her powerful attraction to William. His dark soul stained hers, and she became dark through collusion. 

The change in him was immediate and shocking. The lips that had lightly kissed her neck and shoulder were replaced by teeth that sharply bit into the soft skin but didn’t break it. The fingers that teased her swollen nipples suddenly pinched and twisted. The stinging pain was sharp and instantaneous, and took the breath from her lungs. She tensed and gasped, and when the pain grew more intense she cried out in wonderful agony. 

He released his hold on her and retrieved the leather strap. He walked in front of her and dangled the strap before her eyes. After she saw what had struck her twice already, he doubled it over and reached for her head. Anna resisted and moved her head away, until his right hand grasped her long golden hair and forced her to comply. He pressed the leather between her teeth, with her tongue underneath.

“Taste the sweat and misery of others,” he commanded. “Does it appeal to you?”

Anna had no choice but to taste it. Her saliva mingled with the leather that was placed upon her tongue and it filled her mouth with the flavor. Now misery had a taste, as well. A wicked grin appeared on his face when the look in her adorable blue eyes indicated that she had done what he wanted. He reached his hand down between her legs and rubbed the strap on her wet virtue. 

Her eyes closed and her head leaned back as she groaned in wondrous pleasure. The pressure of the strap against her hot, aching virtue was glorious. She leaked onto the leather and it soaked up the offered moisture. And then he pulled it away. Its absence was sorely missed, because she so desperately needed the stimulation. Her body longed for sexual release. But it was not to be, not yet.

He stood at her side and swung the strap again. It struck with a loud crack and was followed by a jolt of stinging pain. She briefly cried out as pain returned to her flesh again, and again. Her cries, and the sound of leather upon flesh, filled his evil soul with happiness. He sensed the tortured delight that warmed her body, and heard the evil whispers that betrayed her thoughts of shame and betrayal.

His arm swung in a wide arc, thirteen times in all, and then her voice fell silent. The chamber seemed so lonely when they were gone, replaced by sounds of labored breathing. In the flickering light of the torch he observed a single shimmering drop of essence that rolled down an inner thigh. It grew smaller as its mass was lost by the trail of wetness it left behind on her soft skin. He was sorely tempted to kneel before her legs and lick it from her skin, and the thought swelled his penis once again.

“Has your arm grown tired?” she questioned in a tone of voice that mocked him. “I can stand more.”

“Your tongue will have your body suffering more than it needs to,” he replied. “You are in the wrong place to be speaking in such a manner. Look about this chamber, for it is full of devices whose existence is justified by breaking rebellious spirits. Perhaps you wish to try another?” 

The dancing firelight illuminated the devices that filled the room and her blood chilled. It was then that Anna comprehended her fate. The cry that arose from her lungs was darkened by the spirit that consumed her. Its prolonged intensity stimulated William in ways that humans could not comprehend.

He pulled the pins from the shackles and her arms and leg were released. He grabbed her long, flowing golden hair and roughly guided Anna to her destiny. He lifted her body and sat her upon the table. Her voice spoke of pain as the slivers of wood penetrated her skin and created the retribution she sought. She gasped and groaned but did not resist, for she knew her fate. Her legs were secured to the device and then a handle was activated that shamelessly spread them far apart.

“You’ll take me through nefarious means, but I shall not bear your thirteenth child!” she promised.

“Yes, you will, for none of this shall be remembered,” he revealed. “His brothers are anxiously waiting.”

His clothing parted and he revealed the hardened penis that she had sought for so long. But it wasn’t wicked or evil, or didn’t appear to be. The mushroomed head, supported by a shaft, was exactly as it should be. Neither was frightening. Quite to the contrary, it was appealing. Had she been wrong about him? 

A clatter arose when something dropped to the floor. When the ornament box opened the whispers screamed.

“Beast Slayer! Beast Slayer! Beast Slayer!”

William looked towards the source and saw a huddled figure moving in the shadows. He lunged for the weapon and retrieved it before Juliette could finish the job. He looked at the weapon and its foreign writings. He could read the script she could not and he tossed it aside.

“Had this been plunged into my heart my time on earth would be ended,” he readily admitted. “There was doubt in your heart. But it is so.”

Her form moved towards the dagger, but a hand reached down and grabbed her hair. He yanked it, and in so doing prevented her from retrieving the weapon that could have killed him.

“Juliette, my dearest, you should be home caring for my twelfth son. But instead you are attempting to kill his father. How are you aware of such things?” he asked.

Juliette’s other hand unclasped, and a shackle pin rolled out. It was the missing pin. He knew that any physical form removed from the site would result in total recall, but how did she? And when did she? And then he remembered taking her body, for she was not secured as had been the others. It had been a mistake that nearly cost him his life on earth.

A wicked grin appeared on his face as he grasped her silky brown hair and dragged her to the chains and shackles. With the missing pin provided he secured both wrists and ankles and cranked the gear to remove the slack. She was dressed, but not for long. His hands ripped apart the clothing, and revealed her physical form.

The breasts that fed his son dangled temptingly, the nipples large and hard. He hungered for her more than Anna, but it was Anna that would bear his final son. But he would have her again, on this night, and would hear her screams. For William it was a blessing in disguise.

He returned to Anna, who sat helpless on the table that forced her legs apart. Her chest heaved as she struggled for breath and her swells of flesh rose and fell. Her glistening pink virtue visibly pulsated between the soft curls of golden hair, for it wanted to feel his penis inside it. His balls were filled with seed, and now it would be planted.

“…keep to the plan…” the whispers resumed.

“There is no plan!” he boasted, and his voice echoed in the chamber. “You will be next, Juliette. I hadn’t planned on a fourteenth son, but you will be his mother.”

He stood between Anna’s parted thighs, and revealed his penis. She looked down and gasped, for she knew he would consume her innocence. The large rounded tip pressed against the folds and pushed between them. In an instant he was in the valley between, and as it moved her oozing wetness coated the probing extension of his evil soul. A moment later it found the doorway, and for a brief time hesitated and pulsated against the opening.

“I will have you,” he whispered. “Fate will not be denied.”

His hips thrust forward and the head of his penis parted the tight muscle that was her canal and entered. The thin membrane that protected it was viciously torn away, and her voice gasped from the pain of its removal. He withdrew and entered again, deeper this time. Helpless, Anna grunted and groaned in shameless delight as his penis invaded her body. Flowing wetness aided the process, for it eased the discomfort of his penetration.

Slowly, reluctantly, her canal yielded to his appendage. Each thrust realized success as it moved ever deeper inside. Her tight walls resisted and gave him pleasure, for they tightened down and vibrated against his head and shaft. The semen from his balls arose, but slowly. When his penis finally drove inside of her completely he grunted in amazed pleasure, and she cried out in a strange combination of delight and horror.

“…keep to the plan…”

The annoying whispers returned and distracted him. He turned his head and looked back at Juliette. She was helplessly bound by the sturdy chains and shackles, yet her thoughts of reprisal continued. He paused for a moment and gazed at the incredible breasts that hung from her chest, for they were glorious indeed. He wanted her more than Anna, and would have her soon enough.

William did not resist the rise of his semen, and instead welcomed it. He did not care if Anna climaxed, for she had already when his forked tongue devoured her virtue. When he was close he changed form, as he had to. His limbs narrowed and grew fur, and hair sprouted from his body. His eyes sunk in the sockets and became devious, reddened with evil. They closed as his seed arose and climax loomed.


The whispers warned, but he was satisfied with his safety. He never saw Francesca as she appeared from beneath a torturous device, grabbed the knife, and plunged it into him. Its singing blade penetrated his flesh all the way to the heart, and the words it sang forced the evil from the core and the heart turned still. In the final moments he reached orgasm, and the life-fulfilling seed left his balls in a glorious departure that reaffirmed his existence. As the life left his body he groaned in delight, and a stream of hot milky semen squirted into her womb.

He would have a thirteenth son.

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